the big bibdana review

A few months after Olivia was born, she began what I thought was teething, which meant a lot of drooling! Around 4 months, I started my search for a stylish & comfortable accessory that she could wear on a daily basis to protect her skin & clothes from drool. It wasn't long before I stumbled upon the bibdana -- a uniquely shaped bib made for daily wear for drooling babies that doubled as a stylish accessory. As I browsed through the options online, I quickly came to realize that so many shops sell bibdanas, and while they all look fairly similar in size & shape, they were all just a little bit different. 

And so began my search for the best bibdanas out there for my little lady. 

Since then, I have tried and used many, many different bibdanas. While they all work, some are my go-to bibs above others because they fit most, if not all of the criteria I look for in a bibdana.

Below are the features that are important to me when choosing a bibdana for Olivia:

>> Materials // Organic Cotton or High Quality Cotton + High Quality Backing 

>> Comfort & Absorbency // Soft against Olivia's skin & thick enough to absorb drool but not too heavy as to overheat her

>> Durability // Bibs that will hold up to a lot of wear and many washes and still look brand new; snaps that do not break or loosen with frequent use

>> Style // I look for bibs that are sophisticated with trendy, modern patterns that will work well with Olivia's wardrobe and offer versatilily for every season

>> Size & Fit // I like slight looseness around the neck but still a little bunching to achieve the look; bibs that are too tight I don't feel comfortable leaving on Olivia (obviously!) and bibs that are too loose or too small (in terms of surface area) will  not fully catch her drool! Bibs that are too big (in terms of surface area) end up in Olivia's mouth because she pulls on them and plays with them

Below are the 16 bibs I was sent for review in alphabetical order. Each review will be accompanied by a photo and a list of features; I will also share what I liked the most about each bib and possible suggestions for the future (if applicable). Most vendors have been so generous to offer A Blessed Nest readers coupon codes to purchase your own bibs and some are even doing bib giveaways, so be sure to enter those!

Alexandra Rose

Bib Materials: Designer Cotton (front) + Organic Bamboo Fleece (backing); pearl snap closure

Bib Price: $13.00 each

Bib Features: Designer fabric, bamboo backing which has natural anti-microbial features, fancy pearl snap; designed to look and feel more like a  scarf than a bib

What I Liked Most: My favorite part of these bibs has to be the organic bamboo backing. It is SO soft that I'm pretty sure I would wear these bibs if they fit! I also love the pearl snap -- it is a fancy way to finish the bib. These are high-quality bibs from start to finish and no detail is left untouched! These are a great fit around Olivia's neck -- they have the perfect amount of "bunching" that I look for while still being loose enough to be comfortable. If it was acceptable to own 100 of these bibs, you can bet I would! Overall, I love how luxurious they look and feel and the patterns are so lovely + modern, they look great with every outfit I put Olivia in! Alex also offers matching wooden teething rings and burp cloths so they would make a great gift set for a new mama! 

What Alex had to say about her business:
"Owning my own business has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences. As the mom of two young boys I find it a constant balancing act attempting to devote equal time to work and family. There are LOTS of late nights and stressful situations BUT, there are so many more moments that make it all worth it and the bottom line is that I get to do something I'm passionate about, while being home with my two precious boys. I'm extremely blessed to create, and seeing my items on my sweet customers is SO rewarding."

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SHOP NAME: Baby Swag Bibdanas
Bib Materials: Cotton + Metal Snap

Bib Price: $7.00

Bib Features: Comfortable on baby's neck due to how they are cut and sewn; snap closure and reversible option for versatility; wide variety of unique patterns and fabrics

What I Liked Most: I loved how lightweight this bib is! I also love how bright the pattern is -- it adds so much sunshine to any outfit! Finally, I love that it is reversible to increase versatility.

What I Would Suggest: Because of how lightweight it is, I felt that I had to take it off after a bit of drooling because it wasn't incredibly thick. But it is the perfect bib for summer -- not only because of the color (!!!) but because it won't weigh a baby down with thick layers. Adding a flannel layer in between the cotton layers may increase absorbency but still keep it lightweight.

What Mckenzie had to say about her favorite part about owning her business: "I love the fact that I'm in control and I know what is coming in and going out. I love experimenting and having the freedom to do so. I have expanded to bibdanas, bibscarves, leggings, and headbands. I try to make sure my customers are happy and I'm excited about my products."

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26-April 30

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SHOP NAME: Bean Bibs
Bib Materials: 100% Cotton, Flannel Backing, Plastic Snaps

Bib Price: $8.50

Bib Features: 4 color coordinating snaps, allowing for 4 different sizes to grow with your baby; reversible for two looks; fun color-coordinated patterns

What I Liked Most: I really like the shape and size of these. While they were a little big (in terms of surface area) for Olivia, I think they would be great for a baby/toddler who is a little bit older. The size allows for ample drool catching, which is a must for a teething baby! I also love the fun mermaid pattern with a coordinating pink backing in the softest flannel ever! Finally, I LOVE that there are so many snaps!! You know you'll be able to use this for a long time because you can so easily adjust the sizes!

What I Would Suggest: Because of the size, Olivia ended up pulling at them and playing with them more than letting them catch drool. I think offering different sizes (in terms of surface area) might be good option for younger babies! 

What Sabrina had to say about owning her own business: 
"My favorite part about all of it is, the sky is the limit!  There is no limit on your creativity or success. I love every part of business -- especially coming up with an idea and then turning it into a reality. Finally, being creative is another favorite part -- being able to create something, see it sell and know other people enjoy and love what you've come up with."

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Beau & Arrow Boutique

Bib Materials: 100% Cotton, Metal Snap

Bib Price: $7.00

Bib Features: Super soft cotton in fun and whimsical patterns

What I Liked Most: I love how SOFT this cotton is! You would think all cotton would be the same but as soon as this bib arrived, I swooned over how cozy it felt. I also love the pattern - it is light and subtle so it matches a lot of Olivia's outfits but still creates interest. And the price can't be beat! Marissa shared with me how important it is that her prices are affordable rather than profitable and I think that really says something about her passion and desire to make beautiful items for others! 

What I Would Suggest: Possibly adding a second snap to allow for longer use. 

What Marissa had to say about owning her own business: "What's not to love about owning your own business?! Ahh. Just one thing is hard to choose! Being able to do something you love day to day is definitely a blessing, but seeing happy customers and positive feedback is the best part about owning this little shop of mine. Knowing that your hard work and skills are appreciated by someone is very uplifting! It's what keeps the needle and thread busy every day. I love my customers!"

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26-March 28

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SHOP NAME: Belbambinos 

Bib Materials: 100% Cotton (front) + White Chenille or Black Flannel (back); white plastic snaps

Bib Price: $8.00

Bib Features: Cotton front in the most fabulous prints, like the noir darts in gray and the green aviator pattern! How adorable are the planes? Olivia is totally rocking them! Who says girls can't like airplanes?! Two plastic snaps to ensure they stay on and allow for sizing versatility. Oh and did I mention the coziest backing -- I can't get over how soft the chenille is!

What I Liked Most: I love the fit of these! As soon as they arrived, I put them on Olivia and they fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose. They are the perfect size  (in terms of both fit and surface area)!

What Erin shared when I asked her about her favorite part of owning her business: 
"There are so many great things that come with owning your own shop! I love being able to be creative & do something I truly love. I love the challenge of the trial and error to see if something will work. I love seeing all of my happy and appreciative customers.  Nothing is more rewarding than knowing something you put your heart into brings joy to another family.  All of those baby smiles warm my heart! "

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26-April 2

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SHOP NAME: Bird + Elephant 
Bib Materials: Designer Prints in 100% Cotton & 100% Cotton Flannel Lining; plastic color coordinated snaps

Bib Price: $12.00

Bib Features: Reversible; two snaps for size adjustment; extra flannel lining allows for added absorbency; 

What I Liked Most: Besides the colors + pattern (both of which I LOVE), this bib fits so perfectly! It has just the right amount of bunching to achieve a stylish look but fits well enough to catch all V's drool. I also love that it is reversible so I can show off either of the 2 lovely patterns depending on the look I'm going for!

>> Stay tuned for next week's SHOP SPOTLIGHT featuring Bird + Elephant, where a coupon code will be included for 20% off your total purchase <<

SHOP NAME: Butterfly Kisses
Bib Materials: 100% Cotton front + Plush Terry Cloth lining or certified organic bamboo terry fabric; KAM snap closures (CPSIA compliant)

Bib Price: $10.00 or 3/$25.00

Bib Features: Designer cotton (how amazing is this classy dandelion print?) and the coziest terry cloth! Extra snaps available for size adjustments and larger sized bibs also are available through a custom order

What I Liked Most: I LOVE that Stephanie allows for such customization on her bibs! Each bib comes with one snap but you can upgrade to extra snaps at no cost and you upgrade to a bamboo backing for only $1.00!

What I Would Suggest: For Olivia, the bib was a little tight. It didn't hang or bunch at all (which I like a little bunching) but rather sat firm, likely due to the strong triangular shape or the twill fabric that this bib came in. I think by thinning out the "ends" of the bib, a more bunched comfortable look could be achieved while still fitting well to function!

What Stephanie had to say about her favorite part about owning her own business: "My most favorite part about operating my own business is being in charge of my own schedule. I work late evenings, early mornings and nap times, so that I can spend quality time with my young children."

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26-April 1

SHOP NAME: Cutie Pies & Lullabies

Bib Materials: Cotton fabric backed with flannel; plastic snaps

Bib Price: $7.00

Bib Features: These are such fun bibs for spring and I love how lightweight they are! Every "bandit bib" that Constance sells is made with 100% cotton and can be backed with cotton or flannel depending on your needs; they also feature multiple snaps to allow for different sizing.

What I Liked Most: My favorite part about these bibs is the weight and feel. Olivia didn't even notice these were on her because of how lightweight they are!

What I Would Suggest: These seemed to be the smallest in terms of surface area when compared with the others, which I think is great for smaller babies! But because of Olivia's size/age, they didn't seem to protect very much of her clothing. Maybe offering two sizes (in terms of surface area) would allow for moms to choose based on the age of their child. 

What Constance shared about her journey and business: "I started this business when my family got into a very hard and tight situation. We had no money, no vehicle, nothing. I've sewn since I was a child, and being pregnant with my second, I couldn't afford to buy anything new. So I would cut up my sons old things and remake them into little girls items on an ancient singer sewing machine with the wheel under it. My favorite part of this business is knowing every single day that my family will be provided for, and that all the wonderful things I have designed due to not being fortunate can impact and create easier, prettier, lives for babies everywhere and are priced reasonably enough to suit people who are, or have been, in the position I was at that time."

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST15 // 
Valid March 26-March 28

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SHOP NAME: Gugu Berry
Bib Materials: 100% Cotton in Designer Prints + Bubble Dot Minky backing; white plastic snap

Bib Price: $12.00 or Set of 3 for $28.00

Bib Features: The loveliest patterns and increased absorbency due to the minky backing; plastic snaps that prevent little hands from taking them off. And these are so soft that I'm pretty sure Olivia could wear them all day!

What I Liked Most: I absolutely adore the sets of bibs themselves -- I love the coordinating patterns that are offered with each set! When Keri asked which set I wanted to review, I had trouble choosing because all of her prints are just gorgeous! Every time I put one on Olivia, it just added so much style to her outfit! I also love the shape of these bibs and how they "sit" on Olivia.

What I Would Suggest: Adding a second snap to allow for versatility in sizing.

What Keri had to say about her favorite part of owning her own business: "Besides the fact that it's such an honor to be making items for your little ones, I would have to say I truly love sewing. It's fun and relaxing in a way. I love seeing what can be made when fabric is put together!"

Coupon Code: GUGU10 // Valid March 26 only

SHOP NAME: La Petite Covers

Bib Materials: 100% Cotton & Minky Backing; plastic snaps; organic cotton options available (backed with organic sherpa fleece)

Bib Price: $8.00 (Standard Cotton) // $9.00 (Organic)

Bib Features: Designer prints sold individually and in fun coordinating sets; two snaps to allow for versatility in sizing; organic options are available (which I love!) as are three different backing options available (at no additional cost)

What I Liked Most: These were some of the first bibs I purchased for Olivia back when she was just a young babe! I love how soft the minky is against her skin and I had so much fun choosing her bibs because Rosanna offers SO many patterns -- over 275!! There is sure to be one to suit every taste! I also love that organic cotton is offered, as that is sometimes hard to find. 

What Rosanna loves most about owning her own business: "I never knew it would be so successful and that I would love it so much. I have had the opportunity to connect with moms and babies all over the world. It is so great when they send photos or post positive feedback. I feel like I am making an item that is useful but also puts a smile on faces and that's priceless." 

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26 only

SHOP NAME: Linzy Dawn Designs
Bib Materials: Two layers of Cotton with a layer of Flannel in between; plastic snap closure

Bib Price: $7.00

Bib Features: 3 Layers of Fabric to increase absorbency; reversible patterns in such bright and fun designs

What I Liked Most: I really liked the thickness of this bib. It was lightweight but still absorbent because of the extra flannel layer in the center, which I didn't even notice was there! I also love that this is reversible. This blue pattern is so fun and the other side is a bright pink pattern, which adds the perfect pop of color to any outfit!

What I Would Suggest: Possibly adding an extra snap to allow for sizing versatility. 

What Nikki shared about her business: 
"My favorite part of owning my business is the fact that I get to be home with my son all day. Thanks to my business I get to spend all day with him playing. And at night when my husband is home, I get to work on my business. It really is the best! I love being a stay at home mom, and I really enjoy sewing."

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26-March 30

SHOP NAME: Mama Sew Happy

Bib Materials: 100% Cotton + Black Metal Snap

Bib Price: $7.50-$9.00 or 3 for $20

Bib Features: Modern designs with an extra layer of fabric in the middle for added absorbency; reversible

What I Liked Most: I love how versatile this bib is! B&W matches everything and the pattern is simple but classy. It looks great no matter what V is wearing! I also really liked the fit of it; it sat well around Olivia's neck and she seemed very comfortable in it. Plus its SO soft! 

I loved what Amber had to say about her favorite part about being a business owner: "By far, the favorite part of my business would have to be when I get to see Mama Sew Happy bibs in action! I have customers send me pictures of their littles and let me tell you, it melts my heart each and every time!"

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 //
Valid March 26-April 4

SHOP NAME: Mawdsley Loves

Bib Materials: 100% Cotton; flannel backing; metal snaps

Bib Price: $10.00 // 3 for $28.00

Bib Features: Fun and bright patterns paired with cozy gray flannel; two snaps to allow for longer wear and adjustable sizing

What I Liked Most: These bibs were also ones I chose months ago when I first set out to find quality bibdanas for Olivia. Initially, the patterns are what caught my eye but I loved using these bibs because of how absorbent they were due to the flannel backing. What amazes me is that they are still so lightweight!! Bonnie calls it "her signature flannel" and whatever that entails, I'm loving it! I also love how these fit! They have the perfect amount of "hang" to them while still a great surface area to function the way we want!

When asked what her favorite part about owning her own business was Bonnie stated, "Well...really hard to say just one...but two of my favorite things are that I get to spend so much time at home with my little one. And the other is that it makes me so happy and proud each time I hear from someone that they love their product...no matter how big or small their purchase was, a customer is my personal cheerleader which I just can't get enough of. Seriously, this business is me living my dream each day!"

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST15 // 
Valid March 26-March 30

Bib Materials: 100% Cotton in Designer Fabrics; plastic snaps; organic cotton available

Bib Price: $10-$12

Bib Features: Beautiful vibrant patterns printed on 100% cotton; coordinating cotton backing and coordinating double snaps to allow for size adjustments

What I Liked Most: I can't get enough of these patterns and the details -- vibrant backing, color coordinated snaps and the prettiest and most feminine trim! These are truly works of art in themselves! I also think these fit V really well. They sit nicely on her and because they are lightweight, she doesn't mind wearing them often!

What I Would Suggest: Adding an extra layer of lightweight flannel in between the cotton to increase absorbency

What Megan shared about her business: "My favorite part about owning my own business is the details. I'm really proud that each piece is completely conceived, cut, sewn and packaged by me!"

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST15 // 
Valid March 26-March 28

SHOP NAME: Refluff
Bib Materials: Up-cycled fabric with new printed cotton; velcro closure

Bib Price: $9.00

Bib Features: Refluff bibs were designed and developed through multiple quality tests, ensuring durability, moisture and absorbency, as well as how well they hold up in the laundry; they also feature incredible attention to detail -- including stitching, pressing and pattern alignment. Because Adrienne hand cuts and sews every bib herself, she holds it to the same high standard she would when buying an item for herself. These are also reversible!

What I Liked Most: I LOVE the combination of up-cycled vintage fabric with new fabric. What a fun idea! It makes for a wonderful story and a great gift because it is so unique! Plus how lovely is this vintage glasses print?! 

What Adrienne shared when I asked her what her favorite part of her business was: "My favourite part of owning my business isn't just one thing. There are several parts that l enjoy such as: being able to work without creative limits so you can run with an idea and see if it works regardless of how far fetched it might seem, having the flexibility with my schedule (but l work long days!), and what l enjoy the most is seeing people's reactions when they find something they love and in turn opening emails with amazing feedback and pictures of their children using or wearing my pieces."

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // 
Valid March 26-April 9

SHOP NAME: Sugarplum Lane Baby
Bib Materials: Premium Cotton Front + Minky Dot Backing; metal snap

Bib Price: $12.00

Bib Features: A great contour shape to allow for wear by a baby, toddler or child of any age. Snaps to keep sneaky hands from pulling them off and extra absorbent minky backing.

What I Liked Most: The patterns are what caught my eye and won me over! They are so trendy and Kelly offers such incredible choices -- see them all here. I love the metallic gold dot and find myself putting it on Olivia all the time -- it is a must have for every baby girl! Many of her patterns are whimsical and all of them are stylish for both boys and girls. She even allows for you to customize the minky backing! How fun would the horse print be with gold minky? I also love the fit of these bibs -- perfect size and shape! 

When asked about the best part of owning her own business, Kelly simply replied: 
"My favorite part of owning my own business is being able to stay at home with my beautiful baby girl!"

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST15 // 
Valid March 26-March 30

SHOP NAME: Will & Tess
Bib Materials: Designer Cotton + Terry Cloth Backing; metal snaps

Bib Price: $8.00

Bib Features: Patterns that aren't traditionally "baby" prints -- as you can see in the Boho bib Holly sent me, this pattern is so fun and vibrant and while it is perfect for a little girl, it doesn't scream "baby" which I love. When she initially started Will & Tess, she desired to create products with fabric that she herself would choose or wear instead of traditional baby items. Definitely an aspect I love about her products! These bibs are also made with two snaps to allow for sizing versatility as well as backed in super fun hot pink terry cloth!

What I Liked Most: Aside from the bold pattern, I love the backing! This is the only bib with traditional terry cloth backing that we have and because of that, I trust it for Olivia's drooliest days! I also LOVE that Holly sells matching bows in her shop! A headband and bib would make the perfect shower gift!

What Holly shared when I asked her about her business: "My favorite part of owning this business is simply the creative process. I really enjoy making things that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing. I owned a digital marketing agency before I had my son, so I appreciate being able to contribute to my family financially and keep my brain in the entrepreneur space (and not always in "mommy mode") while continuing to spend the time at home with my kids that both my husband and I wanted for our family."

Coupon Code: BLESSEDNEST10 // Valid March 26-March 28

Above all, I want to share that even better than discovering so many fun new shops for bibs -- for my own family and for gifts -- I have made so many wonderful friends through the process of this review! I LOVE connecting with other moms through my blog and this bibdana review has given me the opportunity to do just that! Every single one of the 16 women I have interacted with over the past few weeks has been so kind, generous, thoughtful and sincere. I had no idea I would receive such an overwhelming response for my bib review but I am so grateful to have connected with such lovely women. It is evident that they are all passionate about their business and products, and that comes through in their customer service, their kindness and their product quality!

Over the past month, I have spent a significant amount of time using the bibs, reviewing them and brainstorming suggestions on how to make the bibs even better. As you have seen, each bib is a little bit different from the one before it and the one after it, but all have so many great qualities that I would be happy to use any of them on Olivia or any of my future babies! I know that no matter which you choose for your family, you are going to enjoy it. From lightweight options to extra-absorbent, and with so many trendy + hip, modern patterns, you're sure to find one that will be a perfect fit! It really comes down to the style you have and the look you go for when dressing your little one that would determine which bibs are your favorite.
Can you tell that I love all of them?

To finish this review, I wanted to share what I am calling "V's Bib Awards," where I have selected shops for each category listed below based on my personal opinion and experiences.

V's Bib Awards
Best Overall Absorbency: Will & Tess
Best Overall Fit: Bird + Elephant, Mama Sew Happy & Belbaminos
Best Organic Options: Mawdsley Loves
Best Overall Value: Linzy Dawn Designs
Best Luxury Bib: Alexandra Rose
Most Trendy Patterns: Sugarplum Lane Baby
Most Pattern Options Available: La Petite Covers
Best Bib Sets: Gugu Berry

Below are all the bib giveaways, individually by the participating shops in alphabetical order.

Giveaways will run Wednesday, March 26 through Wednesday, April 2 (at midnight). 
Winners will be announced here on Thursday, April 3 and contacted by email.


a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all who entered! 
I hope this was helpful to you mamas out there and I can't wait to announce the winners of all the fabulous bib giveaways next week! XO

P.S. Have you entered to win one of my favorite wipeable bibs from Snap Bibs? Enter here!


  1. Seriously... just pick ONE!! It was so hard, so I picked based on fabric patterns. Sugarplum Lane Baby's are just so so eye catching!! xoxo

  2. Olivia is THE CUTEST thing ever!! She should be the permanent model for every one of those shops ;) what an amazing giveaway and review! Thanks everyone!

  3. Thank you so much for your review! No one has mentioned about the surface area before, so I will definately be increasing it to fit more babies!!!

    ♥ Cutie Pies & Lullabies

  4. Beau & Arrow Boutique Is my favorite bibdana! They are all so cute and the prices cant be beat!

  5. Butterfly kisses: Chevron print. I adore all thinks chevron
    Alexandra Rose: Multicolored elephant. This would look amazing on my son!
    Bean bibs: Whale print. The blue will make his eyes pop
    Cutie pies and lullabies: The superhero print. I saw it post on IG today, in love!
    Belbambinos: Darts in noir print. I love the grey and clean lines.
    Gugberry: The eyeglass print. So modern. Ny son will look adorable.
    Mawdsleyloves: The bird print. It's absolutely adorable!
    La petite covers: The grey elephant print. Love elephants, so stylish.

    I'm about to order some bibs and adore these! Thank you for doing this!

  6. This was great! I am so excited to get my order from Beau & Arrow!

  7. I like the Reversible Sweet Treats Bibdana in Violet from Belbambinos. It's super cute with the cupcakes and better yet it's reversible!

  8. I like the Designer Cotton Coral Bibdana by Will and Tess. It's springy yet will match many outfits!

  9. I love the gold dot bib by Sugarplum Lane Baby because the fabric is adorable. Who wouldn't love metallic and dots!?

  10. I like the ReFluff reversible Pirate drool bandanna by ReFluff. I like that they're ecofriendly and there's just something about the pirates I find cute, even for a girl!

  11. The Purple Floral bandanna from Mawdsley is so cute. Ultra girly yet not pink!

  12. LinzyDawnDesigns - I like the Reversible Drool Bibdana Bib - Easter. It's so fun and festive and Easter is just around the corner :)

    GuguBerry- I LOVE the patterns in this shop. The left one in this set is my absolute favorite, it's girly but not too frilly! https://www.etsy.com/listing/177328130/baby-girl-bandana-bib-set-of-three?ref=shop_home_active_6

    LaPetite Covers- The skull pattern shown here is just too cute! I love that it's colorful and different https://www.etsy.com/listing/127329986/baby-bandana-bandana-bib-baby-bandana?ref=shop_home_active_18

    Cutie Pies and Lullabies- Turquoise Forest Bandit Bib is my favorite. I like that it's unisex and I love the bandit bib shape!

    Butterfly Kisses- the Gender Neutral Bandana Bib- Grey with White Elephant is just precious. I love that it's gender neutral and will match ANY outfit!

    Beau and Arrow- This floral print bib is just classy and elegant, so sweet! http://instagram.com/p/l4_UmKiQGl/

    Bean Bibs- I love this turquoise and metallic bandana! I'm a sucker for anything metallic ;)

  13. Alexandra Rose: neutral leaf- the colors are gorgeous!
    LaPetiteCovers: balloon pattern found on her fb page- so cute!

  14. Will and Tess: Marlo bib in the Boho set. Colors are fab!
    Belbambinos: The number bib. My daughter loves counting.
    Sugarplum Lane: Fox bib- such a cute fox! PS those gold leggings are to die for!
    Guguberry: That teal with paste flowers-gorg colors! Love them all, actually!
    Butterflykisses: Yellow chevron- fun for spring!
    Bean Bags: teal and gold polka dot- anything gold polka dot I LOVE!

  15. My favorite bib from Alexander Rose is the Organic Triangle Scarf / Drool Bib in Elephant (bamboo backing), since it has elephants!! I'm on an elephant kick recently.

  16. Bean Bibs: I like Wonder Boy, since it would be PERFECT for my unborn son.
    Beau & Arrow Boutique: Paris print, since I love French scenery.
    Butterfly Kisses: Teal with white Elephant. Love elephants.
    Cutie Pies and Lullabies: Star Wars, since I'm a fan of Star Wars.
    La Petite Covers: Hungry Caterpillar print, since that's one of my favorite books.
    Guguberry: Grey with white circles, since it's subdued {which is sometimes nice to have}.
    Linzy Dawn Designs: Blue Mustache Confetti, love the many different colors.
    Mawdsley Loves: Navy Crowns, since Baby #2 is a prince.
    Refluff: Pirate print, it would be perfect to go along with a Halloween costume.
    Sugarplum: Paris Eiffel Tower print, since I still love girly colors.
    Will and Tess: Denim and Terry, it would be the perfect bib for July 4th.
    Belbambinos: Comic strip print, since I still need laughter and humor in my life.

  17. I love all of the bibs! Would love to win this for my little teething guy!!

  18. Will and Tess- My favorite bib is the Lyle bib, i love the arrow fabric!

  19. BelBambinos- I love the darts in nior bib and the aviator print, they are so unique!

  20. Alexandra Rose- i love the pattern of the luxe line triangle bib!

  21. Butterfly kisses- I like the grey with white elephants bib! so cute and we don't have an elephant bib yet ;)

  22. Cutie pies and lullabies- DYING over the camo bandit bib and airplane bandit bib, not to mention i need those camo moccs pronto!

  23. Guguberry- there are so many unique patterns here that i would love!

  24. Linzydawndesigns- i like that the bibs are absorbent and reversible

  25. Refluff- even if i don't win i think i have to go purchase that vintage mickey! no words needed to say why this is so well liked!


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