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Sunday, March 23, 2021

Two months shy of 1 year old, I cannot believe my little sweetheart is already 10 months. 

My heart aches a little but also continues to grow, filling and overflowing with excitement and anticipation of all the joy, memories and adventures to come -- with Olivia, as a family of three, as her mama, and more. 

This little girl continues to amaze me more every day -- with her spirit, her smile and her sweet little soul. Over the past month, it has been so much fun discovering her likes + dislikes, her preferences toward food, books & toys and to watch her silly + playful personality continue to develop. 

DATE: Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
WEIGHT: Approx. 23 pounds // LENGTH: TBA

SIZES OF….CLOTHES: 6-12 + 12-18 Months  // DIAPERS:  4   // SHOES: 2-3

SLEEPING: I call her our sleeping beauty, as she just loves to sleep!
            Bedtime:  Between 9 and 10pm
            Wake Up:  Between 8:30 and 9:30am
            Naps:   One nap, usually between 12:30 + 1pm until 3:30 or 4pm

            Favorite Foods: Cod, roasted red peppers, salmon, butternut squash
            This Month, I tried….Kale! Mommy mixed it in with peas and broccoli for me and I loved it!

            Favorite Toys: "Little Red" Riding Hood Doll, Baby Doll "Kate" (both of which she takes with her everywhere), her caterpillar toy from Grandma & Grandpa, her musical box, her stacking toy and of course all of her stuffed animals (bunnies, Roxie the Owl, Fleur, Jeoff the Chipmunk, her two elephants...)
            Favorite Books: Madeline Says Merci, Noah's Ark & Good Morning, Goodnight
            Favorite Places: Anywhere she can crawl and explore and climb over pillows! She also likes to lay under her bouncer.
            Favorite Things To Do: Climb the stairs, sit in the kitchen with a wooden spoon while Mommy cooks, eat yummy food, crawl over pillows, lay in her teepee, sit and flip through books on her own, knock over her toy buckets and baskets and pull every single toy out
            Olivia Can’t Stop….Talking, moving, crawling & climbing!

            This Month, Olivia learned how to…Climb, Stand more on her own, wave hello and goodbye, start climbing stairs, transition from standing up to sitting down, Say ma-ma and dada, repeat sounds on cue, and take steps with help

            The biggest change from the last month is…first off -- how Olivia gets into everything! She was moving a lot at 9 months but she is SO quick, even quicker now than she was before! I blink and she has already gone around the entire main floor (through 3 rooms!) dragging all her toys and blankets with her. Secondly -- the fact that she has teeth coming in! Cutest thing ever.

Olivia’s LIKES:  Climbing on everything and everyone and exploring; being on her feet standing; eating; splashing in the tub; reading books; chasing after her favorite toys; bouncing in her bouncer; playing on mom + dad's big bed; talking to herself and to others; trying to eat her shoes (???)

Olivia’s DISLIKES:   Being laid down to be changed or dressed

Mom & Dad's FAVORITE MEMORY: Seeing her smile with her first pearly white show through. It absolutely melts our hearts! 

Olivia’s 10 Month Birthday Book: Odd One Out:A Spotting Book by Britta Teckentrup

Monthly Letter to Our Little Lady: I thought you couldn't get any sweeter or more beautiful, but when I see you smile with your first little tooth peeking through, I can't help but let my heart melt all over again. You are the most beautiful soul I have ever laid eyes on and you bring more joy to us than we could hope for in a lifetime. You are becoming a lovely little lady with a playful personality that we just can't get enough of! You are so loved by so many. Happy 10 months, baby girl! XOXO

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