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Monday, March 24, 2021

It goes without saying that when you find the perfect product for the job you're trying to accomplish (specifically keeping a clean baby, clean), you know you'll stick with that product for life. 

Well, today's Shop Spotlight features a shop that has one of those products, and that shop is Snap Bibs. Offered in the most bright and fun colors, these high-quality, wipeable bibs are the perfect bib for any and every age. From the first use, I knew Snap Bibs would be my go-to bib for good, not only for Olivia & all my future babes, but for shower gifts for friends and family as well. 
So today I am thrilled to share such a great shop with all of you!

Katie Lewis, the shop owner and creator behind Snap Bibs, is an accomplished wife and mom of two; in addition to her fabulous Snap Bib business, she is a blogger at and author of the book "Simple Sewing: 30 Fast and Easy Projects for Beginners," which was just released last fall (available here). 

Years ago, Katie made some early versions of her vinyl snap bibs when her daughter (now 4 and a half) was just a baby. Unsatisfied with cloth bibs that were continually getting soaked through and torn off, Katie wanted something that would be easier to clean up and stay on better than those with typical velcro closures. After using those early versions of snap bibs on her daughter several times a day for over 4 years, Katie knows firsthand that her bibs are not only great looking but practical too. 

What I love most? The heavy duty snap keeps little hands from taking the bibs off during meals and the vinyl is easy to wipe clean with a wet washcloth or paper towel. Katie now makes her snap bibs in a variety of great colors -- including my personal favorites, several glitter versions -- and sells them in her Etsy Shop. She lives in Columbus, Ohio with her family and you can follow along with her wonderful shop on Instagram here or take a peek into her personal life on Instagram here

What Snap Bibs is known for: Bibs made of thick, sturdy vinyl with a heavy duty snap in the most lovely range of colors

What Caught My Eye: I love every color, but the glitter colors caught my eye immediately! Who couldn't use a little more glitter in their life?

What sets Snap Bibs apart: The fact that Katie truly put her bibs to the test in her own home with her own daughter, I believe, is what sets this shop apart -- they stood up to meal after meal, year after year and still continued to perform perfectly!

My Favorite Products: Oh, everything! All the glitter bibs and the teal and can we just talk about how sunny and bright the lovely yellow bib is?

Product Review: Snap Bib

Quality & Craftsmanship: Just as I described what the shop is known for, from first glance it's not hard to tell this bib is well made. The snap is heavy duty and you can be sure no baby hands are getting that thing undone! I love how thick the vinyl is without being heavy or uncomfortable on Olivia. Made well in every way.

Overall Appearance: Clean & simple. Just the way I like it.

Value: Ok, seriously, these bibs are $8.00 each. I use mine 3+ times a day, every day. What else can you pay $8 for and get that much use out of them for years and years? In my opinion, these bibs are just such a great value.

Recommendation: If you haven't already gathered it, I'll say it again: I love these bibs. Olivia loves these bibs. Dustin loves these bibs. And because they won't have any other choice, I can promise that every single baby I ever have will love these bibs just the same.

If you're not already convinced that these bibs are the best of the best (and if Olivia's expression doesn't convince you), enter this week's giveaway and see for yourself.
It is super simple to enter >> Just complete the steps below in the Rafflecopter.

Giveaway runs Monday, 3/24 through Saturday, 3/29. Winner will be announced on Sunday, 3/30.

If you have a baby or know a baby or think you will ever fit into one of those previous categories (okay, so...that covers everybody, right?), you won't want to wait any longer before snagging a few of these wonderful bibs, so head to Snap Bibs and just for Blessed Nest readers, Katie is offering 10% off your total purchase in her shop with the code "BLESSEDNEST" // Discount Valid 3/24 through 3/29 only. 


  1. A glitter one for sure. Would love to try this out for my little one. Have never seen such a fancy bib!

  2. I really like the blue and yellow ones - so bright and cheery! We are just starting to think about starting solids, and I like how easy these would be to clean afterward.

  3. I like the blue sparkle! I would love one because I have an almost 3month little boy who will be eating food before I know it and I'm sure it will be a messy adventure!

  4. Love the teal. I think it is a great idea that they snap! Jase is always pulling off the velcro ones!

  5. These are such a good idea!! I hate all the laundry from bibs collecting all week.

  6. The gold! I love how sparkly it is and it would be so adorable on my little daughter! She's very interested in regular foods now and because of that I will be starting solids before too much longer and it would be so nice to be able to just wash or wipe a bib off rather than have to put it through the washer and dryer after every meal. :)

  7. I would go with the lime because it reminds me of summer and I wish it would warm up around here! :)

  8. I really like the gold one as it is so cheerful and full of life! I'd love to win because my daughter would look absolutely precious in a Snapbib! ;)

  9. I'd love to grab a silver or lime!!!

  10. Absolutely love the glitter ones!

  11. I love the blue. It's my favorite color.

  12. Yay! I just came to check who the winner was, I am so excited!


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