homeschool: curriculum + schedule + all the ideas

Wow!! What a Summer it has been. Pretty sure a day hasn't gone by since June that we haven't talked about whether to send our girls back to their private school or homeschool this Fall. After prayer, some tears (on my end), many conversations and lots & lots of considerations, we are so excited to have finally landed on homeschooling. Excited to share our journey on instagram and my blog in the hopes of inspiring and encouraging those of you who are also Homeschooling!!

I've been sharing peeks of what we are doing on instagram but wanted to answer a few questions here that I've been getting a lot!! Prepare yourselves for the longest post ever.


I'll be focusing on PreK for Della (3.5), PreK/Kinder for Poppy (almost 5) and Olivia (7) will be a 2nd Grader (which I still can't believe!!). Poppy did 2-day PreK last year and her teacher said she was fully ready for Kindergarten, but because she is a mid-September birthday, we decided we'd wait until Fall 2021 to officially send her to Kinder. However, now that I am homeschooling, I have the flexibility to do a dual approach. We will continue working on sharpening PreK skills (handwriting, phonics, colors/numbers and basic math) and then I'll also add in some Kinder curriculum (beginning reading) as she is ready.

The core of our curriculum is The Good and the Beautiful, which will include Language Arts & Handwriting for Olivia, Poppy and Della at Grade Levels (Level 2, Level K Primer + Level K and PreK). I love that TGATB is an Open & Go curriculum, which means that you can simply open it and start teaching + learning, versus having to do extensive lesson planning ahead of time. 

For Math, I am using the curriculum that Olivia used last year at her private school, Math in Focus (Singapore Math); we had a great experience with it. I experienced teaching it during Distance Learning and it was easy to understand for both myself and Olivia. Compared to traditional US math, Singapore Math focuses on fewer topics but covers them in greater detail, with each semester textbook building upon prior knowledge & skills and requiring a student to master them before moving on. Math in Focus has problem solving as the center of math learning and concepts are taught with a concrete-pictorial-abstract learning progression through real world, hands on experiences. For Poppy, I plan to use Level K Math from TGATB and then assorted worksheets + workbooks for Della. 


Probably what I am MOST excited about is our Morning Basket. I shared lots of links in stories today, as we officially began school this morning. As I began researching homeschool earlier in the Summer, the Morning Basket concept was something that kept coming up and as I read more about it, I knew we had to incorporate one in to our routine. Every family approaches it a little differently, but in ours we have:

    -Bible & Kids Devotion Books

    -Chapter Book Series to read out loud

    -Poetry Books

    -Journal/planner for a daily gratitude exercise

    -Character cards (these + these)

    -Coloring book (picked this one up last week and can't wait to start using it with the girls)

    -Daily Calendar pages / activities or a calendar board (to teach months, dates, weather)

    -Books and materials related to the Morning Basket Unit Study that we will rotate every 2 weeks

After breakfast, I envision us spending about an hour doing our Morning Basket. I want to open with scripture, prayer and a kids devotion as well as share what we're grateful for. Reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for has been so life-giving to me and I want to pass that habit down to my girls. I picked out this beautiful planner to use to record gratitude notes (love the amount of space each day has), which I know will be such a treasure to look back on. 

We'll also focus on different character traits using the character cards I linked above, do a calendar page (Olivia did this every day as a 1st Grader and it was great practice) and then a few mornings a week I would like to spend 15-20 minutes reading from a chapter book series while they color. I envision our Morning Basket time as just super relaxed, on the couch cozied up...a special way to start the day together. 


Afterward, we'll focus on our Morning Basket Unit Study which will be the bulk of our Science Unit. I have set a curriculum to rotate every 2 weeks based on what the girls wanted to study. We are starting with Butterflies, Weather, The Solar System & The Night Sky and then a National Parks Nature Unit. After that, we will begin our Autumn Unit. We will also have a built in Bible Unit Study within our Morning Basket. We are beginning with Creation and then doing Fruit of the Spirit followed by The Names & Characteristics of God and The Armor of God. Still in the early planning stages of those.

Each "unit" will include activities that strengthen Language, Grammar, Writing, Math and Art skills that I am tailoring to their age. For example, Olivia will have more in-depth writing and more difficult math, whereas Della and Poppy will have tracing, cutting, simple math, matching and coloring. This is just a fun way to learn about subjects they enjoy and cover a wide range of skills in a short period of time. Because each unit will span over 2 weeks, I am structuring it so that we spend about 15 minutes each morning learning and then 15 minutes working on a few related worksheets. I am sure I will adjust as we actually start doing it...these are just all the ideas in my head!!

From there, we'll have blocks of Math, LA and Writing throughout the morning with lots of breaks in between, a morning snack and plenty of worship music. Our plan is to get outside after lunch and then have a "Creative Free Hour" (CFree for short) where they can select from sticker books, handwriting, perler beads, jewelry making, paper crafts (included this book in Olivia's Back to School Basket), art, reading or puzzles. This would be a time when I can work one on one with Olivia for anything we want to dive deeper in to or to review things from the morning. After that, definitely an hour of quiet time, most likely while I sip a cold press in silence :)

I'll share more about our daily schedule as we develop a routine and I'm sure we will make changes, but hopefully this gives you a high level overview of our plan and structure. 


Can you tell I have so many ideas I can hardly keep them all in?! Here are a few other things I am hoping to add in to our routine:

LETTER OF THE DAY: This is more for Poppy and Della but hopefully something Olivia will enjoy also. I found some mini rolls of kraft paper in the Target Dollar Spot that I will use to roll onto the table in the mornings. We'll go through the alphabet with a new letter each day (or every few days) and the girls can brainstorm things that start with that letter. They can practice writing the letter and words on the kraft paper. As part of this, the younger two will also be creating a simple Alphabet Book throughout the year, which I am creating with free printables. 

STATE OF THE WEEK: If you do the math, obviously if we do one state per week, it will take us nearly a full year to get through all 50. So we will probably do 2 per week, but this is a way I envision integrating Geography in to our curriculum in a really natural way without dedicating a full block of time to it each day. For the activities, we'll read about each state using books (we love this book), flashcards and workbooks (this one + this one) and then I found some awesome printables that will give them the opportunity to create a state book throughout the school year. I also picked up a few sets of State Art placemats that we can pull out during snack or lunch time for them to draw and write on. Olivia will be able to read/study each state more in depth whereas for Poppy and Olivia it will be more basic, but no doubt we will listen to Fifty Nifty United States about 100 times. It's a fun way to teach the states in alphabetical order. 

CURSIVE: Another totally free Pinterest find, I stumbled across beautiful cursive worksheets that Olivia happened to see as I was printing one and she got so excited, asking if she can practice cursive. She was introduced to it as a 1st Grader so I am excited to continue teaching it to her. Because her sisters won't be doing cursive (yet), this skill would be something she can work on during a Handwriting block in the morning or during Creative Hour in the afternoon. I created a binder with all the cursive worksheets by letter that she can easily access whenever she wants. 

FILLING MY CUP: This has been a phrase continually on my mind and heart as we approach the school year. I realized the other day that because Distance Learning began in March, the girls had officially been out of school over 5 months, which just blew my mind. Especially now with homeschool, I want to continually find ways to fill my own cup so I have what it takes to pour out to my girls every day. I don't know exactly what this will look like each week, but things that come to mind: resting during the girls' daily quiet time, reading new books, earlier bedtimes for the girls to create more space in the evening to unwind, orangetheory on the weekends, gardening, bubble baths once everyone is asleep, trying new recipes and of course lots of iced coffee. I'd love to hear what you do to fill your cup in the busy seasons. 

So there you have it! Can you tell I am excited?! Honestly, I think making the decision to homeschool was way more overwhelming to me than actually homeschooling. One of the hardest parts (deciding WHAT we would do this Fall) is done -- and although it will take time and intentional effort, I am excited for the year ahead, hard work & all. I'm sure I'll continue adding more, but you can shop all our current resources for the year ahead HERE.

As Mamas, at the end of our lives, we will never wish we had spent less time with our children. And when I get overwhelmed, I just remind myself of that truth. It is a gift and joy to have my girls home, growing and learning with me. About two weeks ago, after we had sent our official withdrawal notice to their school (which we loved so much), at dinner Olivia prayed: "Thank you God that we get to have Mama as our homeschool teacher and learn about butterflies and flowers and the stars." I will hold that sweet prayer in my heart and remind myself of it in those moments of doubt. I hope you can do the same in your home...cling to what is good, focus on each moment and just enjoy the journey ahead. Here's to new adventures, one day at a time!!


spring baskets 2020

Hi friends!! I hope you are all staying healthy and safe at home. The girls were on Spring Break last week so this week was really the official start of a new routine for us. We are continually trying to find ways to see + focus on the good. I said it after my miscarriage in January and I'll say it again: God is good, all the time. I have never been more sure of that. We trust in Him day by day, especially in this uncharted season, knowing He will meet our every need. He has brought us so much overwhelming joy & peace.

The girls and I have been enjoying sleeping in (I definitely do not miss the early morning school hustle), having brunch in the mornings together (what a sweet gift it is to have my three girls around the table with me each morning to start the day), cooking + baking new recipes together, reading many books, doing lots of art, spending more quality time both inside + outside as a family and enjoying a really peaceful new pace. Thankful for iced mochas, sunshine and lots of grace on all fronts!! 

Sharing a few ideas for Spring Baskets if you are like me and still wanting to make this season fun for your little ones. Plus, online shopping is a pretty good distraction after an especially long day of being teacher / housekeeper / chef & referee ;) 
This year, I'm using these baskets and plan to use them throughout our home afterward for storage and organization. Also loving these white ones, which are very similar to the ones we have used in years past but a bit bigger (to fit all the things!). 

As you know, I'm all about practical so to start, each of our girls will be getting a pair of sandals in their baskets. They lived in these sandals last Summer so I picked up new pairs in purple for Poppy & Della. I loved these gold ones so much for Olivia, totally perfect for dressing up or down. Wish they came in my size!!

I ordered this Sunshine Gift Set and am splitting it between the girls; each one will get a bottle & bath bomb. I cannot wait to see their faces when they discover the bath bombs...every kid's dream, right?! You can shop with this link & get 10% off your purchase!! We also love their All Over Ointment for dry or irritated skin.

Olivia will be getting a desk for her 7th birthday in May so I focused on some fun new art supplies and desk items in her basket. I loved this floral monogram stationary set (on sale + extra 20% off & free shipping!) and then picked up a new set of mini highlighters for her and some cute popsicle erasers (no longer available but loving these macaron ones). She is also getting a few new chapter books. Find more of our favorite books for Readers 5-7 linked here

Each of the girls will be getting these matching nightgowns (40% off + extra 20% off right now!). They loooove nightgowns, especially as the weather gets warmer, and these pear ones are so soft + Springy.

Della is getting some new sunglasses and Poppy is getting a pretty bow and this rainbow necklace

Other fun things I'll be adding...bubbles, sidewalk chalk, swimsuits & hair clips. We love these & these. I also love putting in new play-doh, art supplies and beautiful books. Loving this brightly colored one for babies & toddlers.

The teachers at our girls' school put together packets of resources that we picked up today for Distance Learning, but they also included "art project kits." One of Poppy's projects will be planting seeds and then learning about the life cycle of a plant. She was so excited to see everything for it today so I am planning to add this newly released book in to her basket to go along with it. Also love the message behind it. This book is another one on my radar, not being released until mid-April but excited to add it to our collection. And if you're looking ahead for a sweet Summertime read, this one looks darling. 

I am also putting a few new learning workbooks in Poppy's basket, including this tracing one & this preschool math one. And then I always like to add in essential oil rollers because our girls think they're pretty much the coolest thing ever. Lots of you were asking where I get my labels & bottles when I shared the rainbow set I put in their Love Day Baskets. Linking the rainbow roller set here + the labels here. I print them myself through Avery but you can also buy them as a set already printed

If you're looking for some other ideas, I love adding in small puzzles and games. This Shape Maker Set was a gift from my parents' to the girls at Christmastime and Della (3) literally plays with it every single day. It's the perfect quiet time activity. It says it's for Ages 6+ but honestly I feel like 3-6 is the perfect range. The girls also have a few of these Travel Puzzles and love them. Our girls love magnets and these magnetic playsets by one of my forever favorite kids brands, Petit Collage, also look so fun.

We gave this Build-A-Garden Set to Della for her birthday in February and its another huge hit in our home. All 3 girls enjoy playing with it. 

Other pretty things I had to include: a bunny from one of our favorite boutiques, a wooden donut set (our girls would love these for their Market Cart!), the sweetest wooden activity cube for little ones, these spinning bath toys and this bath tea set. Also love this little wooden airplane. And last but not least, a toy that definitely wouldn't fit in a basket but that my girls are obsessed with. I found this B. bowling set over a year ago at Home Goods and could not find it online anywhere so I never shared about it but I *just* stumbled upon it and you guys, it is so much fun. We have hardwood floors in our home and the girls love going bowling in our entryway. The ball lights up, it all stores in one handy caddy and it is designed in a way that the pins even sound as if they're being knocked down in a real bowling alley. Perfect for indoor entertainment for the whole family!! 

Hope this gives you some fun new ideas and inspiration. I'd love to see your baskets!! If you share them in your stories on instagram, tag me @blessednestblog so I can see! Thanks as always for following along!! XO


friday favorites

Happy New Year and Happy Friday!! I hope 2020 has been wonderful so far for each of you. I always love the fresh start of a new year. I generally set a few goals, pick a word of intention and try to pick up some new healthy habits that are simple and easy to integrate into my daily rhythms + routines.

Also, the sun finally made an appearance here yesterday after what felt like 3 weeks of gray. It was so good for our souls.

To kick off the weekend, I wanted to share a round up of some fun Friday Favorites!! It's been so long since I've done one of these posts and they are my favorite.

prettiest minimalist calendar | stumbled upon this yesterday and loved the simplicity of it. way prettier in person than it looks online in my opinion.

floral shower curtain | loving this for spring. hung it up this week in our master bathroom and it's so bright and cheerful. another one that i prefer in person versus online.

rhythms of renewal | one of my goals in 2020 is to read 20 books. I started with this one that was gifted to me by a dear friend and cannot put it down. do yourself a favor and go. read. it.

sweetest heart sweatshirt | perfect for valentine's day and neutral enough for all year round. it will be going in della's v-day basket this year. 

tangram puzzle set | my parents gave this to the girls for Christmas and it is hands down one of their favorite gifts. would also be great for the car or restaurants!

leopard swimsuit | putting this suit in poppy's v-day basket because she loves all things leopard-print. like mother like daughter.

pink polka dot leggings | another darling idea for a valentine's basket! i'm not normally a pink person but loving these.

the book so many of you suggested on my instastories | I have heard so many good things about this book and it's next on my list. 

prettiest pearls | this dainty necklace with a pearl for each of my girls is at the top of my birthday wishlist. 

magnolia wreath | our front door needed something fresh for the new year and I fell in love with this one. looks so pretty even with snow on the ground. 

a snow day craft | this is the sweetest paper doll kit where kids can color dozens of outfits with the colored pencils included. poppy spends hours coloring and then we cut them out and she plays with them on the dolls. 

the sweetst valentine's books | find all our girls' favorites here

and...last but not least, if you're looking for some new toys or birthday gifts...

together, dustin and I picked out 3 gifts for della's 3rd birthday in february and you guys, they are so much fun. I cannot wait to give them to her!!

della loves using dustin's tools and helping him with projects around the house so he picked out this design & drill flower power studio set. love that it holds everything inside (so I won't be stepping on screws in random places around the house) and will give her the opportunity to do her own projects.

we loved this flower garden building set which is so bright + springy. I can see all of our girls spending hours playing with this.

finally, I randomly came across this gorgeous wooden city block set and it practically leaped in my cart. it looks like it would be found at anthropologie for 4 times the price. I plan to put the set in a basket for her bedroom so she can build during quiet time or when she wakes up in the morning.

hope this gives you some fun new ideas!! have the best weekend!!


holiday gift guide

Happy December!! We are rounding out 2019 enjoying all the fun that the holiday season brings. We are looking forward to the approaching long Winter break for our girls and slowing down from the usual hustle of school mornings to lean in to a more restful season. This will be our first Christmas in our new home so pulling out all our decorations and preparing our hearts for the celebration of our Savior's birth has felt extra special.

As many of you know, we are pretty minimal when it comes to gifts and I try to be incredibly thoughtful with what we give our girls each Christmas. We always want the focus to be on Jesus and giving rather than receiving. With that being said, thought it would be so much fun to share an all-inclusive gift guide with all. the. things. if you are still looking for that perfect gift!!

To keep it simple, we do a WANT / NEED / WEAR / READ theme for each of them which, if you haven't heard of it, means you give one gift per category for a total of four gifts. I am all about practical gift-giving so this theme is perfect!!

We also have a tradition of giving each of our girls a new board game or puzzle on Christmas Eve, along with new pajamas. It's the one gift they get to open early and then also gives them a fun activity to do. I picked out these pajama sets for them; I loved how they had a holiday feel while also being something they can wear well in to the New Year. Mini Boden pajamas are by far the best quality we've ever found, they give us years and years of wear even 100+ washes later.

Olivia is getting this darling cupcake game // I randomly found it at HomeGoods for $8...this time of year you can find amazing deals there!!

Poppy is getting this mermaid puzzle // Our fav brands for puzzles are Crocodile Creek & MudPuppy, so many fun options!

Della is getting this animal memory game // Another HomeGoods find! She loves memory games so I couldn't pass it up.

Loving this Color Wheel puzzle so much too! And on sale!!

Other favorites in our house: This Priness Cupcake game was by far their favorite gift last Christmas / Sneaky Snacky Squirrel / Sloth in a Hurry / Princess Matching Game /
Magnetic Unicorn Puzzle (love this for in the car and at restaurants) / USA Map Puzzle / US Bingo Game12 Piece Mini Puzzle (perfect for 2 year olds) / Letter & Number Wooden Puzzle Set / Math Bingo Game /

We love Cuddle+Kind hand-knit dolls so much and the mission behind their brand -- for every doll you purchase, 10 meals are donated to a child in need. The smaller (13" size) dolls would make a perfect Stocking Stuffer for a baby or toddler and the bigger size (20") are perfect for kids // Della will be getting the sweetest Llama as her WANT gift

Della has this backpack (which she calls a pack-pack...be still my heart) and loves it for carrying her treasures around the house or bringing small books and a snack when we are out and about // Perfect size for 2-3 year olds!

Our favorite toddler crayons / Still Della's favorite crayons, this set has lasted us forever!!

Olivia picked out this Mini Board Book set for Della as her READ gift // Linked it here but we found it for half the price at HomeGoods!

Picked out this Snack Spinner as Della's NEED gift, mostly because it will be so much fun to fill it with her favorites and all 3 girls can use it together

This tea set is so sweet and perfect for pretend play! Our girls actually love using theirs in the bathtub for "bubble tea" parties

Our girls will be receiving these cozy robes for after bathtime and swimming lessons as their WEAR gift // Olivia has been asking for a robe like mine for awhile so I can't wait to give this to her

Perler Beads // I had these as a kid and our girls are equally as obsessed. Hours and hours of entertainment and a perfect "quiet time" activity or a peaceful way to wind down after school // I usually buy ours at a local craft store but there are lots of sets online too!

Do-A-Dot Paint Markers // These are a favorite in our home and come in tons of different sets and colors

This crown & wand craft kit was a huge hit with our girls, it would make a perfect activity for Winter break

Olivia loves the Sophie Mouse chapter book series so she will be getting a few of those from her sisters as her READ gift

Another chapter book series she has read cover to cover and loved is this Wellie Wisher series

By far, our girls' favorite watercolor set // It comes with paints and a book with the prettiest pictures!

This rainbow craft kit looks like so much fun! Picked it up as Poppy's WANT gift because she is constantly talking about rainbows and loves any + every kind of craft.

Olivia has asked for a snowglobe so Poppy and Della chose one for her as her WANT gift.

Our whole family loves this beautiful Christmas book

Bubble Bath // We love Honest Co + Tubby Todd bundle sets
Art & Craft Supplies // Lots of favorites linked here
Paintbrushes and Watercolor Set
Cozy Socks
Gel Pens  // This set will be in Olivia's stocking this year
Colored Pencils // Love that these are dual-ended
Bibs // These are our fav for Della and roll up easily for stockings + on the go
Cozy Knit Mittens, Scarf or Hat // My go-to places are Zara & Gap
Maileg Mice
Our favorite hair clips
Spinbrush with your child's fav character
Scrunchies or Hair Ties
Briar Bonnet

Dustin recently got a new Snowblower so that was a gift he gave to himself ;)

I'll also be giving him a canister of our favorite Salted Caramel Bone Broth Protein, this face scrub and his go-to hair styling product

My Dad reheats his coffee about 10 times a day (and has ever since I could remember) so I have my eye on this Ember Mug for him...it would come in especially handy when he is babysitting and we don't have a microwave for him to use ;)

Our favorite diffuser, I am gifting this to my Mama this year // We also love this smaller one for our girls' nightstands

The best charcoal mask ever // Perfect for your own list or to pamper a friend, Mom or sister!

A fur-lined coat so cozy I don't even want to take it off when I'm inside // Available in Mustard (my fav!), Navy and Olive

Also obsessed with this puffer coat I picked up over Black Friday for $30....it isn't available in black online but was in stores. Comes in lots of colors and so so warm but lightweight and not bulky at all.

This leopard knot headband would make a perfect gift for a girlfriend, I wear mine daily!!

How fun is this hat, I might need to add it to my own list!!

Such a beautiful coffee table book (and one of my favorites!)

New fav slipper socks // Perfect for a gift exchange or Secret Santa, they are seriously so cozy!!

And even more ideas here!! Hope your December is off to a FUN + FESTIVE start!!


fall love list

Hi friends!! It has been quite some time since I've posted here and I hope you've had the BEST Summer and start to FALL! As much as I sometimes miss this space, taking a step back to focus on what really matters has been so good for my soul! And seeing as the "break" has lasted almost two years, if you're reading this and still following along just know I am so grateful!!

Our girls started school a few weeks ago and I can hardly believe September is halfway over already. Between our anniversary and three family birthdays (Poppy and both of my parents), September is always a favorite month of mine. Also, all the pumpkin things and evening light.

I thought it would be fun to share my Fall Love List and all the things I've been so excited about lately!!

First off, if you are planning Fall photos, this floral dress for little girls is the sweetest. Della wore it for our August sunflower session and it is so beautiful and timeless.

Also loving this striped rib-knit top for layering under sweaters and coats. I swear I had the exact same shirt as a little girl in the 90s. Anyone else??

For rainy Fall days, this polka dot raincoat is our fav. Lots of you asked about it last week when I shared a picture in stories and it is even better in person.

For us Mamas, I am obsessed with my new Sorel boots. I wanted these last Fall but my size kept selling out so when I came across them last weekend I grabbed them. They are so comfy and perfect paired with cozy socks (my fav ever here!) for all your Fall adventures. I have Elk but they also come in 3 other colors.

I don't think I've worn a headband in 20+ years but this knotted leopard one is my new fav. I bought it on a total whim and have worn it every day since. Bonus: I can share it with my girls, which is just so fun.

Obsessed with this Trailblazer Midi Fable bow. The perfect Fall neutral. Also loving this gorgeous "Campout" blue one.

We got this Fall board book last year and it remains a favorite, especially for Della. Such cute illustrations and a great way to learn new words.

These are the most darling lunchbox notes ever. I write a note on the back of each square card and then our girls love popping them open to see what they say. They have all their favorites saved in a basket in their room and it melts my heart.

I've had all my favorite soups & chilis on rotation and this soup fixing caddy is something I use all the time. If its left out on my counter, its pretty enough that I don't mind looking at it ;)

Also loving this 10" lazy susan for entertaining. Available as an 18" one as well.

I am trying to make it a goal to journal more at the end of each day once the girls are in bed. My two favorites right now are the Weekly Prayer Project and this Mara Mi Gratitude Journal. What I love so much about the gratitude one is that it has a section for each day that says "Tomorrow I will remember..." and I always write little things the girls do and say that I don't want to forget.

And last but not least, if you haven't yet tried it, order a Medicine Ball from Starbucks the next time you need a pick-me-up. It is the yummiest blend of jade mint green tea + peach tranquility tea with steamed lemonade and honey. I am not normally a big tea drinker but this is my new fav especially on chilly mornings after school drop-off.

Tell me what you're loving this season!!! Thanks as always for reading!!


rooted + grounded home

Hi friends!! I hope you are all having the BEST Summer ever. Ours is flying by but has been filled with so many good things. Splash pads, park hopping, bonfires & s'mores, tan lines, sunshine, good food and so much more. I wish Summer could stay forever!!

Today I'm so excited to share my new favorite shop with you all and give you a peek at a custom piece they made for our home inspired by our sweet girls. 

Rooted + Grounded began in 2017 when Blake McDaniel and her husband, Travis, were in a time of transition and had the desire to create home decor that was inspirational but which also reminded them of the Truth; meaningful pieces that would keep their family centered. 

They offer the most beautiful handmade wood signs (find just a few of my favorites linked below) and they just recently launched a new t-shirt line. I fell in love with so many of their signs and cannot wait to add more to our collection! Use code BLESSEDNEST15 for 15% off your entire Rooted + Grounded purchase now through July 31, 2019. 

The Rooted + Grounded Team brought to life a sign that still grabs ahold of my heart every time I walk by it as I head down our stairs each morning. A long time ago we began asking our girls a question and their answer is what inspired our sign.

 Often, I would try a new recipe, bake a new dessert, we'd have a new adventure or experience and the question Dustin and I asked afterward was always the same - "how would you rate it?" Kids always give the best (most honest!) opinions and it became a favorite question of ours to ask. One day when we asked them, Poppy replied, "all the numbers except zero" in her sweet, soft-spoken little 3 year old voice -- with tears in my eyes as I heard it, I knew it would become a family motto of ours. We ask our girls how their day was and they have the same reply. At bedtime we tell them "we love you all the numbers except zero."  And so our Rooted + Grounded sign was born.

Whether you pick one of their gorgeous signs or customize your own, it is impossible to go wrong. BLESSEDNEST15 will get you 15% off your total Rooted + Grounded purchase through July 31. 

Find Rooted + Grounded on instagram @rootedandgroundedhome and if you grab a sign, snap a photo and tag me on your instastories @blessednestblog so I can see it!! Happy Summer!! Thanks a as always for following along!! XO

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