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Monday, March 24, 2021

Kaitlyn (from Wifessionals) and I are excited to be hosting our second round of "Look for Littles." It takes place both on our blogs & on IG (@mhoff90 + @wifessionals). 

It is open to moms of both boys and girls who love to create fun + fashionable looks for their children. 

The idea is that you will be partnered up with another mom who has a child the same age and gender as yours; you will put together a "look" for their child and they will put together a "look" for yours and you will swap. You will mail them their look and they will mail yours to you. Then you'll dress your little in the new look and share some photos of it! Sign-ups begin today and the whole process will take place over the course of a month. There will be specific dates we ask you to abide by and we'll share more about those in the post to come!

Here are the details that you must keep in mind moving forward // Please note that we have modified these a bit for Round 2 as well as added new options.

1. You are responsible for discussing your child’s SIZES with YOUR PARTNER. Just because they are in the same age category as your child does not automatically mean they fit into that size clothing!
PLEASE discuss sizing to be sure that you are putting together the correct sized outfit and also that you are receiving the correct sized outfit! Don’t assume that they fit in the same size as your child just because they are the same age!

2. You are responsible for discussing HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO SPEND for the swap. We are allowing items that are NEW and LIKE-NEW (must be worn only a few times with no signs of wear; must not contain any holes, pilling, stains, etc.).

For example: If you decide you want to set the limit at $50.00 RETAIL for the look, but you find a top that was $20.00 and you get it on sale for $10.00, you would apply $20.00 toward your $50.00 total. Make sense? So you don’t have to SPEND what your LIMIT is, but the retail value should equal your limit. There are so many stores out there that offer awesome sales all the time (babyGap, Carter’s, Target, Children’s Place, Gymboree, etc.) and we encourage you to find awesome pieces at a great price. Just remember to apply the FULL PRICE toward your LIMIT. For example, for Round 1, Kaitlyn and I set the limit at $75, but we only ended up spending about $25 each. Don’t be afraid to find great deals and get creative!

Ultimately, the goal is that BOTH of you end up with an outfit you are happy with and that neither one of you feels like you spent a lot and didn’t receive very much. That being said, your limit is completely up to you but once you set a limit, please stick to it. (It’s always okay to go above your limit, but do not spend half your limit - if you received a package from someone who did not fulfill the limit, you would be disappointed, so don’t do it to someone else.)

Also: Shipping is not included in your limit; that is additional
If you agree to spend $50 on the look, please spend $50 on the look.

3. Keep in mind that FOUR pieces MUST be included - (1) TOP, (2) BOTTOMS, (3) SOCKS OR SHOES and (4) AN ACCESSORY. Accessories could be headbands/clips, bibdanas, bowties, hats, bracelets, collars, etc. This is not optional; 4 individual pieces must be included. If you send a dress but no pants (say when warmer weather finally arrives!), send an extra accessory.

4. You MUST abide by the dates we have set for the LFL Swap. These have been set to ensure that both partners get the most out of the swap. Especially important is the “SHIPPED BY” date. We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances arise but if you are unable to get it shipped by the required date, please let your partner know immediately and send it as soon as possible!

5. When you send your package, get TRACKING. This will remove the possibility of any lost packages.

6. PLEASE include a GIFT RECEIPT for any of the items you purchase new. Even when sizes are discussed, it is possible that certain brands or pieces will not fit. Please include all gift receipts so your partner can exchange for different sizes if needed.

7. We are now making it an option to be paired with a mom who has a child of the opposite gender! We thought it would be a lot of fun to have an opportunity to put together a look that you don’t normally get to put together! If this is something you are interested, please check the appropriate box on the sign up sheet.

8. We have also added a new age category: “Older than 5, Younger than 10” - this will give Moms who have children ages 6-10 an opportunity to participate! Keep in mind if you are signing up a child in this category, you may be paired with a mom who has a child a few years apart from yours. This makes your size discussion even more important!

9. Part of this swap is for mamas to meet other mamas! We hope that you get the most out of this link up by continuing to get to know your partner over the month instead of just exchanging sizes and sending the package. Meeting other moms, especially with kids the same age as yours, is the best part of this link up!

10. If at ANY point, you lose contact with your partner, your partner is not responding to your messages/emails, or you experience an issue with your partner/the swap, CONTACT ME OR KAITLYN immediately! We are doing our best to make this a fun experience for everyone involved. Keep in mind there are some situations that are out of our control but we want to hear from you about your experiences, your feedback and more! 

Sign ups will close Thursday, March 27!

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  1. SO excited to have signed up for this. I keep stalking my e-mails. ;)


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