lit list | march 2014

At the beginning of each month, I'm sharing a few books that Dustin and I are reading and then also some of my favorite children's books by theme in my ongoing Lit List series. 

In February I shared books about LOVE (of course) and that Lit List can be found here

A few weeks ago, I did a post on some of our favorite ways to teach Olivia her letters with methods other than traditional picture books; that post can be found here

In continuing with the theme, this month I will be sharing my favorite books for your littles to learn the alphabet. 

What we're reading this month:
Dustin // The Wonder of His Name by Nancy Leigh DeMoss (available here)
Me // Love Does by Bob Goff (available here)
Together // Devotions for a Sacred Marriage (available here)

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Happy March & Happy Reading!

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  1. We just purchased the Alphabet tree and Alphabet under construction! Can't wait to read them.


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