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Monday, March 3, 2022

The shop in this week's Shop Spotlight is one I have been anxious to share with all of you for some time now. 

Started because of a baby that wouldn't sleep, The Snug Bug Shop offers the highest quality swaddle & stroller blankets, burp cloths, changing mats and the product that initially caught my eye -- special occasion Dress-Up bibs. The best part? All of their products come in the most eye-catching, vibrant patterns and the quality and craftsmanship is unmatched. 

Co-founder Heather Hendrixson found herself more than ready to take on the challenges of motherhood but quickly found herself dealing with serious sleep deprivation. 
Her solution? Swaddling. 

As soon as Heather discovered that her baby loved to be swaddled, she was instantly hooked. However, her son quickly grew out of the small receiving blankets she had been given as gifts and all the swaddle bags she tried just kept her son up, kicking and squirming. She began her search for a traditional swaddle blanket like those that previous generations would have used, but the only offerings -- even expensive blankets -- looked like they were poor quality with patterns that failed to inspire. 

Drawing on her talents as an art director and designer for movies, Heather began creating swaddle blankets in her favorite prints and colors for her personal use. Her friends loved them so much that she began making blankets for them as well. When the requests came pouring in for baby shower gifts from friends and relatives, she teamed up with her Hollywood costume designer friends and The Snug Bug was born.

In talking with Talia and Heather, the owners of The Snug Bug, it was so apparent that they strive to make products that are set apart by quality and attention to detail. The stroller blankets -- measuring 26'' x 31'' are the perfect size for newborns and toddlers alike. Even with Olivia growing at an alarming rate, it covers her whole body and she loves to nap with her blanket in the crib. The blanket is the width of standard crib mattresses which is a quality I always look for when choosing blankets. The lightweight organic cotton provides warmth without being heavy on a little baby's body. Additionally, the blanket has been finished with an heirloom quilting technique, ensuring that no ballooning or bagging will occur even with wash after wash. The blanket was perfected over the course of an entire year, which might sound surprising, but it was important to Talia and Heather that they found both the right design -- a practical look and size to withstand years of use -- and the right fabric -- organic and soft but that didn't pill or shed. 

My favorite part about The Snug Bug is that they make the kind of products you just can't find anymore. I love supporting shops that put forth quality handmade products, because everywhere you turn, every tag you read -- it seems like every single product you find in stores is made over seas -- often poor quality despite the high price tag. Growing up, Talia and Heather recalled memories of using items until they wore out over the course of many years. They make all their products in this same manner -- to last, even down to the tiniest detail: the thread they use.

What The Snug Bug is known for: Stroller blankets & swaddle blankets in the softest organic cotton and in the most stunning and stylish patterns; dress-up bibs intended for special occasions ; travel changing mats in the same beautiful patterns 

What caught my eye: Aside from the rich and bold patterns, the first thing I noticed when I looked through their shop was their "dress up bib" -- something I haven't seen anywhere else that piqued my curiosity and got me interested!

What sets The Snug Bug apart: The quality, the craftsmanship & the durability of their products, the precise attention to detail, the background of the owners being Hollywood costume designers and artists and of course -- the stunning patterns of their products

My favorite products: The stroller blanket & the dress-up bib in the French-inspired VERSAILLES print; the diaper changing mat which allows you to turn any bag or purse into a diaper bag and makes for easy on-the-go changes (available here)

Product Review: The Dress-Up Bib

What is it? A finely crafted, beautifully patterned bib intended for very special occasions -- holidays with grandparents, for parties and fancy dinners, for milestone occasions (such as a Dedication or Baptism) and of course -- for 1st Birthday parties

Quality & Craftsmanship: The quality of the materials that go into it make it clear that this is not your average bib! In each Dress-Up bib, the unique cotton prints are paired with a fluffy organic flannel for softness and absorbency. Instead of bias trim, petersham ribbon is used -- the same luxurious ribbon used by couturiers on corsets, hats & wedding dresses. Again we see that the quality of these products is the kind that is almost impossible to find anymore.

Durability: This will be a product we use at Olivia's 1st Birthday party -- one of the most special occasions since she was born. 

Overall Appearance: This bib came paired with an over-sized matching burp cloth and wrapped in tissue, ready for gift-giving; the vibrancy of the pattern is as lovely in person as it was in pictures, which seems like it is rarely the case. 

Value: For $27.00, a Dress-Up Bib and matching oversized burp cloth -- both in organic cotton with all the fanciest trimmings -- I would say the value is incredible! It is the perfect price point for a thoughtful gift -- whether for a family member, friend or co-worker. You are giving a gift that is so visually appealing but also one that will be cherished for a lifetime. I know we are going to pull Olivia's Dress-Up Bib out for special occasions and then save it in her baby book or keepsake box, hopefully for her to give her daughter someday (Am I totally getting ahead of myself?)

Recommendation: I can guarantee this is a gift you would be so proud to give -- and one that every new mom would be thrilled to receive! The day mine arrived in the mail I was so excited! The unmistakable elegance of this gift set and the supreme craftsmanship earned my immediate stamp of approval.

Product Review: The Stroller Blanket

What is it? A luxury blanket measuring 26'' x 31'' intended to be used both when out and about and when relaxing at home.

Quality & Craftsmanship: As I briefly mentioned earlier, this blanket was specially designed and constructed to look neat and fresh wash after wash; the heirloom quilting technique ensures no bunching from the wash (something I have experienced with multiple blankets in my life); 100% organic cotton is used -- for safety, breathability and comfort.

Durability: Despite Olivia snuggling with it, napping, playing, dragging it around the house and even putting it in her mouth (what don't babies put in their mouth?) -- this blanket still looks brand new! 

Overall Appearance: This blanket came neatly folded and wrapped in tissue; sewn in the corner is a customized Snug Bug tag.

Value: For me, when I find a high quality product -- especially organic cotton -- that is going to last for years, there is no price tag I would put on it. Much like good food -- I will pay any amount of money if the food is the best I'll ever eat, but if not? I'm not interested in shelling out a large sum of cash for a mediocre meal. This blanket is $50.00, which is similar in price to many of the handmade blankets I have seen for sale -- even those with standard cotton. The sheer coziness of this blanket and the quality, as well as the designer pattern make it well worth the money.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a gift that stands out from the crowd, this is sure to fit the bill. With both gender-specific and gender-neutral patterns, I imagine you will find one that you just can't stop looking at! For me, it was the Versailles collection. I had never seen anything like it in all the searching I had done, and the beauty of the pattern sealed the deal!

Finally, The Snug Bug offers moms-to-be the ability to set up a Gift Registry within their shop and because all of their multi-use items coordinate with matching prints, it would be the perfect way to ensure you will receive all the stylish essentials you will need for when your little bundle arrives! To register with The Snug Bug, click here.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a new mom or looking to get some beautiful essentials for your own baby, The Snug Bug is so generously offering free shipping (more than a 20% savings) on your total purchase with the code "BLESSEDNESTSHIPS" -- Valid 3/3-3/15. 
Learn more about The Snug Bug here. Visit The Snug Bug Etsy Shop here.

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  1. Thank you so much for this AMAZING review. So informative and with so many beautiful photos. We are so thrilled you love using your blanket and can't wait to see Olivia in her bib for her birthday!

    Thank you from all of us at The Snug Bug!


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