5 Months | Miss V

Our Little Miss turned 5 months old last Wednesday, October 23. 
Here are a few things we’ve been enjoying lately…
Homemade French Onion Soup & Carving Pumpkins
Celebrating Grandma Bea’s 86th birthday
Playing cards & Getting Packages
Enjoying tummy time + new pajamas (that wrist chub just melts my heart!!)
Wearing festive outfits & Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
Falling Asleep in Our Bouncer & Waking Up with Smiles
Five-Month Stats:
Date: Wednesday, October 30, 2021
Weight: Approx 18 pounds | Length: 27 inches long 
Diapers // Clothes: Size 3 diapers | 3-6 Month clothes | Pajama size 60
Sleep: You are taking 1-2 naps during the day (mid-morning and afternoon around 1:30pm) each lasting anywhere from 30 minutes-2 hours; your bedtime is around 10pm and you wake up around 9am. The last few nights you’ve been extra hungry so Mommy has fed you again between 11pm and 1am. That will be Dad’s job this weekend! ;) 
Milestones: You’ve discovered how to roll over from your back to your tummy and now that you’ve started, you can’t stop! You love to roll and then get situated on your tummy to look all around the room and play with your toys. You hold your head up so well and you love your tummy time! In the middle of naps you sometimes roll over and get stuck, but we know its just a short phase that will end soon. You babble more and more every day and give us the best “surprised” face ever. You’ve recently been laughing at Daddy pretending to be a zombie, mommy tickling your feet, and sneezes. 
Favorites: Your favorite toy right now is Sophie, your giraffe. You show her affection by chewing on her 24-7 and squeaking her during play time. Your other favorite thing is your Fisher Price Animal Krackers bouncer. We put you in it before bed and you love to bounce up and down.  
5-Month “Birthday Book” - Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by Julia Rawlinson
Monthly Letter to our Little Lady:
Olivia - You are full of laughter, joy, surprises and silliness. We love to see you shine! Your smile lights up our life and you are the queen of our hearts. You are growing and changing every day and soon you will be eating, crawling, and walking! We have loved every stage of life so far with you. It is hard to believe your “6-month” mark is only 3 weeks away! You are perfect in every way and you are so loved by so many.
Happy 5 Months, Via!
And happy Halloween Eve to all of you from our little pumpkin!


meet our little family

Last night Dustin and I had the opportunity to go on a midweek date. We always jump at the chance to do something fun in the middle of the week, versus waiting for the weekend to come. Plus, most weekends are jam-packed with 39481 things anyway. My mom so graciously babysat Via so we could have a few hours to ourselves.
We ended up going to Benihana in Maple Grove to celebrate Dustin’s recent birthday (and how can you beat a $30 free birthday meal?). Beforehand we walked around the local outdoor shopping center (1.) Because the weather was perfect, (2.) Because our reservations weren’t until 6pm and (3.) Because I love to browse in cute little shops. 
We ended up finding a fun shop, similar to Patina, with some cool mugs. Dustin lined up three in a row and pointed them out to me and said,
“If we were mugs, this would be our family.” 
(Side note: he had initially chosen MY mug to be the mug that said “Little Miss Sunshine” until I spotted the “Little Miss Chatterbox” mug on the shelf below. I mentioned that one seemed more fitting. He agreed (even though he hadn’t included it)! He said he didn’t want to make me feel bad, but let’s get real, I am so chatty, all. the. time. I never run out of things to say; my mom tells me that when I was little, we would take a road trip for 3 hours down to my Dad’s farm on the weekends and I would talk the entire way straight, without stopping. Fortunately for me, Dustin is a listener, and a great one at that. We are both working on becoming more of what the other is and less of what we are. I’m thankful that Dustin listens to me and lets me talk, but I admire his ability to be such a great listener and I’d love to become slower to speak and quicker to listen. 
Anyway, I got to thinking that it would be fun to do a short (okay…not so short) post about our little family. When I started up this blog, I did an introductory post about how we met and why I was starting it but wanted to go into a little more depth just for fun.
DUSTIN // Mr. Messy
At 28 years old, Dustin is a Master-licensed plumber. Right out of highschool in 2004 he began his apprenticeship and attended Dunwoody for his journeymen’s license. He stays busy working full time for various contracting companies throughout the Twin Cities; (fun fact: he worked on Target Field and when it opened, we got to march in the contractors parade & attend the first game.)
In his spare time, he loves to work out and do anything active. He also enjoys reading - on any given day I can find a stack of 5+ books he is tackling in the bedroom. In highschool he played football and he is known to tune in to a Vikings game every now and then.
He is the most playful, hilarious person I’ve ever known - more like a little kidalways ready for an adventure - than the average adult. He’s very intelligent, super handy & can fix anything, and he loves to make people laugh. He is definitely the optimist in our relationship, always looking on the bright side of things and staying positive. He is so polite and kind and very generous; I think if it were up to him, we would tip 30% at every restaurant we go to. One of his favorite meals is grass-fed filet and mashed potatoes - the meal he requested on his birthday - and he has a definite sweet tooth for my 7-layer bars and almond pound cake, among other goodies.
He has a heart of gold, brings home roses for no reason, writes me cards every Sunday night, and has a (huge) soft spot in his heart for his little daughter. After Olivia was born, I remember him saying, “You know, if we have all girls, I’d be really happy.” This shocked me, knowing (almost) every Dad wants a boy at some point. We would still love a boy in the future, but I think his heart grew to a whole new level when he met Olivia. He is always looking to lend a helping hand, he volunteers with our church, and he goes out of his way to make others feel special and loved. He is tall, dark & handsome, and definitely my dream come true…even if he leaves a trail! 
ME // Little Miss Chatterbox
I’m 23 years old, a graduate of Bethel University, and an RN by degree (BSN). I’m currently a stay-at-home mom to Olivia and working (very) part time at twoawesome jobs (with even more awesome people!!). I grew up seeing my Dad start, own & run his own business, so I LOVE customer service positions and have a high standard when it comes to sales. I saw my Dad give the best of the best customer service and I try to do the same no matter where I’m working or what I’m doing.
I have naturally curly hair and have finally learned to embrace the mess it can sometimes be. I love to cook and bake (love is an understatement) and I even love to grocery shop; I would do it 24-7 if I had the chance (cook and bake, that is; grocery shopping twice a week is plenty). I played Varsity tennis in high school and still love the sport. 
Being a mom was a dream God placed in my heart from a very young age, and I was so blessed to see it come to fruition last May. I have never been so happy in my life as I am now that I have Olivia and it feels like a hole in my heart is filled with her little soul that I never even knew existed.
For fun I enjoy rubber-stamping and card making, anything creative & crafty, shopping, cleaning & organizing (yes, you read that right), and spending time with my family of course. As for my favorite foods, I don’t drink anything other than water and occasionally tea, but I splurge on really good homemade salt&pepper sugared potato chips, fresh salsa, guac & tortilla chips and sweet potato waffle fries. I eat 90% gluten free by choice (more on that later). Oh, and if it is almond-filled or almond-flavored, I’m SO in.
 I am a very loyal person and give all of myself to those I love. I am punctual and scheduled; I love to plan. I have very high standards (and can be a bit too much of a perfectionist), so I’m working on holding myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. 
 I love autumn, burning candles all day long even when the sun is shining, and one of my favorite things is having the windows wide open when I’m doing laundry so when our backyard smells like dryer sheets I can enjoy it wafting through the house.
 I have a dream of owning a big custom-built home on a few acres of land out in the country and having a big family, growing old with Dustin and watching our kids grow up. I’m an only child and always wanted siblings when I was younger, so I want to have lots of kids and a big, busy house filled with noise and chaos and laughter and love. 
I feel like I was meant to be born down South, because I’m a country girl at heart. I love feeding the birds, taking walks, doing hot yoga, and hosting/entertaining. I also love to write. Part of me hopes to write a book one day sharing my whole story (err, our whole story)…but that’s another post entirely. I am outspoken, very bold, and not afraid of what others think of me. Life is far too short to hold anything back, and I’ve learned that if you don’t have love, you don’t have anything worth holding on to. I’m a blessed daughter of the King and thankful that I can place my hope in the One True God. 
OLIVIA // Little Miss Giggles
Via Bea is the littlest member of our family and definitely the cutest. She loves to giggle, thinks it is beyond hilarious when someone ‘fake sneezes,’ and smiles almost more than she breathes. She can hold her bottle all by herself and loves to play in her crib. She talks with her hands in her mouth (eventually she’ll learn its not the most effective way to communicate) and she falls asleep almost instantly in her carseat. Speaking of sleep, she loves it. I’ve never met a baby who loves sleep as much as she does - and hopefully her younger siblings will love it even more than her (!!!). 

She loves wearing headbands (okay, so…I love when she wears headbands) and her favorite shoes are her gold moccasins.  Her feet & tiny toes are the absolute cutest and just like mine (long and thin). She has Dustin’s ears to a T and when she was born, she had a full head of dark-dark hair just like I did when I was born; she even weighed the same as I weighed at birth and was the same length I was when I was born. (Just think of all the fun God has in His spare time planning these little details).

Finally, her nursery is tiffany blue, because I want her to grow up knowing that she has timeless beauty that is worth being celebrated and cherished. Her name means “peaceful spirit” (Olivia) and “bringer of joy” (Beatrice); My name (Megan) means “pearl; a precious gem” - she is my precious gem and my heart fills more with love for her every single day.
That’s us.
H A P P Y F R I D A Y !


the sweetest candy corn there is

Fall (aka October) is officially here.
As a family, we have been enjoying the crisp, cool weather, the blowing and falling leaves and early dinners in our backyard while its still warm enough to grill & eat al fresco. All day we wait for our time together, time for Dustin to arrive home from work, time to take afternoon walks & to savor cider licks together after dinner. Every time I get the chance - especially when we are outside - I announce to Olivia (in a very excited voice, might I add), “IT’S FALL!” She doesn’t really get it, but Dustin and I get a kick out of it. (By next fall, she’ll be announcing it to us!) 
These days Olivia has been enjoying watching the birds in the backyard, almost rolling over on her playmat (err, rolling over when I’m not looking, on her playmat), wearing her new moccasins, getting ready for Halloween, practicing sitting in a high chair, and of course, sporting her new peacoat.
 For some reason (okay, for so many reasons), the holidays are just better with a little babe to share them with. I want Olivia to have memories of growing up with decorations at every holiday, special treats and traditions, and for her to look back on her childhood and have seen that I went the extra mile to make every day, and especially every holiday, extra special.
I am over the moon with excitement for her 1st Halloween, and even more excited for her 1st Thanksgiving (where she’ll officially be enjoying real food), and of course her 1st Christmas & New Years. Bonus! As if the upcoming holiday excitement weren’t enough to knock my socks off, the teepee I custom-designed for her arrived today, and it was so fun to set up in our basement.  
I held her up to it, being sure to let her take a good, long stare at it. I kept saying, “LOOK! LOOK! Your teepee is here.” She didn’t seem entirely interested, but I know in a few months she’ll be crawling in and out of it like nobody’s business. Soon she’ll be dragging toys and blankets into it, reading books in it, playing hide and seek with it & snuggling with her stuffed animals in it. The joy of picturing her growing up a little more each day makes my heart sing. But she’ll never be this young again, and tonight I was reminded of that in a very special way. 
When Olivia was born, she spent more time sleeping on my chest than probably anywhere else. After a feeding, she would snuggle up on me and just stay cozy there for hours (aka until the next feeding). It became a daily routine, I loved grabbing a good book or my laptop and finding things to do while we snuggled & she snoozed. As the weeks passed and she became two- three- and then four months old, the “falling asleep on mom” moments occurred less and less. I mentioned to Dustin that I missed how she used to fall asleep on me, and that I never wanted to forget the weight of her body against mine. 
Tonight after feeding her, she nuzzled my neck and so sweetly fell asleep on me. Part of my heart ached, feeling like it may be the last time she does this. Maybe a moment like this will come again, but most days it feels like my baby girl is growing up so quickly before my eyes. The feeling of her small & perfect body on mine, her head snuggled into my neck, her little arms gripping me and her soft breathing into my ear…that moment - and those 20 minutes - were minutes worth living for. I was assured that if my entire life amounted to that moment of my dear Via falling asleep on my chest, it would be absolutely perfect. 
There are countless things to look forward to in the future as Olivia grows and learns and changes and shares more & more of her darling personality with us. There are so many exciting milestones ahead for her and for our family. But I pray that I would never forget the feeling of my babe asleep on my chest, where my body feels her heart beating against my own and I am once again reminded of the perfection of God’s creation.


A Birthday Wish for Daddy

Happy 28th birthday to my incredible husband & Via’s daddy.
Us girls are beyond blessed.
I thank God every day for pairing us together;
he is my better half & I am excited to see what another year brings! 

Love you, Dust. 


our little gem from heaven

One year ago today, October 2nd 2012, we found out that our little family was growing from 2 to 3. It was the eve of Dustin’s 27th birthday.
Here we are, one year later and our little lady is 4 and a-half months old. Unbelievable. Dustin turns 28 tomorrow and this past year has brought more memories than we can count.
Last Friday night was date night for us. We went to Snuffy’s Malt Shop for dinner - a burger, fries & a brownie malt to start the evening. Then we saw an awesome movie together in the theatre - something we had not done since I was pregnant. Over dinner, I asked Dustin what some of his favorite memories of the past year (being 27 years old) had been.
Together, we came up with our top picks (in order of occurrence):
1. Dustin’s annual Christmas surprise - Christmas 2012
 (Every year for Christmas, Dustin tries to find a way to surprise me with a special gift in a manner even more extravagant than the Christmas prior; Christmas 2012 was an awesome surprise in which he swapped out a small cognac Coach clutch for a beautiful cognac Coach purse; I had been looking at the purse over a few months time but instead found a matching clutch in a perfect size - which is what I asked for, for Christmas.  Because I had a Coach coupon in November, I was with Dustin when he bought the clutch for me; I assumed I would be getting it for Christmas. 
On Christmas night, I saved the Coach box for the last gift I would open; I went on and on about how excited I was for the clutch. Next thing I know, I open the box, pull out the tissue, and the full size purse is sitting in the box. Dustin had swapped them out without me knowing and I started crying and couldn’t believe his generosity and thoughtfulness.)
It’s not the gifts he gives me each year that mean so much, its that he takes the time to find ways to surprise me and tries to outdo himself every year. It keeps me excited for the future Christmases we will share together and always gives us something fun to reflect on and laugh about.
2. Finding out we were having a girl - January 2013
 3. Buying our Volvo, Penny (what’s a car without a name?) - January 2013
 4. Working on Via’s nursery, hanging the chandelier & seeing it all come together even better than we had envisioned it - February 2013
 5. Seeing Iron Man 3 in 3D with popcorn & soda - May 2013
 (In April we received a free ticket & concession package for being a Visa Signature cardholder…Dustin loves movie theatre popcorn & I had not had popcorn at a movie in 5+ years so that was a treat for both of us, plus a great movie in 3D; our last “big” date night out before our little bundle arrived)
6. Finding out I was 3cm dilated at my 36 week appointment - May 2013
(SO exciting & scary at the same time not knowing what the next few weeks would bring) 
7. May 23, 2021 - the birth of Olivia Beatrice 
8. Dustin’s 1st Father’s Day - June 2013
9. Seeing Olivia smile for the first time - July 2013
10. Hearing Olivia laugh for the first time - September 2013 
Those are just a few of our favorite memories. The past year has been just incredible; I am so excited to see what the next year will bring for Dustin, myself, us as a couple, Olivia Bea, and our family of 3. 
It is hard to believe one year ago today, I was staring at a plastic stick and seeing the word “Pregnant” on it. God has shown us His faithfulness and love in such amazing ways over the past year, and He sure has taught us that life is full of surprises!


fall fun

Life lately has been busy busy busy. Between my new part-time job and Dustin’s overnight schedule, we have been going-going-going!
In our free moments, we’ve been enjoying…
new books & fall magazines
Annie B’s Sea Salt caramels
Bargain hunting (okay, so Dustin hasn’t been doing this as much as I have, but what’s not to love about finding an awesome deal?) 
Trying to make Via giggle 
Visiting Grandma Bea & listening to her tell stories about her childhood
Candles galore (Woodfire, Ocean tide+sea salt, Lemon mint, Heirloom Pumpkin, Santiago Huckleberry, Leaves…yes, I may have a problem)
 Finding new we-have-to-order this-frame-it-and-hang-it-up-immediatelyprints for Via’s nursery
new luke bryan (okay, so that one is just me again
Heirloom pumpkins
 Completely cleaning out & reorganizing (& replenishing!) my closet
After all the shopping I had been doing lately, scoring killer deals on sweaters for fall, dress clothes, new leggings from NY&C (best leggings ever!) and getting ready for the change of season, at 10pm on Friday night I decided I wanted to completely overhaul my bedroom closet.
I learned a few things in the process:
 1. In the future, to only buy the clothes I LOVE and not just those that I like; as I sorted through old clothes, I became aware of why thinking through each purchase is so critical (fortunately I’ll be able to bring all my awesome threads to my girl’s fall swap coming up and hopefully bless some friends!)
2. To stop buying purses (because I have plenty!)
3. To be thankful that Dustin and I do not share a closet
4. I LOVE to clean & organize - it gets my endorphins jumping & I love that about myself
5. My closet is mainly black, grey & brown. And surprisingly, I’m okay with that. 
A few of you have asked about how I score such awesome deals (esp. on baby clothes) & I plan to tackle that question within the next week. I also plan to share Olivia’s birth story and a big marriage post is coming soon!
 Until then,
Via Bea

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