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Monday, March 31, 2021

I have been very excited about sharing this wonderful shop in my Shop Spotlight series for sometime now and I am ecstatic that the day is finally here! The beauty & variety of the products offered, the detail & craftsmanship that goes into each one and the wide range of lovely gift options for any mama or mama-to-be truly make this shop something special. Oh and the fact that Beth, the owner of The Bird + Elephant and the creative mind behind every product you see, is one of the sweetest people I know.

The Bird + Elephant brings modern fabrics to well-crafted sensory blocks, bandana bibs, natural wooden teethers, loveys and more! Every item is not only beautiful but functional and designed with consideration of how the child's mind will react and respond to the various stimuli, fabrics and patterns. In my book that is a win-win! 

Beth Hartman-Peters, the owner, maker and designer of all the beautiful pieces from The Bird + Elephant comes from a long line of quilters and seamstresses, painters and drawers, gardeners, welders, woodworkers and bakers. Beth's work, always in some form or fashion, draws from all such things. She finds inspiration from her childhood memories and because she is a mom herself -- to two beautiful babes, one boy and one girl -- she has high standards for her products. Beth shared that while she is a heavy thinker and constant doodler, she has come to love the colors and textures that fabrics offer. And though she holds her BFA in photography, she began working with textiles during her first pregnancy and since then, her shop and style is constantly evolving.

  Inspired by both of her children, Beth continues to design new products and finds support from her husband, a spirited artist and musician himself, and her children -- all of whom push her to never give up. Beth shared a story with me about how as a child she would sneak into her grandparent's sewing room where she could find her grandmother sewing on an old pedal Singer. As a little girl, Beth loved the sound of the air pushing from the machine, the smell of the machine oil, and the way her grandmother's hands would gently stop the metal wheel to reposition the needle. Both calming and meditative, Beth just sat quietly running her hands through a large tin of buttons, diving them by color, size, texture, and shape. Many years later, after moving from Tennessee to Virginia, as she prepared for the arrival of her first child, she recalled these memories and longed to be back home. Only months before her son was born, Beth's grandmother passed away and so Beth sought out to find comfort and connection to her memories and her grandmother, and she knew the one thing that would really connect her was sewing.  

The name of Beth's shop -- The Bird + Elephant -- comes from a PBS Nature Show Beth had seen about elephants during her first pregnancy with her son. She was moved by the relationship elephants had with one another and really took a liking to how birds perched on elephants' backs. Out of this sight, she found a calm trust and gentleness that was absolutely beautiful. In her mind, the elephant provided the bird with a safe haven and a new way to see the world. Beth's son, Elijah, gave her a new way to see the world too, opening her heart and flooding it with a love she never knew existed. So to her, "The Bird + Elephant," was the perfect name to represent the relationship between her as a mother and the love for her son. 

What The Bird + Elephant is known for: Modern and Functional Baby Blocks, Wooden Teethers, Baby Bandanas, Tees & Loveys -- all of which are expertly crafted with the most stunning fabrics and detail

What Caught My Eye: Am I allowed to say EVERYTHING? Beth knows I am crazy about every single product she makes and now you do too! But in general, above any product itself, the detail that goes into each product is what caught my eye. If you look closely at her blocks and loveys, you can see she hand makes and hand sews the "ribbons" out of the fabric itself -- to create texture and interest. In her teethers, she carefully considers the placement of the fabric pattern and in her bibs, she color coordinates the snaps and flannel. No expense is spared in any of her products and because of that, you end up with a work of art that your baby will enjoy for years to come. For me, the details are everything. 

What sets The Bird + Elephant apart: I personally believe that Beth's story is what sets her shop apart. Her inspiration draws both from her childhood and her family in present day. She has a passion for design, fabric, detail, and precision that clearly comes through in her work and she is always adding new products to the shop. I've seen almost a dozen products added since I began working with Beth in February. Her continued creation of new items keeps the shop fresh and exciting. I also love that Beth offers so many items in coordinating sets, such as the Indian Summer set you see above or the Fort Firefly set above that. These would all make excellent gifts that would impress any mom-to-be with both their beauty and their practicality. 

My Favorite Products: Everything Beth sent me -- including her reversible bibdana in jade elephants (a perfect fit!), the feather teether (so unique!), the sensory blocks in any pattern, the entire Fort Firefly collection (because it matches a quilt Olivia has) and especially the Fort Firefly Lovey blanket. 

Product Review: 
Reversible Bibdana in Jade Elephant & Blue Flower

>> Similar Available Here <<

Quality & Craftsmanship: This bib is clearly well designed and well made. From the stitching to the snap placement to the patterns Beth offers, I love how much detail and care goes into each product.

Overall Appearance & Opinion: From every angle you look at this bib, it is beautiful! Even covered in Olivia's drool, it is beautiful! I love the vibrant pattern and colors, I love the fit of it (find the full Bibdana review here) and how it sits on Olivia comfortably without restricting her movement. Finally, I love that it is reversible. I feel like I am getting two styles in one and as a mom, versatility is so important to me!

Value & Recommendation: These reversible bibs are priced at $12.00 each, which I feel is an excellent value. You are essentially getting two bibs in one and because there is a middle layer of lightweight flannel, these bibs are extra-absorbent. I dubbed this bib one of my "Best Fit" bibs in my Big Bibdana Review last week and rightfully so, this is a great bib for any baby or toddler that will add function and style to any outfit or occasion!

Product Review: Wooden Feather Teether
>> Available Here << 

Quality & Craftsmanship: This teether is incredible. If you look closely at it, you can see the detailed stitching that Beth adds to create texture and style. I initially fell in love with this teether because I have never seen one in the shape + design of a feather. So lovely.

Overall Appearance & Opinion: The wooden ring is made of natural maple hardwood and coated in organic beeswax and olive oil. It is 3 inches in diameter making it a perfect size for Olivia to hold, and the terry cloth backing is extra absorbent. Every time I turn around, I see this in Olivia's hand or mouth. She loves it! It is just as beautiful in person as it appears in pictures and I know it will become a regular item for me to give friends and family at baby showers for years to come.

Value & Recommendation: Priced at $20.00, I think this is a great value for what you are receiving. Beth puts so much time into each product she creates, and this is no exception. Because of the price point, I think it would make an excellent gift for a coworker or friend as they await the arrival of their little bundle. 

Product Review: Flowers + Feathers Sensory Block
Quality & Craftsmanship: From the organic fabrics used to the handmade ribbons, this sensory block is top to bottom terrific. I love the ribbon detail -- probably my favorite part -- and Olivia loves that she can hold it, throw it, and even chew on it (!!!). Inside is a rattle, perfect for grabbing a baby's attention and keeping them interested.

Overall Apperance & Opinion: Covered in a wide variety of bright colors and patterns, this sensory block is the perfect toy for a little baby girl. The bright colors juxtaposed with the darker colors is visually stimulating for developing eyes and the fabric "ribbons" are so much fun for little hands to play with. I would own these blocks in every style Beth sells if I was allowed, because of everything they offer -- organic fabric (both cotton + fleece), organic thread, handcrafted detail, eco-friendly fill, and the assurance of giving your baby a safe, soft toy that can be rolled or thrown without hurting himself, herself or others.

Value & Recommendation: I would highly recommend The Bird + Elephant sensory blocks to anyone who has a baby or who is looking for a gift for one. Beth's blocks are $30.00 each because of the organic material, the design and time that goes into each. She also sells ribbon blocks ranging from $16.00 to $20.00 each (available here). Overall, a great toy and gift that is both good for the environment and for your babe!

If you just can't wait to get your hands on something from The Bird + Elephant, you're in luck because Beth is so generously offering A Blessed Nest readers 20% off their total purchase with the code "BLESSEDNEST20"
Discount Valid Monday, March 31 through Monday, April 7.
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  1. Loving this shop! I love those sensory blocks - what a great idea! My best friend's shower is coming up and I just ordered a sensory block and teething ring!

  2. Love this!! Cute fabrics, and I love the sensory block


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