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Monday, March 17, 2021

If you're looking for the most adorable and high-quality handmade baby booties, Leetle Chicken Shop is the place you'll find them. 

Did I also mention she sells skirts that are sure to make your ovaries ache for a baby girl and leggings for both genders in trendy patterns? Well, she does. AND in my humble opinion, everything she sells is swoon-worthy to the max! 

Sara, the owner and creative designer behind all of the products you see, is a mom herself, and she strives to offer unique, handmade items with the care and attention to detail she looks for when buying something for her own 14-month old daughter, Mila. Every item is made to order -- designed, cut and sewn in her home in Florida and shipped with love to each customer. In my interactions over the past two months with Sara, I have learned that she is one of the sweetest moms and that she truly cares about her customers; from our first time talking, I could tell she puts her heart into her business and those shops are my absolute favorite to share with all of you!

Sara opened up her business when Mila was just a few months old. Her husband had bought her a sewing machine for her birthday so she began creating bows and dresses for Mila. Being at a stay-at-home mom, sewing became a really fun hobby for Sara. After friends began suggesting she sell what she was making, Leetle Chicken Shop was born! The name comes from her daughter, whose nickname was "little chicken" since she was young. Sara shared that because her husband has a strong accent, he called her his "leetle" chicken.

For Sara, the absolute best part about owning her own business is the fact that she gets to spend so much time with her daughter. She graduated college with a bachelor's degree in business, but says she always knew she didn't want to be stuck behind a desk all her life. She describes herself as having "always been creative" and she loves that through LCS, she is able to utilize both her creative side and business knowledge. Like any mom, balancing a business and motherhood has presented its challenges, but Sara feels so rewarded when she sees a baby wearing one of her creations. That is what inspires her the most! 
What Leetle Chicken Shop is known for: Soft-soled baby booties in a wide variety of fun patterns and the "French" skirt (black and white stripes), as well as other adorable skirts -- perfect for little girls in spring and summer!

What Caught My Eye: What initially caught my eye when I was looking over her products was her baby booties -- offered in the most trendy patterns, each bootie is flexible and made of 100% genuine suede leather for durability. Stretch elastic is around the ankle so the booties don't fall off. My daughter -- who has quick hands and a strong arm -- can't even get hers off her little feet, which I love! The soft soles are perfect for young infants or for older babies who are just starting to walk. 

What Sets LCS Apart: I believe the craftsmanship that goes into every product is what truly sets Leetle Chicken Shop apart. Like I said before, Sara is a mom herself, so she knows what children's products are on the market and with every order, whether big or small, she strives to put the same amount of love into her products as those that she would put on her own daughter. 

My Favorite Products: The Bohemian Booties (available here), The French Booties (available here), The Moroccan Booties (available here) and the French Skirt (available here)

Product Review: Bohemian Booties

Quality & Craftsmanship: From the moment I received these, I fell in love! (Okay, so I loved them before I even received them!) They are so well made and seem so durable. Olivia isn't walking yet, but these are great for an every day crib shoe and perfect to be worn around the house or out + about for errands. I love that they stay on her feet even when she is on the move! Plus, the floral pop of color that it adds to any and every outfit is lovely. I know these will be a pair of shoes that will last V a long time because of how well they are made.  

Overall Appearance: These are as brilliantly colored in person as they are in pictures. The suede is soft but durable and they couldn't look cuter on a baby's feet! I love the pattern itself and how perfect it is for adding a little spring into your babe's wardrobe.
Value: I was looking over the prices again as I wrote this and I can't believe Sara sells these for only $25.00! Most shoes in stores are at least that price if not higher and unfortunately, most shoes in stores are made over seas. The time (and love) that Sara puts into each pair, plus how adorable they look, how soft they feel, and how comfy they seem to be...these are well worth the price and a great value. The first time I put them on Olivia, she loved to sit and touch the suede because of how soft it was! Definitely baby approved!

Recommendation: If you have a young tot or even one who is now on the move (like Olivia), these are the perfect baby bootie. Their price point makes them an excellent gift and almost all her patterns are gender-neutral. I've seen so many pictures of the French Booties (black and white striped) on both boys and girls and they are equally as perfect!

If you're anything like I was and you can't wait to get these on your babe's feet, you're in luck because Sara is so generously offering 15% off your total purchase for Blessed Nest readers, TODAY ONLY. Use the code "BLESSEDNEST15" at checkout to save 15% // Talk about a perfect and unique gift that will be cherished forever. Head to Leetle Chicken Shop now and scoop up some of your favorites! I know you won't be disappointed. 
Discount valid 3/17 only. 

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