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Lemons are one of summer's quintessential symbols & the star of this week's What V. Wore look // Featuring the most adorable high-waisted shorts and the comfiest short sleeve tee, this look is sure to be a new favorite of yours! Oh & of course it wouldn't be complete without a lemon leather bow from none other than the lovely Sadie Sky Boutique!
Lemon Bow Headband | Sadie Sky Boutique
Good to Go T-shirt | Epitome Co.
High Waist Lemon Shorts | Dandy Lion Co.

Read about each of these fabulous shops below & be sure to enter to win this complete look for your little Miss or Mr.
Sadie Sky Boutique 

Hey guys! My name is Jess and I'm the mama to one sweet {2 year old} little lady, wife to my high school sweetheart & best friend and the everything behind the Sadie Sky brand! I'm also a newly turned SAHM (after working full time in healthcare for several years), and learning just how much fun (and exhausting!) hanging out with a toddler 24/7 really is! 

I opened my Etsy shop as a hobby last year when my daughter was around 8 months old because I really enjoyed making accessories for her and friends & family. It broke my heart to be working full time outside of the home and after returning to my job after my 3 month maternity leave, I kept thinking it would get easier as the time passed. For me, it just never did. I never, in a million years, would have guessed that I would want to be a stay at home mama...even if you had asked me when I was pregnant! Something in my heart definitely changed though after becoming mom and I'm a big believer in following your heart! Because of this, I decided to look at my little creative outlet from a new perspective and I set out to turn a hobby into it into a real business! Over the months that followed, I hustled and networked and put every spare second I had into Sadie Sky Boutique. By early last fall I began getting really busy and started to see the fruit of all of my hard work! Right around this past Easter, almost exactly 1 year after I opened my shop, I resigned from my full time job at a big Fort Worth hospital and offically became a SAHM to my sweet Sadie! 

There were some other things (what I consider blessings from above) that helped make my transistion possible, but the success of my little business was definitely a major contributing factor to my new job title! I share my story with you in hopes that it motiviates anyone who might feel the same way I did...if you're every unhappy with your circumstances, whatever they may be, you're only as "stuck" as you allow yourself to be! I'm here to tell you first hand that there are very few things that a determined mama can't accomplish! 

Thanks for having me again, Megan and if any of you would like to know more about me, my cute little lady or our quiet country life in Texas, head on over to www.sadieskyboutique.com where you can also take a peek around the shop!

Epitome Co.

My name is Holly and I'm the owner of Epitome Co. I am the wife to my cute husband, and the mom of two darling boys. I ran a small paper goods shop online for many years, but after having my second son, it just became too much for me. I wanted to get into the children's clothing business, but still be able to be home with my kids, and so all of a sudden my little company was born!  I have started out slow, making up just one design and I have a few more in the works. I am also planning on expanding to leggings and pants to go along with the tees, so make sure you keep in touch! :) This really is a tiny business so far since I am just starting out again with something new, but I am SO excited with the potential of it! Can't wait to share more!!!

>> Start Shopping Here <<

Dandy Lion Co. 

A little about me and my business, I started Dandy Lion Co. in October of 2011.  My inspiration behind opening was the fact that I absolutely loved to make my daughters' clothes.  My oldest was 3 and my youngest was only 4 months.  So it was a slow start to say the least.   I loved to shop for and coordinate fabrics for their outfits, and because I was getting several requests from friends and strangers inquiring about my girls precious clothing, I decided to turn my creative outlet into a shop on Etsy in hopes to sell a few pieces a month.  I named my shop Dandy Lion Co.  Dandy meaning very good, and Dandy Lion being a play on dandelion (something every little one loves :).  It just sounded fun and playful, like a child.  

The most challenging part of running a business is juggling it with motherhood, it can be tricky.  My youngest is in preschool 2 full days a week.  So I have two days plus nights to keep up with orders, emails, and networking.  I want my girls to see that working hard and staying dedicated pays off, and to also teach them to have fun and love what they do.  Owning a small handmade business allows me to be flexible with my schedule.  And having this creative outlet has been so good for me during this time in my life.

Outside of our regular routine I am an avid runner and lover of the outdoors.  I have completed marathons, an Ironman 70.3, and a couple ultra marathons.  That might sound intense, but it is absolutely one of the most calming and relaxing things I do.  Training runs allow me time to meditate, be creative, sweat, etc.  And when it comes to race day, completing is a great reminder that hard work and dedication pays off.  I believe doing these runs coincides with success in all areas of life.  When I'm feeling tired or burned out I remind myself life is a never-ending marathon.  There are moments when it's easy and smooth, and moments when you feel ready to give up, but you don't.  

Family time is the best time.  We love to get outside as a family.  Whether it be hiking, biking, walking to the park, a beach day, it is so important to my husband and I to teach our girls to love and appreciate all that nature has to offer.  A typical night in our home involves us putting a record on and my husband whipping up something delish, he is a phenomenal cook.  I'm spoiled in that area.  At the end of the day family time is so important. We sit down at the dinner table every night and catch up on everyones day.  It is my absolute favorite time of the day.

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