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Today is my first "official" post of a new series I'm starting called "To My Daughter." I initially started this blog last year after Olivia was born so I would have a place to document life through motherhood. This blog has turned into so much more than just a place to jot down random things I don't want to forget, and for that I am so grateful. But I still want to share the special pieces of my heart that belong to my dear daughter, and so this series will consist of personal reflections and love notes to Olivia.

Olivia melts my heart more every day minute. 
The best part is that she doesn't even know she's doing it! 
She doesn't even understand how perfect she is, in every way imaginable. 
Dustin and I just praise God every day for making her exactly the way He did. 

There are infinite things I love about my dear girl, 
but this past week, these have stuck out in my mind:

To Olivia //

I love that you giggle endlessly when I kiss your perfect little thighs.

I love that you find so much joy out of watching me vacuum -- you crawl on the floor along with me as I move from room to room and you stare at the vacuum in amazement, and then look up at me so happily.

I love that when I tuck you in for a nap or at bedtime, you lay in your crib and talk to yourself and cuddle your stuffed animals. You don't cry or whine, you just talk up a sweet little storm.

I love that at 5am on Thursday morning, after I fed you, you really cuddled me -- so purely and so purposefully. It was the first time it felt like you intended to cuddle. I could have sat there holding you forever.

I love that sometimes you look at me and bat your eyelashes, like you know that I think you're the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on.

I love how cute you look in your new sweat pants.
You look so cozy & small and when you crawl across the room in them it is so darling.

I love how your hair curls above your ear.
Every time I tuck in behind your ear, it goes right back to where it was.

I love how still you lay when I'm clipping your fingernails. You hold your hand so calmly in mine and just smile and watch me as I pamper you.

Most of all, I love that you're mine. 
You have brought more joy to me than I thought was possible in a million lifetimes. 


  1. This is so precious. Jase is not so fond of the vaccuume - he cries. Haha.

  2. I couldn't agree more with you, Megz, this was perfect!


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