the night rock

Wednesday, February 26, 2022

lovely + bittersweet words for mamas 
composed into one of my favorite poems

the night rock

as I rock you in the night
I touch you cheek to cheek
I listen as you breathe so soft
and as you breathe so sweet

for in my arms you find your home
and with you there, is mine
there is no place I'd rather be
than rock you in the night

as I rock you in the night,
your head finds a place to rest
I listen as your small heart beats
steady on my chest

for in this life I am your home
and with me, you are safe
there is nowhere I'd rather go
than rock you in this place

My darling, I'll hold you forever
as if time would not pass at all
I'll rock you into far off lands
with creatures big and small

I'll rock you to the majestic moon
and back down to the deep sea
I'll hold you dear and rock all night
to keep you here with me

as I rock you in the night,
I whisper in your ear
that you're my darling baby girl
and the reason I am here

for in this world so much is lost
one day it will fade away
but here tonight, I rock you dear
and in my heart you'll stay

and when this life is over
I will rock you still
by day or night, by dusk or light
by might, by power & will

as I rock you in the night
my heart fills yet often aches
wishing you could stay small forever
and that it would always be this way

For my dear Olivia || February 26, 2022

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