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Monday, February 17, 2022

To all of you mamas that signed your Littles up to be part of the first Look for Littles swap that @wifessionals and I (@mhoff90) are hosting, we are so glad to have you!

We have partnered up all of you based on the ages of your children. While we did our best to do the pairs by age, if there wasn’t another child of the same age or there was an odd number of children, we matched you with a child as close in age as possible!

The partner list can be accessed through the link at the end of this post.

Here are the details that you must keep in mind moving forward:

1.     You are responsible for discussing your child’s SIZES with YOUR PARTNER. Just because they are in the same age category as your child does not automatically mean they fit into that size clothing!
PLEASE discuss sizing to be sure that you are putting together the correct sized outfit and also that you are receiving the correct sized outfit! Don’t assume that they fit in the same size as your child just because they are the same age!

2.     You are responsible for discussing HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO SPEND for the swap. We are allowing items that are NEW and LIKE-NEW (must be worn only a few times with no signs of wear; must not contain any holes, pilling, stains, etc.).

For example: If you decide you want to set the limit at $50.00 RETAIL for the look, but you find a top that was $20.00 and you get it on sale for $10.00, you would apply $20.00 toward your $50.00 total. Make sense? So you don’t have to SPEND what your LIMIT is, but the retail value should equal your limit.

3.     Keep in mind that FOUR pieces MUST be included - (1) TOP, (2) BOTTOMS, (3) SOCKS OR SHOES and (4) AN ACCESSORY. Accessories could be headbands, bowties, hats, bracelets, etc.

4.     You MUST abide by the dates we have set for the LFL Swap. These have been set to ensure that both partners get the most out of the swap.

5.     If at ANY point, you lose contact with your partner OR your partner is not responding to your messages/emails, CONTACT ME OR KAITLYN immediately!


MUST CONNECT WITH YOUR PARTNER by Wednesday, February 19 (2 days from today)

MUST PURCHASE A LOOK & SHIP TO YOUR PARTNER by Monday March 3 (14 days from today)
Once you receive your look - CONTACT your PARTNER to let them know it has arrived!

Must dress your Little in their NEW LOOK by Monday March 17 (2 weeks after look must be shipped)

Must POST your Little in their NEW LOOK on INSTAGRAM on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19; for the link-up, when you post, tag @wifessionals + @mhoff90 and use the hashtag #LookForLittles // Tag your partner also!

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