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Sunday, February 23, 2022

Today my dear girl is 9 months old. I still can't believe she has been with us three months short of one whole year! As I begin to plan her 1st Birthday party and watch her grow more every day, I am in awe that her personality is so sweet, tender and mild. She is always cheerful and has taught me to cherish every day and choose happiness over anything & everything else. She is the sweetest girl and I can't wait to celebrate Easter & Mother's Day with her and then shower her with love for her 1st Birthday in May.

DATE: Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
WEIGHT: 22 lbs -- 95th percentile // LENGTH: 28’’ -- 76th percentile (as of 2/5)

SIZES OF….CLOTHES:  6-12 Months  // DIAPERS:  4   // SHOES: 3

SLEEPING: Olivia is sleeping 11-12 hours on average through the night.
            Bedtime: Between 9 and 10pm
            Wake Up: Between 8 and 9am
            Naps: Transitioned to one 3-hour nap from 12-3; we’ll see if she stays with one nap or goes back to two again

            Favorite Foods: Sweet potatoes, roasted red peppers, cod & salmon
            This Month, I tried….Asparagus and parsnips

            Favorite Toys: Her “Ball-cano,” her stacking toy, the TV remote, mom or dad’s cell phone (when she can get her hands on it), and her hair brush
            Favorite Places:  Downstairs in her playroom where she can crawl and sit in her teepee
            Favorite Thing To Do: Move! She is always on the move. And she loves to talk and to cuddle her stuffed bunnies. She also loves being in the bath tub, splashing water, reaching for the faucet and playing with washcloths and bath toys
            Olivia Can’t Stop…. Chewing on everything - she still doesn’t have any teeth, but I didn’t get my first tooth until I was 11 months old so we aren’t surprised, plus the later they get them, the better and stronger they are. But based on her behavior, I think within a month she’ll have at least one if not more! She loves to chew on cold washcloths and on her bunnies’ ears!

            This Month, Olivia learned how to… Strengthen her crawling, put her arms through a shirt, begin to walk with help and pick up a ball to place it where it needs to go in her ball-cano to use it.

            The biggest change from the last month is… How vocal she is. Before naps or bedtime, she doesn’t cry at all - she just lays in the dark in her crib and talks to herself. Sweetest thing ever. I find her in the mornings doing the same thing - holding her bunnies in her hands and just talking, talking, talking.

Olivia’s LIKES:  Eating, moving, playing, being put in her highchair so she can bang on the tray, playing pat-a-cake, showing us “HOW BIG” she is, and being around her bunnies.

Olivia’s DISLIKES: Being changed, having her nose wiped/cleared and wearing socks.

Mom’s FAVORITE MEMORY:  Celebrating Olivia’s 1st Valentine’s Day last weekend- she got 3 gifts (a love chipmunk, a book and a nightlight), dressed up and we took lots of fun pictures!

Dad’s FAVORITE MEMORY: Watching Olivia learn to talk and hearing her babble to herself after we've put her to bed

Olivia’s 9 Month Birthday Book: 

Dream Animals by Emily Winfield Martin

Monthly Letter to Our Little Lady:

You are a dream come true. I can’t believe you have been with us for ¾ of a year! You are no longer a baby (as hard as it has been for me to admit that), but you are a little girl with an imagination and curiosity, so much intelligence and the most lovely personality!  You are more wonderful than we could ever have hoped you would be! You are so loved by so many, V. XOXO

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