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Tuesday, February 11, 2022

Kaitlyn (from Wifessionals) and I are excited to be hosting a new link up called the "Look for Littles." It will take place both on our blogs & on IG (@wifessionals + @mhoff90). 

It is open to Moms of both boys and girls who love to create fun + fashionable looks for their children. 

The idea is that you will be partnered up with another Mom who has a child the same age and gender as yours; you will put together a "look" for their child and they will put together a "look" for yours and you will swap. You will mail them their look and they will mail yours to you. Then you'll dress your Little in the new look and share some photos of it! Sign-ups begin today and the whole process will take place over the course of a month. There will be specific dates we ask you to abide by and we'll share more about those in the post to come!

Sign-ups will close Thursday, February 13th @ midnight


  1. I signed up! I am glad I found your blog. I have an Olivia too and love dressing her up so this will be a lot of fun to see what someone else chooses.

  2. Hi Tessa, I'm so glad to hear that! That's wonderful that you also have an Olivia -- do you have any nicknames for her? I'm looking forward to seeing all the looks in a few weeks and I hope you've enjoyed participating! :)


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