my day + our bedtime waltz

Wednesday, February 19, 2022

Every day is a blessing. 
But some days your heart is just filled more than usual.
Today is one of those days.

Nothing about today was out of the ordinary, really.
Dustin got up early for work and left before the sun came up.
Olivia and I both woke up around 9am.
I fed her and while she played, I enjoyed one of my favorite breakfasts
>> hard boiled eggs & banana orange juice <<

After breakfast, playtime again. 
We read books, practiced walking, sat in the teepee, lounged in our pajamas. 
Then came bath time, a bottle & nap time for V. 
A shower, lunch & some cleaning for me. 

After lunch, I spent the majority of Olivia's nap in the kitchen prepping baby food -- mostly roasting her favorite vegetables; she just can't get enough of roasted red peppers.

After nap time, V had lunch (salmon + asparagus + sweet potatoes) and by then Dustin was home from work. 
Our evening was the usual -- relax, play with V, cook dinner together, put V to bed & then cozy up downstairs to watch the winter Olympics.

Today was just like any other day, but I'm noticing that God is impressing upon my heart to view every day as a special one, even if nothing extraordinary happened. 

Every night before I put Olivia to bed, I hold her in my arms and waltz around her nursery with her. She smiles from ear to ear and giggles. Our "bedtime waltz" is what reminded me that today is a blessing and the smile she had when I laid her in her crib is what overflowed my heart.

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