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I am so in love with the classy black and white look being featured this week in What V. Wore. It is the perfect weekend look -- laid back but definitely not lacking in style! The best part? Each piece is so soft and comfy. The gorgeous head wrap can be worn in so many ways, the vintage tee gets softer with every wash & the shorties, well...they're perfect for chunky thighs on summer nights.

Vintage Head Wrap | Mama Sew Happy
Bicycle Tee | Ahoy Amigo
Black & White Shorties | Ry & Rue Kids

Read more below to learn about each of these wonderful shops!

Mama Sew Happy

My name is Amber, and I am the Mama who is Sew Happy! I am a Northern California girl, born and raised and lucky enough to call the gorgeous Napa Valley my home! I am married to the most amazing and supportive husband and father I could ever ask for. We have an amazingly energetic and hilarious 14 month old son who inspired me to start this venture. We love taking one day each week for our "family fun day" where we go and get out! We love camping, exploring, hiking, riding our bikes, hitting the beach or just taking a day trip to the lake. I believe this one day a week helps keep life grounded, balanced and exciting and new! Plus, there is always so much inspiration out there! 

Mama Sew Happy was created in January 2014. Being a stay at home mom and having an Interior Design background, I kept finding myself wanting to chime back into the creative process. At the same time, my little dude had just started teething and drooling EVERYWHERE! I was getting so frustrated with the traditional "bib" taking away from the cute outfits I would put on him. So I thought about a cute, stylish and most importantly functional bib was the key! The first one I made and put on him was so cute and actually added to his outfit! I found a way to fulfill my desire to be creative and create while keeping my babe dry and stylish all in one. I want to share that with all the babes out there. Since the first bibdana has gone out of my shop, my products have now expanded to many different quality items. Quality is very important to me, I strive to create only top quality products! If I wouldn't use it on my own, then I wont sell it! 

Having a business brings many challenges as well as many excitements. I must say, one of my all time favorite things about owning a business is knowing people who use my items are satisfied not only with the style and function, but with the quality as well! I also absolutely adore being able to share in someone's "moment." When people send pictures, it warms my heart to no end! Each and every person has their own story and captures these stories with pictures. These are pictures that stay for years to come! I love being a part of that!

Each and every item I create is so fun to make. I love coming up with an idea and bringing it to life! I would say out of everything I have created so far, the bibdanas and head wraps are my heart where the leather bows are so cute and each is so different, that creativity hits high with those! I am really enjoying making everything. I am extremely grateful that since starting Mama Sew Happy, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing shops and other Mamas out there who have a similar vision themselves. I am also extremely fortunate to have a husband who helps me keep up in the late hours after our little dude has gone down for the night. I am so thankful for having amazing family, friends and customers who have helped Mama Sew Happy get started and continue to show support!

Ahoy Amigo

I started Ahoy Amigo actually back in March when I decided I wanted to attempt to screen print my own tees.  It was a challenge I made for myself on something new to learn this year, and wow! I can't believe not only how fun it is, but how much other people love my designs!!  Ahoy Amigo was actually named by one of my best friends! I wanted something that expressed how much we are all friends and alike on the inside, and what better way than to combine two languages! and yes, Pirate is totally a language!! :)  My children are my daily inspiration.  Every tee I make is something that reminds me of my children, and most children around the world! I actually love hand printing each tee order that I receive! It's such a thrill when they come out looking amazing!!  

The most challenging thing is getting your name out there.  There are a million ahhhhmazing handmade shops around now and to be one in a sea can be challenging.  Some days you feel like you are on top! You got this! Then you have a few days with no orders and you feel like you are drowning. It's hard to remember that you are not the only shop out there and most people don't even know you exist. So I remind myself a lot to keep treading water and pushing against the current because one day, everyone will know who Ahoy Amigo is and want a piece of the action (my dream anyway! :) The most rewarding thing is finding people like Megan, who truly believe in my product and company!! I've also made so many new friends through Instagram!! 

The best part about owning my own business is that I get to sleep in!! hahaha Just Kidding! I have two littles so I don't get to sleep. ever.  But being able to be with my children daily is such a blessing!   I actually have two college degrees, use neither, LOVE to read! I met my husband in high school when he was dating my bestie, lost touch with both, reconnected with both when we were 22/23 and the hubs and I will have been married 6 years this September! Time flies! 

I spend a lot of time with my family going to outdoor concerts, playgrounds, bike rides, and we love to eat ice cream! We live in Kentucky and have two dogs too! Life is really just about the kids at this moment. We get a date night once or twice every two weeks but otherwise we spend all out time hanging with the littles :) and I wouldn't change a thing (except poopy diapers, those I could live without). 

Ry & Rue Kids 

I started my business last August as a hobby. I had a ton of plain onesies lying around from my baby showers and I wanted to do something crafty with them. I started with making felt appliqu├ęs and then got into hand painting them. It was fun and relaxing and gave me something to do while my first born napped. My shop name -- Ry & Rue Kids -- is inspired by my two daughters: Rylynn Marie and Kensington Rue. It's a combination of their names and is fitting since they inspire all my designs and creativity. 

Since I started my business, I've been inspired to create a lot of fun products. I like to challenge myself and see what I am capable of making. I really enjoy making my kids clothes and shoes but from a business perspective, I enjoy the art aspect of designing t-shirts. The most challenging aspect of running a small business is balancing family life. Being a SAHM, as a lot of us know, is a full time job. And once your child starts to nap less, it's hard to get much done during the day. I struggled with this a lot during the Fall of last year. It was the holiday season and I was super busy. Rylynn wasn't napping as much and I was pregnant and exhausted and just wanted to spend all my spare time with my family. 

The most rewarding part is seeing customer pictures. It's one of the coolest feelings seeing happy, little customers in products I've created. By far the best part of owning my own business is being able to stay home with my girls. 

I graduated from OIT with a BS in Dental Hygiene. I worked full time for three years before becoming a SAHM. Occasionally, I work a day here and there as fill-in to keep up my teeth cleaning skills. My husband and I are coming up on our three year anniversary this August. We had our first daughter, Rylynn, last June and just welcomed our 2nd daughter this July. Making that two under two! Life outside of owning a small business, is pretty laid back and revolves around our family. Hanging out at home, running errands on the weekends and just enjoying our girls and watching them grow. 

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