grilled angel food cake

Summer nights are for grilling out and entertaining, and in my opinion, no dinner is complete without dessert. We love to have friends and family over a few times each week and I am always trying to find creative ways to incorporate the perfect finish to our evening. In the summer, the easier, the better.

Our go-to dessert the past few weeks has been s'mores of course, but this past Sunday night for our family dinner I wanted to get a little creative and take our dessert up a notch with grilled angel food cake.

the perfect mix of airy cake with mild grill marks and lightly sweetened cream & berries, this summer dessert is sure to become your new favorite || the grill creates a subtle warmth in the cake, almost toasting it and bringing out the flavors, yet the cake stays moist and light as air throughout

grilled angel food cake

what you'll need || 
» angel food cake, sliced [one large piece per person] -- you can make your own from scratch, use a box mix or pick up a pre made cake from your local bakery or grocery store
» fresh whipping [heavy] cream + 1-2 tbsp sweetener of choice [we use raw coconut sugar]
» fresh berries [strawberries are traditional but you could definitely sub blackberries, raspberries or blueberries]

what you do ||
» once your angel food cake is made and completely cooled, carefully remove it from pan onto a large plate and slice; with the thickness I cut ours, one cake made 8 large wedges
» using a stand mixer on high speed, whip heavy cream until desired consistency and add sweetener to taste
» place cake slices on grill [low-medium heat] for about 90 seconds each side until light grill marks appear [I didn't even close the grill lid, I just stood there because it goes so quick]
» remove from grill & serve alongside fresh whipped cream & berries
» then try to each just one piece because it is seriously divine

so simple, so delicious & so perfect for a night on the patio. enjoy!

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