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One of my favorite looks all summer, this week's What V. Wore feature is bright & sunny. The casual tee and shorts are dressed up with a gold glitter headband & matching gold bracelet stack, and is perfect for a day at the park!
Cobalt & Gold Bow Headband || Ryan & Wren
Gold Bracelet Stack || Little Pretties
Wild World Top || Tribe is Alive
Pineapple Flutter Shorts || Bucaroos

Learn more about each of the featured shops below & enter to win this complete look for your own babe to sport all summer long!

Tribe is Alive

We are a husband & wife team, although I have taken over a lot of the duties to try to make this my full time work from home job. My name is Bri & my husbands name is Tyler. We have a five month old little girl named Ollie Harper who is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened to either of us. We also have two french bulldogs, Jacques & Margot who will always be our first babies.

We started our business in September 2013. My husband is a high school art teacher & always aspired to do something on the side that was also "art" related. I, on the other hand, was terrified because although I wanted something to supplement income so I wouldn't have to work full time once our little one came (I was 6 months pregnant when we started) I have zero artistic abilities & think of myself as not so creative. I'm very glad I was proven wrong & this little business has grown so much, so quickly.

Our daughter has always been & will always be our biggest inspiration. I love the fact that we are able to design tees that we would want her to wear & are so thankful (and sometimes pleasantly surprised) that others like the same stuff that we do. We love music, movies & pop culture so we try to incorporate those things into our designs as much as possible. I personally love when I'm able to fit one of our designs on an itty bitty tee, because I know first hand how hard it is to find hip clothes for babies.

The biggest challenge thus far has been learning how to accept & almost welcome failure. Of course we feared it at first, but understand now that it is just part of the business. Since all of our shirts are hand screen printed in our home there is definitely room for error. Every day that passes makes things easier, but there will always be failure where there is also success. Accepting & embracing that has made my life a whole lot easier. We strive to always put our best foot forward & continue to make quality products that we put a lot of time & effort into.


About Bucaroos
Life is all about the moment, especially with our children. No more is this apparent than in the social media company where moments of motherhood, fatherhood, and family are captured, shared and bring joy to all of us.  When we see other people’s pictures, we feel a connection and live in their moments. 
But moments are also personal and unique. I love that my husband has his unique moments with our daughter Madeline - one is just a simple fist bump which he has been “training” her to do since she was an infant. Now that moment goes something like this, “Madeline, you cool? Yes?” - fist-bump.  Every time that moment is created, I am flooded with joy and love. While Madeline will give me the fist-bump, it’s not uniquely mine and that is perfectly OK.  But I love that it is something they created and share with me.
My moment, which is uniquely mine, is when Madeline gets excited to wear the dress I just finished designing and sewing with care. She sees the dress and her eyes open up and flicker with excitement, waiting to wear it for the first time. I put it on her. I step back to gaze. I see her in all that she is, my daughter, my beauty, my life, my love. That is my moment. 
I created Bucaroos to share that moment with you, just as my husband shares the fist-bump with me. My hope is that when you put a Bucaroos garment on your child for the first-time - you create one of your special moments.
About Tien Winston
I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and DIY enthusiast. I was born in New Orleans and raised in Washington, DC, where my parents and older brothers are tailors.  Sewing is in my blood, so to say, and I am continuing the family trade with my own unique twist of crafting organic children’s clothing & accessories.  
I began working for my parents in high school, then through college, while also pursuing a degree in Finance at the University of Maryland. Upon graduation, I worked for a financial firm for 6 years. Needless to say, the Wall Street nonsense was not my passion and found myself going through the motions.  I decided to stay home in February 2014 to raise my children, Madeline (2) and Lucas (1).  
Now at home, I am able to turn my true love of children, creating, sewing and fashion into Bucaroos. I try to challenge myself with the clothing I make to show the unique handcrafted quality.  By far, my two favorite pieces are the romper and flutter shorts. While I love the hip look of leggings and tshirts/tank tops, when Lucas wears a romper, I’m reminded that he is still my baby boy.  The flutter shorts are another unique but classic yet stylish look for girls that you just don’t see too often.
I cherish every moment in creating Bucaroos from an idea into a reality.  I have been blessed with a supportive husband who helps behind the scenes and two children who are the perfect models.  I enjoy working with all the other mommas out there who are creating amazing products and moments themselves.  Bucaroos is just getting started and we thank all our family, friends and customers. Continue to share the moment.

Ryan & Wren

I'm Mary, owner and creator over at RYAN & WREN. I am a Southern California girl, wife to my high school sweetheart, and formerly an elementary school teacher. I am now a stay at home momma to my three sweet babes (Molly Ryan, almost 6, Lucy Wren, soon-to-be 4, and Jude Maverick, 16 months). I opened my Etsy shop almost a year and a half ago, while I was 8 months pregnant with my third child (genius timing, right?). I named my shop after my daughters who were my first customers and fans. 

My goal is to create simple, modern, and well made hair accessories that become your favorite pieces. It is amazing to be a small part of people's special events and memories, whether through a custom item or simply providing the perfect 'topper' to an outfit. I love creating pretty things for my amazing customers, but my main focus is being at home with my family. I have more ideas in my head than I have time to explore. Instead, I keep my designs streamlined and focus on the craftsmanship of each piece. I am grateful for the steady growth my business has made, and for everyone that has followed along with me on this journey. 

Little Pretties

Hello! My name is Allie and I am the busy mama behind Little Pretties. I have three children, all of which are ages 3 and under! Two of those kids are girls that are the inspiration behind my shop. I started making bracelets because I wanted bracelets for my girls that weren't so "baby-ish" and that were more trendy and matched the styles of today. Now don't get me wrong, I love to make sweet baby pink bracelets that are oh so perfect on baby girls, but what I love most is creating "big girl" jewelry for my little girls. At first I made a few bracelets and my daughter loved them so much that she would refuse to take them off. A few weeks later I was making them for all my friends and family and then finally decided to share them with everyone by opening my own shop! It has been such a blessing for me to have my own little business where I am always in charge and can have a creative outlet for those days when my kids are driving me nuts and I just want to scream! Also, my sexy husband is in medical school and funds are tight, so selling bracelets has helped us keep our heads above water and keep food on our table. 

I love to be creative and I get inspiration from fabrics, fashion, and simple things like just staring at my beads and seeing what combos I can come up with! Some of those combos are awful and are ripped apart before you have to see them and others are so cute that I have to make one for myself too! That is how I decided to also start selling my bracelets in Mommy sizes. There is nothing sweeter than a mommy and me set of bracelets to really take an outfit to the next level. Overall, the best part about owning this business has been seeing my bracelets in the photos that my customers post! It truly makes me smile ear to ear when I see how cute they look! 

If you'd like to win this complete look, head to my instagram for details on how to enter. 
Giveaway runs from Thursday July 24 until Wednesday July 30.

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