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There are so many sippy cups out on the market these days that I wanted to offer a quick review of the ones we've tried, including the pros & cons of each! 

tommee tippee explora insulated straw cup | aladdin mason jar | playtex trainer [newer version here] | lollacup

We introduced a sippy cup to Olivia around 9 months. We weren't waiting for any particular time and one day, I just decided to try with what we hand on hand. She seemed interested around that time and we went from there. 

We started with the Lollacup, which is a modern cup with an innovative straw that has a weighted end that anchors in the liquid so children can drink even when the cup is tilted. Olivia took to it immediately. I gave her a lot of praise and encouragement when she first tried drinking from a straw and within a few days she was a pro. From there, I introduced the Playtex Trainer Cup. The version we have is now retired from most stores but a newer design is available. In all honesty, I prefer the ones we have and for that reason, haven't purchased a set of the newer design [though they're very similar]. Most people probably introduce the latter first, but for whatever reason I started with the Lolla. 

From there, I recently introduced the Tommee Tippee Explora Insulated Straw Cup, which I purchased from Target in a 2-pack. I didn't use any TT products other than their milk bibs during the first months of Olivia's life, but I'd heard a lot of great things about their bottles and cups. The TT is an insulated design and features a pop-up straw when the "cap" is opened. Olivia has taken a liking to these as well. Finally, the mason jar cup. Though this is 3+ it was so cute I couldn't pass it up. Since Olivia is great with a straw, she likes this, but it isn't one I let her sit with on her own since it isn't designed to be spill proof.

Tomme Tippee Explora Insulated Straw Cup // We use this a lot outside, on walks and in the backyard. Olivia can sip it herself and it doesn't spill at all. I love that I can fill it up and it lasts her awhile and it keeps her water nice and cool even in the hot sun.

Holds 9 oz of liquid
Interchangeable lid with all TT straw cups
Truly spill-proof 
Easy flow technology for drinking
** My Top Pick **

The "cap" is a bit difficult to unlatch but because it's spill proof, I don't need to close it each time. I simply open it for Olivia and leave it. But on her own, I don't think she could manage to lift the cap by herself to expose the straw.

Best for: On the go drinking for children 12+ months

Aladdin Mason Jar Cup // This is something V will drink from more as she gets older. I love the style and design and think it will be great as she gains control of her cups and no longer needs a spill proof one. 

Adorable design

Not spill proof
3+ years

Best for: An older child who no longer needs a spill proof cup

Playtex 1st Sipster Cups // These are the same cups I always used when I nannied a few years ago and loved them. They are easy to clean, a good size to throw in the diaper bag and I love the handle design which makes it easy for a baby to hold on to them, especially when first learning to drink from something other than a bottle.

4+ months
7 oz
Easy to clean
Soft grip handles that are easy to hold and encourage independent drinking
Handles are attached to lid so they are always aligned with spout
** Dustin's Top Pick **

Olivia tends to enjoy "dropping" her sippy cups and these can scuff/scratch easily. I've opened the car door a few times and they've fallen on the pavement and scuffed them up. But I suppose that's expected with most plastic cups.

Best for: The first sippy cup to introduce 

Lollacup // The most stylish & whimsical cup you may ever give your babe, this was a favorite from the start. It is a great way to introduce a straw and Olivia has so much fun drinking from it.

Made in the USA
Weighted straw for effective drinking
Valve-free straw making it easy for even young children to sip
Removable handle to fit in almost any cup holder 
Straw replacement packs are sold individually at a low cost
Easy to clean
Creative and modern design

Straws get easily "dyed" from food so I've had to designate one straw for meals and one straw for just water
Not 100% spill proof when cover is open since when tipped upside down, liquid can leak out straw but better than most

Best for: An older baby or young toddler 9+ months who doesn't necessarily need a spill-proof cup all the time or who knows how to open and close a lid to access the straw

Overall, I have been really happy with the ones we've tried so far. They have been inexpensive, effective and Olivia has done well with each one. As long as she likes it, I like it! I have my eye on a few others to try soon too, including the Boon Modster, the OXO Tot Training Cup & the ZoLi BOT Straw Cup

My favorite magazine, Real Simple, offers a summary of the Best Sippy Cups of 2014 here & the Playtex 1st Sipster is chosen as the Best Brand Overall | Babble.com offers a review on the Top 11 Sippy Cups here

I'd love to hear what your favorites have been & why!

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  1. I'm definitely appreciating this post as my son just turned one and although I occasionally introduced a sippy cup to him over the last few months, he was way more interested in just drinking out of whatever glass I was drinking out of. My pediatrician told me to start drinking out of a zippy cup in front of him for a few days and then he will catch on!! ha. So I will have to find our favorite one :)


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