a 5-day celebration

Friday, August 30, 2021

this sunday marks our 1-year anniversary
Today our little nugget is 13 weeks old. 
Here is a lineup of our fun plans for our long 5-day anniversary “weekend.”
Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you for your next anniversary or date night! (All bolded terms are linked if you’re interested in planning your own long weekend with your hubby!)
thursday august 29 - spa pedicure for me & an afternoon at the gym for my hubby
date night tonight to Big Bowl for some pad thai while my momma hangs out with Via
friday  august 30cut & color hair appointment for me & sleeping in for my hubby (hooray he has the day off work)
date night to broder’s pasta bar & a glass of wine at terzo vino bar afterward (I haven’t had a glass of wine since our honeymoon!)
saturday august 31 - breakfast date at the buttered tin in lowertown st. paul; an afternoon in Stillwater with our little lady
keta salmon & veggies on the grill for dinner & some natural almond butter icecream for dessert
sunday - september 1 - our first anniversary.
shopping & spending time outside as a family of 3; honey & mackie’s for a midday treat
Grass-fed filet on the grill & wedding cake (thanks, Buttercream!) for dessert
(Our wedding-cake bakery makes a mini cake for your first anniversary free of charge)
monday - labor day - all 5 of us at the state fair
My mom & dad, my hubby & our little lady … tackling the great MN get-together; Olivia’s first time at the MN State Fair
(This basically means mini donuts, sunshine & Via sleeping in the stroller)
 sounds like a perfect celebration to me.
I mean, a wedding is one day…why not celebrate your 1st anniversary over the course of 5?!

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