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Monday, August 26, 2021

Time is flying. I would go as far as to say it is moving at the speed of light. Or faster. Yep, definitely faster. And because time is flying, my heart continuously toggles between two states: One in which I am thrilled that Olivia is growing and changing and that more of her personality is coming through & one in which I still want to bottle her up in a tiny time capsule and keep her this small and perfect forever. When she falls asleep on my chest, I cherish every single second. I never want to forget the weight of her small, perfect body against mine. 
I think every parent struggles with looking forward to the next stage and experiencing sadness that one is ending. I pick her up and I can’t believe how big she’s gotten or how she no longer feels like a newborn. She will always be my baby girl, and the past three months have been the best of our lives.
Three-Month Stats:
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013.
Weight: Approximately 14 pounds (12 lbs, 6 oz as of 7/30/13)
Diapers // Clothes: Size 2 diapers are a perfect fit. Most of your clothes are “0-3 Months” size & some newborn outfits still fit.
Sleep: You are sleeping between 10 and 12 hours through the night. While you like to stay up with Mom and Dad until 9 or 10pm, then you reward us by sleeping in until 8:30 or 9am. You can sleep through any noise - vacuuming, cooking, the TV or music, and every type of conversation.  We have tried to expose you to noise since you were born so that you wouldn’t become a light sleeper the way I am! You are still sleeping in your bassinet, in the nursery. We love to peek on you with our video monitor and watch you wiggle and stretch in the morning.
Milestones: You are the most smiley baby I have ever seen! Not only do you smile when Mom or Dad (or Grandma or Grandpa) smiles at you, but you have begun to smile just when you see a certain person, even if they aren’t smiling. You even smile at new faces. You are getting stronger with your head control, and when we place you on your tummy and give your legs something to push off of (our arms), you “crawl” across the bed. Your coos are outrageously perfect, and you are finding your voice more every day!           
Favorites: You still love to lay on your playmat. I think if it were up to you, you would never leave! You love being in your carseat and swing too, but one of your favorite places is on Mom and Dad’s bed. You are so content there. You are starting to enjoy a few toys and you love to grip on to everything - especially Mom’s hair and Dad’s shirt, rattles and small blankets.  
3-Month “Birthday Book” - Guess How Much I Love You
Monthly Letter to our Little Lady:
Olivia - You are the dearest thing to Mom and Dad’s heart. We cannot believe that we lived our lives so long without you. We love watching you wiggle and discover new sights and sounds. Your cute noises, strong kicks, big smiles, and constant curiosity melt our hearts. You love to look at the ceiling and out the window at the sky; we wonder if you see angels up there smiling down at you. Everyone who meets you falls in love with you just like we have. You are so loved by so many. Happy three months, Via Bea!

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