the sound of quiet

our house is silent tonight. all I hear is the crickets chirping outside because all our windows are wide open so the cool breeze of the night can seep in. how peaceful.
the babe is sound asleep in her bassinet in the nursery and has been for the past 2 hours. my husband is snoozing next to me after a long work week. as I look around me and think about our family of 3, I am feeling ever so blessed.
everywhere we go, it is perfect because Olivia is with us. Shortly after we found out we were having a girl (in January) and we began calling her by her name, I remember saying over and over to Dustin, “I just can’t wait for Olivia to be here,” or, “I just wish Olivia was here with us.”
now that she is here, life is so perfect. Every day is not always a walk in the park, as being a parent it probably never is, but we are learning as we go. As we continue to see smile after smile on our Little Lady’s face, that tells us we are doing something right. I am privileged and blessed to be a stay-at-home mom to  her right now and that means seeing smiles all day long. We’ve recently started calling her our “Cheery-O” - she is always in a good mood and such a happy baby.
we visited my Grandma Bea tonight after going out for some bbq at Famous Dave’s. We brought her some dinner and sat out on the deck together talking. I was sharing with her and Dustin the feeling I have that I was meant to be a mom and that my purpose in life was to have Olivia (and hopefully more babes in the future). I was created - by God - to be Olivia’s mom. That feeling is so overwhelming and perfect all at the same time. 
so tonight I enjoy the crickets, the breeze, the peace & quiet, and the perfect sound of my two favorite people, just breathing and being. 

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