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As many of you know, I am a stay-at-home momma to Olivia. This truly is my dream job.
(Well, being a mom in general is my dream job. I think I’ve wanted to be a momma since I could walk and talk and probably even before I knew what being a momma entailed.)
Tonight I thought I’d write a post on my routine with Olivia & a few details of being a stay-at-home mom.
First off, Olivia is a dream baby. Seriously, she makes it easy for me to be her mom. I told Dustin that if all our babies were this easy, I would have 10. Well, at least 6. While I never really get a “day off,” so to speak (once you become a mom, you don’t ever stop), every day I spend with my little love is just wonderful. Being a stay at home mom (& a mom in general) is most definitely work worth doing. I still get tired and some days I just want to stay in bed until the late afternoon hours, but as soon as I get out of bed, I tip toe into Via’s nursery and peek on her laying quietly in her bassinet. In the past week, I’ve caught her smiling in her sleep when I’ve snuck in. I don’t know if she knows I’m there or if she is just having sweet dreams; either way, it’s a win.
My husband Dustin is working full-time, which is what allows me to stay at home (thanks, love). I work part-time at an incredibly fun giftshop (with even more incredible people!) called Patina. There are several locations but I work at the one in NE Mpls and it is bomb. On top of that, I have been applying for part-time RN positions with a few leads & interviews here and there. I think its important to stay busy and put my energy into activities outside our home, although nothing beats being a wife & a mom.
Here is a little snapshot into our daily routine:
Between 8am & 9am - I wake up. A quick peek on Via & a hot shower.
Between 9am & 10am - Olivia wakes up. I give her lots of kisses; she gives me lots of smiles.
She starts her morning with some time in the swing - Olivia loves to look at the birds spinning around and listen to some music. After 10-15 minutes of that (& while I enjoy my breakfast), it’s time for Olivia to eat.
After her morning feeding comes play time, around 11am. We play with toys, play on the playmat, snuggle in bed, look out the window (because its WAY too hot to actually go outside), read books, snuggle some more, and practice a little crawling. I’ve recently started putting her in her jump-a-roo (similar to an exersaucer) and she loves it! In addition to music, ours makes the sounds of elephants and lions and she seems to really get a kick out of that.
Between Noon & 12:30 - Time for lunch.
Olivia is usually hungry by 12:30pm (if not earlier), so she eats and then I try to keep her up for 15-20 more minutes before her afternoon nap. That “keeping her up” time either involves more playtime or an afternoon bath (depending on our schedule).
By 1pm, she is ready for a nap. She usually naps from 1:15-4pm, depending on how tired she is & how busy we’ve been that day.
Once she’s up from her nap, Dustin is home from work & ready to play with her! This is my time to clean a bit, prep dinner, do some reading, hit the gym, take a nap myself, or play with them! If the weather is nice, we’ll take an afternoon walk - either with the stroller or the ergo. Olivia loves to lay in the bassinet of her stroller so she can stretch and wiggle. She LOVES to wiggle.
By 6pm, the little lady is hungry again. Time for another feeding.
Afterward, she either takes a short snooze (30-45 minutes) or plays on her playmat. We eat dinner and then one of us usually cuddles and holds her while the other does dishes, packs a lunch, pays bills, etc.
8pm - bathtime. My favorite time of the day. I get to pamper my little lady and put her in cute pajamas.
9pm - bedtime bottle. Usually Dustin gives her bedtime bottle to her and then reads or sings to her.
Between 9:30 and 10pm - we kiss her goodnight & miss her until morning.
I never thought I would miss my baby so much when she sleeps, but I do. I am able to get so much done during her naps (which is a huge blessing), but some mornings I feel like I’m waiting for her to wake up so we can play. She is my little bringer of joy (which is what her middle name means..more on that later).
Some days we take walks in the morning, most days we visit Grandma Bea, some afternoons my Mom babysits so Dustin and I can do something fun together, and some nights I go to work and Dustin gets to hang with the little babe. But for the most part, we’ve established a great routine.
Typically 5 feedings a day:
10am, 12:30pm, 4pm, 6pm, 9pm
Two naps: 1-4pm & 7-7:30pm

A bath either in the early afternoon or before bed.
Bedtime @ 10pm.  
(Playtime all day long.)
There are many benefits to being a stay at home mom, and I feel mighty privileged. I know so many moms who - for many different reasons - can’t stay at home full time. Every day I thank God for the life He has given me for this season. I don’t ever want to miss a moment with Olivia because every minute that passes she is growing one moment older. But being away from her for a few hours at work or at the gym also has its benefits, in that I get time to myself to restore my mind and/or body, and then coming home to her is even more fun because I’ve missed her dearly.
To all you readers out there that are expecting now or hoping to have babies in the future - it rocks. Being a momma (especially staying at home) is the best job in the world. And like me, you’ll probably miss them when they sleep.
p.s. our bedroom is filled with the most amazing scent right now…illume’swoodfire candle is burning. If you don’t have one, go get one (we just got them back in at patina).
Just perfect for welcoming fall.

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