a new week

Today brings a new week. The second week of august. I can’t believe how quickly summer is coming to a close & fall is arriving. Fall is definitely our favorite season here at the Hoffstrom household; Olivia just doesn’t know its her favorite yet, but believe me, it will be.
This fall, I believe, will be extra special, because it is the first fall with our little blueberry-eyed beauty. I have so many fun traditions we plan to start up my sleeve and we’re already busy brainstorming her first Halloween costume and what she’ll wear for Thanksgiving & Christmas.
Having a little babe makes holidays a million times more special. 
Here’s a list of 10 simple pleasures I’ve been enjoying lately: 
1. Lemon blueberry bread
2. New Coloud POP headphones
3. Laying in the sauna after my workouts
4. Sitting in the backyard with Olivia in the afternoons in the sunshine
5. Getting packages (lots of packages!)
6. Hearing from my Dad and seeing photos of him on his 3-week, cross-country motorcycle trip
7. Homemade s’mores icecream
8. New hand & bath towels (which really means I have an excuse to reorganize our linen closet)
9. Shopping dates with my momma
10. Olivia’s endless grins 

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