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Last month I kicked off my newest series -- Gotta Have Handmade // It is a curated collection of modern picks and products paired together by season from my favorite handmade vendors. Because November is the official kick off to the holiday season, I went over the top this month to feature 12 incredible shops and their products! The best part? You can win it all for your little one simply by reading about each of the shops below and entering in the rafflecopter.

n o v e m b e r

toddler bracelet stack || Caged Bird Blog
floral infinity scarf || Cahootsie Handmade
sailor bow set || Free Babes
modern bib || Fresh Bib
polka dot headwrap + scarf || Guguberry
glitter bow set || Her Joyful Studio
autumn booties || Leetle Chicken Shop
alpine plaid winter bonnet || Little Sun Hat
chickadee infinity scarf || Mobius + Co
floral skirt || SAK Threads
golden elastic mocha tulle skirt || Wrare
aztec scarf + matching bow || ZoZu Baby

caged bird blog

"I am a Mom of two darling babes, 11 and 2. Our sweetest baby Josephine was diagnosed with Autism at 14 months. Painting portraits became my "me time" activity and as the financial burden of having a child with special needs started to present itself, I decided to sell custom portraits to help offset some of our costs. Portraits soon segued into bracelets, and the shop blossomed from there. Each bracelet it made by hand, each bead hand painted, each tassel handmade. Each bracelet is truly one of a kind! We deeply appreciate each and every purchase. Thanks for your support!"

up for grabs: $20 shop credit

cahootsie handmade

We are Lindsey & Monika, sister-in-laws and co-owners of Cahootsie Handmade. We’ve joined together to create handmade wearables for little babes & their mommies too. We are a brand new business that began in Spring of 2014, with our online shop officially launching on November 1st. Our name Cahootsie is derived from the word Cahoots, which means in partnership; in league. 

Cahootsie fun way of symbolishing our partnership and representing our sisterhood! 
We are both momma’s ourselves, and it was when we each had our little girl’s that our love of crafting & sewing grew into a passion. After our kids were asleep, we’d rush over to our sewing machines to create fun new pieces. We are both inspired by all sorts of looks, from modern to vintage to eclectic. Our shared passion brought us closer together and we dreamed of starting a little online shop. We decided it was time to turn our dreams into reality, and Cahootsie Handmade was born shortly after. We hope you love our pieces as much as we love creating them! 

up for grabs: $15 shop credit

free babes

I’m a classical ballet major, turned theology major, turned carpet cleaning business owner, who has finally landed in my creative zone.  I’m an introvert who loves coffee conversations about the world and my favorite theologian of the moment, and am finally making some time to create.  I have two beautiful little ladies, one is 3 and one is 17 months, and one on the way in February!

I started Free Babes shortly after the birth of my second daughter, Aria. Previously, my husband and I co-owned a property restoration business he had founded in college, and I decided when Aria was born, I wanted to transition to being a stay at home mom!  Little did I know I would be itching to pursue a side venture, so one night I worked on making a little knot bow, created an instagram account and Free Babes was born!  It was inspired by my oldest, 3-year old Adeline. She has always been full of adventure, spunk and wanderlust, and the traditional frills and girly accessories just didn’t fit!  I wanted a name that encompassed the uninhibited, creative childhood spirit, and Free Babes just fit.

Have you heard the quote "Don't ask what the world needs.  Ask what makes you come alive.  Because the world needs more people who have come alive" by Howard Thurman?  This inspires me in my parenting, and free spirited babes who never lose their wonder inspire my design. I absolutely love creating the sailor bows, and the vintage ribbon headbands.  I’m especially excited when I come across a vintage Austrian embroidered ribbon I can use.  

The most challenging part of business has definitely been avoiding comparison. As C.S. Lewis said, it truly is the “thief of joy.” I’ll go through periods where the interaction on instagram dies down, and it’s hard to turn off that little voice inside of my head saying that my bows are old news. But when I can operate from a gracious space, I can be in the zone, experience success and be so happy for the other shops around me.  I try not to live in a scarcity mindset, and that helps me collaborate with competition instead of avoid it. 
The best part of owning Free Babes has been the creativity and confidence that has resulted out of this successful side venture.  After years in the service industry, my heart is finally refreshed to be living in my own creative space.

up for grabs: two items of winner's choice

fresh bib

Nine years ago, my husband and I became parents. With zero training and no baby manual included, the hospital actually let us take our son, Jude, home. Our small family grew from two to three and the parenting adventures began. Sleep training, feeding schedules, baby gear--all of it was trial by fire and we survived. (Let’s take a moment and celebrate that, shall we?) Three years later, we had our second son, Liam. He came with a whole new set of challenges in the parenting realm. I was pretty sure that I was getting only 50% of this mommy-gig right and that was on a good day!

I have a degree in Fashion Design, but hadn’t really done much with that since becoming a stay-at-home mom. Then, a super-stylish and wildly creative friend of mine had her first baby and was paying $25 each for bibs. Gasp! She asked if I would consider making her a few for less cha-ching. I began making bibs for her and through a series of events that request grew into a new business venture. Though a lot has changed and grown in the “baby” marketplace within the last six years, bibs still look pretty much the same! Add to that a first-hand knowledge of how hard the first year of motherhood can be and I knew I wanted to create something fun for moms and babes!

My husband had been shooting (he’s a commercial photographer) for an awesome sock subscription company and got excited when I brought up the idea of doing a bib subscription. We talked about it for a week or so and then BAM... Fresh BiB was born. We wanted to create a fun new product for parents. Something fresh and encouraging. Fresh BiB was born out of our passion to give moms a surprise dose of fun each month while helping them clean up the daily mess that life brings about. We believe bibs should stay put, keep clothes clean, look good and be comfortable. Why should parents have to sacrifice style for function? When designing Fresh BiB, we considered all of that and made sure that our bibs would meet the highest standards in all areas. All of our designs are kid approved by our sweet boys, who just happen to be ga-ga over babies - especially their little toes. They are our biggest supporters; cheering us on and getting excited over the smallest things. Which is so super helpful, because starting a new business is hard stuff, especially getting the word out. We want parents to know that life is messy and that’s ok! Drool? Stains? Daily mishaps? No worries; we’ve got you covered. xo 

up for grabs: a modern bib


Hi, I'm Keri, and I'm the one behind Guguberry! 

 I married my best friend when I was 18 and he was 20, and we have now been married for 13 years! We have been blessed with five awesome children! Our oldest is 11, then 9, 7,4, and 21months. I love being a stay at home mom, I fully believe it's the most challenging job, but right where I am suppose to be! I love coffee with lots of creamer, warm fall days with the windows open and a candle lit on the table. I'm a late night owl and not a morning person ( which is why I need all the coffee! ) one of my favorite things to do is meet a friend at Panera bread ( or my husband ) and just enjoy talking and hanging out! It's just cozy! 

About three years ago, after we had our first four children my husband really encouraged me to find something I liked to do on my own. A hobby of some kind. I had asked for a sewing machine at Christmas time because I wanted to learn how to sew, and just make a few things if I had some free time. I had not touched a sewing machine since home ec class in middle school. I'm not even sure why I decided to try to make a baby bib, but I did. And within a few short days, with my husband setting it all up, Guguberry was started! Since that time, We added our fifth little guy. After he arrived, I took about 8 months off before I could really start focusing more on my "hobby" again and here we are today! You all have been such a Blessing to me! Thank you for checking out Guguberry! 

up for grabs: head wrap + scarf set

her joyful studio

I began Her Joyful Studio in May of 2013 as a way to pay for some of my crafting purchases. A month later I found out I was pregnant, and a month after that I found out I was pregnant with twins!  Her Joyful Studio seemed to gain a little bit of traction and I began to think to myself "could thing really be something?" I remember spending the first few months of pregnancy up at night worrying about the cost of twins - especially for day care.  It was at that point I became determined to make this into something so I could stay home with my daughters. In the winter of 2014 I was put on bed rest. I spent my days working my day job with my computer on my lap and my nights spent processing orders - all from my bedroom.

The last month of my pregnancy I spent going to daily doctor's appointments.  And more often then not those appointments ended up with trips to the hospital. I even joked with the nurses I should start bringing my hot glue gun in my purse so I could be productive while being monitored for hours and sometimes days. My girls are now 9 month old and I left my full time marketing job to focus on Her Joyful Studio in July.  I love creating and crafting and thankful I am able to do something I love while spending the days with the best co-workers around - my little ladies.  Brooke and Bridget are truly the inspiration behind my shop and they make my life and work joyful.

up for grabs: two glitter bows of winner's choice

leetle chicken shop

Hi! My name is Sara and I am the owner of Leetle Chicken Shop. I started my business when my daughter (who is almost two now) was born. I started sewing her own bows and dresses and then it turned into a full-time hobby which eventually evolved into a FULL-time business! I named it after my daughter, Mila, who we lovingly called our "leetle chicken" when she was really young. I am inspired by many things. Modern, clean lines are my favorite, although you wouldn't be able to tell if you took a look at my messy home ;)

The most challenging part about my whole business has been the slow learning process. Since this was started as a hobby for myself, I never really had a set business plan until about a year into the journey. It has been fun to learn but also stressful. At the end of the day, when I get to see little ones from all over the world wearing a skirt or a bootie or t-shirt, that is the biggest reward!

up for grabs: $20 shop credit

little sun hat

Hi! I’m Kara Meloy, owner and maker of Little Sun Hat. I always say that Little Sun Hat was born after our fourth baby boy arrived in spring of 2013. After seeing a couple of sweet little girls with sun hats and wanting to protect my new baby’s skin, I decided to make a bonnet with a friend. She assured me that a boy could wear a bonnet, and he did all summer long. After many compliments, I decided that I would share my Little Sun Hats with other mamas wanting to protect their little one’s skin from the sun.

My husband was hesitant about our son wearing a bonnet; I had to sell the idea to him as a Little Sun Hat. That’s where the name of my company comes from, and several of my customers have similarly convinced their husbands that very little boys can wear bonnets too!

We live in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington State, and this season my inspiration has come from our family hikes through these hills. With four boys, we love to hike, camp, and play outdoors. My winter plaids and herringbone tweeds reflect the nearby evergreen mountains and warm winter fires we plan to enjoy this season. I've added a sweater layer for warmth for the cool temperatures, as the snow falls around us. I try to use natural fabrics as much as possible, cottons, linens, and wools being my favorites. I've included bright poms to a few of my winter hats as a nod to my love of winter knitting.

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and in those years he’s supported me as I've started 5 businesses. One of my businesses, a local yarn and tea shop I operated with a friend, was cleverly called KnitabiliTea. We held knitting classes, served tea parties, and I sold one-of-a-kind sweaters for not very much money. These experiences have been valuable to me as I've learned how to do business. I co-lead our local M.O.P.S. group and have loved getting to know and serve new mamas here. My husband and I play music (violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin, and ukulele) and we love to get all our instruments out and play them with our kids. 

up for grabs: bonnet of winner's choice

mobius + co

Hi there! I'm Kate, owner and creator behind Mobius + Co. I started my company when my son was 12 months old as a way to challenge myself creatively and to bring in extra income and allow myself to stay at home and raise our little guy. In designing my scarves, I knew that I wanted to include a sweet little twist to tuck perfectly under little chins. A friend of mine told me about the concept of a mobius, which was the exact definition for the concept I was creating! a long, connected rectangle, twisted once! From there, Mobius + Co was born. 

This business adventure has been so wonderful and I've met so many kind and talented people along the way! I get so inspired seeing mamas reach for and achieve their dreams, all while juggling the awesome job of raising their babes. When I'm not crocheting your scarves in front of my laptop and a good romcom after bedtime, I'm digging in dirt with my son and his favorite tractors! We recently moved back home across the country and I'm so looking forward to a holiday season close to all our friends and family that we love!

up for grabs: scarf of winner's choice

SAK threads

S.A.K. threads started about a year ago when my husband told me I needed to get a hobby.  The name of my shop came from my daughters initials {Sophia, Ava & Kyra}. At that time, I was into accessorizing my three little girls, so I started making headbands and hair clips.  I had so much fun making these items, but I wanted to add something more to my shop.

In April, I received a sewing machine for my birthday with the goal of adding headwraps and fabric bows.  I did this, but decided I loved sewing so much that I wanted to take my shop in a different direction.  That's when I started experimenting with making leggings and skirts.  I ended up adding a line of skirts and leggings in late August, and the response I got was overwhelming.   I was happy to see that my supporters loved the new direction my shop was headed in as much as I did.  I still make an occasional headband, but my most popular items have been my skirts.  I have had so much fun searching for fabrics, but the best part is seeing all the little ones in my designs!

up for grabs: $20 shop credit


The name "Wrare" came from my love of unique, unfound things.  I started this little shop of mine shortly after the birth of my daughter Coral.  She inspires me and everything I create.  Wanting to dedicate all of my time to her, I started small by making bows and headbands.  Gradually I became more comfortable with my sewing skills and added a full range of girls pieces.  The very girly "tutu" items have always been a favorite of mine to make! 

I devote every ounce of myself to my family and business.  I grew up in a small town and always had big dreams.  I want my daughter to learn that with gratitude and hard work, your dreams can come true. Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming!  I am so thankful to be able to stay home with my little girl and still pursue my passion. 

up for grabs: skirt of winner's choice

ZoZu baby

My name is Sandy, owner of ZoZuBaby.  My brand was established March 2013 and  based off of the love of making fun and stylish hair accessories for my little girl. 

When I was 7 years old I was diagnosed with alopecia, a hair loss disease which left me growing up with bald patches. Something that is hard for any kid to deal with. In 2003, all of my hair fell out and has yet to return. Thankfully I have the most amazing husband who loves me for me and who also loves that I am bald! In 2012 I became pregnant with my little girl, Zoey, I was so excited to do all the girly things with her hair that I was never able to do to my own.  I started making her bows and clips to match all of her outfits.  Nothing crazy, but something fun for me to do.  Next thing I know all of my family and friends were requesting them and before I knew it ZoZuBaby was born.

My style has changed and developed over the years and I feel like I have finally found my groove and love where the shop is headed.  Its been a slow start, but this last year I have really pushed the development of my shop and I couldn't be more pleased.   

Just this July, my son, Sebastian, was born and I have started to branch out from headbands and bows and have now incorporated infinity scarves in to the mix.  Eventually I plan to add slouchy beanies and bow ties come the new year, but am still searching for the time!  Having a newborn, a crazy toddler and a full time job as a wedding coordinator is time consuming and sometimes my love for ZoZuBaby has to be put on the back burner.  For now I am so very thankful for the joy ZoZuBaby has brought me and I love seeing my headbands and scarves on so many cute children!  I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to my future.

up for grabs: $20 shop credit

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