25 books of Christmas

Olivia's Christmas List this year included a few special books that will be so much fun to put up on her shelves after the New Year, but until then, I stocked her shelves with our absolute favorite books for winter & Christmas. I wanted a mix of easy to read board books, playful picture books, books about winter + the snow and of course, books about Christmas and why we celebrate.

We are starting a tradition this year of '25 Books of Christmas' // We read Olivia a different Christmas book every night leading up to Christmas morning, where then she gets to unwrap a new Christmas book from under the tree.

The other tradition we have, that my Mama started last year, is that my Grandma Bea {Olivia's Great Grandma} reads a recordable Christmas story and then gives that to Olivia on Christmas morning. It is so special to be able to listen to my Grandma reading a book to Olivia, since I grew up with her always reading books to me. If you haven't heard of these, they are such a great way to carry on a tradition and we plan to do it every year while my Grandma is here with us. Last year, Grandma Bea chose The Very First Christmas and this year she will be giving Olivia this one. {If you're a Hallmark Crown member, which is free, you can purchase any item, get any recordable book for only $19.95 and then an additional 20% off for being a Crown member, so the book comes to about $16}. As you turn the pages, the book is read aloud by your loved one and it warms my heart every time I open it with Via.

25 Books of Christmas {alphabetical}

Finally, each year Dustin and I each choose a Christmas book for Olivia to add to her collection and we each write her our own special letter on the inside cover. Last year he chose Song of the Stars, which is a beautifully illustrated story about Christmas from the animals' perspective. I chose Angelina's Christmas, because I grew up reading the Angelina Ballerina books and just adored them. This year, Dustin chose The Christmas Quiet Book, since Olivia carries the {original} Quiet Book everywhere she goes; I chose Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker. I love the whimsical illustrations and can't wait to get Olivia started in ballet next year!

What books are on your child's shelves this time of year?

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