easy toddler chex mix

Most mornings, us girls wake up around 10am and read books in our jammies before heading downstairs for breakfast. This is also the time I sneak a quick shower while Olivia is busy turning book pages. Because it is sometimes awhile between waking up and actually eating breakfast, I offer Olivia a small snack and a sippy cup of milk in the mornings. 

Most of the time, it is some form of cereal -- her favorites are Cinnamon Chex and Corn Chex. Exciting stuff, huh? Well, I thought it would be way more fun to make her a chex mix that she could have anytime she has the munchies, including lazy mornings. I put together a recipe using Olivia's favorite snacks, but you could use anything your child loves. 

Keep in mind that this is for toddlers 12+ months that are fully chewing with teeth and for which crunchy food does not present a choking hazard; it is not gluten free but can easily be adapted to be.


what you'll need
» 2 Cups Cinnamon Chex
» 2 Cups Corn Chex 
» 1/2 Cup Rice Chex {sub wheat chex, vanilla chex or chocolate chex if desired}
» 1 Cup Cheerios 
» 1 Cup Honey Nut Cheerios {or any variety your child loves...Apple Cinnamon or Multigrain would be delicious}
» 2 Cups Cheddar Crackers / our favorite here
» 1/2 cup Teddy Grahams {We love cinnamon but you could sub honey or chocolate}

what you'll do
» In a large bowl, mix everything together without breaking up chex
» Store in an airtight container and serve as desired

I told you it was easy, right? If you wanted a gluten free version, nix the whole wheat cheddar crackers in favor of a gluten free version.

Other ideas for mix-ins:
» Goldfish Crackers
» Pretzels {depending on your child's age}
» Peanuts {depending on your child's age and sensitivity}
» Puffs of any variety
» Tiny Fruits Dried Fruit Snacks {our favorite here}

Happy snacking!

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