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Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We spent ours almost entirely outside and it was one of the best to date this year. I just love May, with spring flowers blooming, summer ahead and beautiful sunny days. There is so much to do this time of year and Olivia is at such a fun age right now that she is so aware of everything and actively participates in whatever we are doing. She gets so excited to be outside, go to the park, take walks, have picnics or blow bubbles in the backyard and I know this summer is going to be one of our best ever as we spend it together with her and await + prepare for our little babe to arrive at the end of it. 

When the days are extra hot and Olivia decides that afternoon naps are overrated, we crank up the AC and play with her favorite toys together inside. I'm so excited to share one of our favorite companies for high quality, modern toys that are not only enjoyable for toddlers but toys that I don't mind seeing left out or sprawled across the floor, because they're just that nice. Olivia's favorite place to play these days is {go figure}, the new baby's nursery. So that's where you'll almost always find us camped out with snacks and Petit Collage toys.

Two of our favorite puzzles ever {read: ever!} are both from Petit Collage. We are wild about wooden toys in our house because of their heirloom quality and modern appeal. The less plastic, the better. In fact, I try to avoid plastic, noise-making toys at all costs. Wooden toys, especially ones like these animal puzzles, encourage a child to use their imagination. Olivia loves telling me what the animals say, stacking them, watching them tumble over, and then fitting them back into their places. 

The Safari Jumble puzzle {left} features nine hand-cut wooden animals. Laser etchings and organic shapes make each puzzle piece a distinctive character; the puzzle is perfect for play and room display. How sweet would a handful of the animals be sitting on shelves in a new baby's nursery?

The Forest Friends puzzle {right} features eleven of the same high-quality hand cut wooden animals. This was my very first purchase from Petit Collage; I gave Olivia this puzzle as a Christmas gift last year. The bear is her absolute favorite piece and one that usually stays in her hand long after we have put the puzzles away. These puzzles are a great way to introduce your toddler to animals' names, sounds and features. I love how creatively the animals fit into the box together and how sturdy they are.

Other favorite toys of ours from Petit Collage include the On the Farm Floor Puzzle, which has larger pieces perfectly suited {and safe!} for little ones and the In the Garden A - Z Alphabet Cards, which Olivia loves lining up across the floor or table. These have come in super handy for teaching her letters and I love how many different varieties Petit Collage offers, including Animals, On the Go, and Ocean Life themed cards. They would also be lovely hanging or displayed on a wall in a playroom. We love the garden ones because of all the flowers and bugs they include!

Finally, we have so much fun playing with Petit Collage's Nesting Blocks. We chose the Woodland ABC blocks but they also come in a Garden set, and Ocean set, and an Animal set. Each set is made up of ten durable nesting and stacking blocks which have vivid graphics and 3-4 different letters of the alphabet illustrated on each block. When fully assembled, the blocks stand about three feet tall. 

Olivia has so much fun stacking them as high as she is and then knocking them down. She also likes nesting one inside another and is learning about the difference between big and small things and how the blocks fit into one another only in a specific sequence. They take up such little space in a room or toy box when packed {score!} but can occupy a busy toddler for a seriously solid amount of time. Any of these toys would make great gifts for a toddler's birthday party or special holiday, as they not only encourage imagination and active play, but they are extremely educational and gorgeous as well.

You can read more about Petit Collage below

"Petit Collage is all about good design. We create modern decor and playthings for homes the world over, all influenced by a midcentury aesthetic and healthy dose of playfulness. 
Our products make design accessible and fun, and are beloved by people of all ages. They mix-and-match with ease: nursery and playroom-perfect, but sophisticated enough for any space in the contemporary home. We strive to handcraft our goods in a sustainable way, using the best quality, most eco-friendly materials available. From sustainably harvested wood veneer, renewable bamboo, recycled paper and vegetable-based inks to factories certified with stringent environmental certifications, we are designing our line with our planet in mind."

"Originally from Buenos Aires, our founder and CEO Lorena Siminovich is an accomplished designer, artist and author, who has written and illustrated over 30 children's books. Our studio, located in an artistic hub of San Francisco, is an incubator of creative thinking, where Lorena and our small team of designers busy themselves pushing the envelope on inventive ideas and new formats of design."

what Petit Collage is known for || high quality modern toys and decor, all created with children and their imaginations in mind; bright, vibrant colors, bold illustrations and eye-catching designs

what sets Petit Collage apart || I love the wide range of what they offer -- everything from gorgeous wooden mobiles to large wall art, tin canister puzzles {perfect for on the go and traveling!} to wooden push toys and hand cut animal puzzles. Everything we own from Petit Collage has far surpassed our expectations and remain some of Olivia's most requested toys for playtime.

how to purchase || Simply visit Petit Collage's website here to purchase / To save 10% on your first purchase from Petit Collage, visit their home page here & sign up for their mailing list at the bottom. Petit Collage offers free domestic shipping with orders over $60, so I often plan out all the gifts I will be needing for family and friends and what I am giving to Olivia and place one big order at a time! 

If you and your littles pick up some new playthings from Petit Collage and love them, I'd love to hear from you! Simply tag me @blessednestblog on instagram with a photo of your favorite Petit Collage toys put to use. Hope your week is off to a great start!! XO

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