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As a busy wife and Mama, I believe it's so important to find small ways to pamper yourself and little things to get excited about. One of my favorite ways to treat myself? A shower or bubble bath with handmade soaps -- I am crazy about finding high quality, handmade soaps and that's why I'm so excited to share today's Shop Spotlight with you. It's all about MN Lovely, a Minnesota based soap company which produces goat's milk soaps that not only soothe my skin but smell amazing!

I had the privilege of meeting Holly, owner behind MN Lovely, this past Spring at a large craft fair. As soon as I spotted her charming packaging and smelled her soaps, I was hooked. I absolutely love every soap I've tried from her and my all-time favorite, Gram's House, couldn't be more perfect for Fall. 

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"Our sense of smell is amazing and that is what has always inspired me. It has the power bring a tucked away memory into our mind again instantly. For my entire life, scents have been important to me. When I was a little girl, I would run around my neighborhood collecting flowers and leaves that I thought smelled good, then mash them up (rarely yielding a good end result). I would also blend the perfume samples on my skin from magazines and at department stores. From the time I was a teenager, strangers and friends alike have complimented me on the way I smell… hence my tagline!"

"Garden of Eden [in St. Paul MN], was responsible for teaching me and letting me play in the crazy world of essential oils. I worked there for many years in the [now closed] Uptown location. There was no turning back -- it was like collecting flowers and leaves from the neighborhood only for grown-ups and with a user-friendly ending. December 2012 was the month that MN Lovely went from a dream to a real business for me."

"Our shop name -- MN Lovely -- is a take on our collective Minnesota pride and a kick to the negative connotation of the phrase Minnesota Nice. My friend and I were brainstorming names with a Minnesota focus. She really wanted me to name it "MN Nice." To many Minnesota natives, this term is negative, so I thought about the soap and how people should feel using it, smelling it; how we feel about our state and most of the people around us. MN Lovely!"

"The most challenging things for me are finding time and the ability to turn on the energy switch in my body and mind, to focus on making soap and promoting my business. This year has been especially difficult for me to stay focused and allow enough time for MN Lovely, with a more than full time day job. I am still trying to find that sweet spot where both can share my time, said everyone who has a business on the side!"

"The best things about this business are the customers, the loyalty, the festivals, and getting to create something I get excited about. The customer response has been so great, and it definitely keeps me pointed in the right direction. I love when folks stop by during a festival to say hi, giggle at the names of the soaps, or tell me they love the soap and it’s a family favorite. It feels great to know your work is appreciated and is bringing people a little happiness!"

"It’s never a bad thing to be known for smelling good!"

what MN Lovely is known for || goat's milk soaps which provide a lovely lather and come in invigorating scents, created using essential oils and herbs // roll-on essential oil perfumes in the same incredible scents

what sets MN Lovely apart || I love how Holly's shop began -- her experience working at Garden of Eden -- and how unique her scents are -- from the names themselves to the sensational aromas. I also love her shop name and packaging. Every little detail goes into Holly's products and it's so evident. As a customer looking for a unique handmade product, I just love that!

my favorite products || Gram's House will forever be my #1 / Seriously, one of the best soaps I have ever smelled and one I stock up on for Fall & Winter, especially here in Minnesota! It is especially close to my heart because I grew up living with my Grandmother and it brings back all the memories of my childhood in wintertime // I also love Thai Me In Lather, which is a sweet citrus aroma mixed with a hint of peppermint // For roll-ons, at the top of my list is This Ain't Your Mama's Lavender because let's get real, I'm lavender-obsessed.

quality + craftsmanship || All MN Lovely soaps are made with saponified goat milk, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. The blend of oils provides each goat milk soap with a silky abundant lather, and mildness for those with more mature skin. All scents are made with essential oils and herbs and the best part is that no synthetic fragrances or dyes are used in any of the MN lovely products! 

overall opinion || Holly is just the sweetest! When I need to order a few soaps, she so kindly offers to drop them off at my house -- and that should clue you into the kind of heart she has and the love of her customers. Her soaps are truly lovely, and when I come across a great product made in my home state, I can't help but give them a try. I am so glad I did because they have become a family favorite in our home.

value + recommendation || I can't get enough of these soaps and would highly recommend them! They are my go-to for gifts and would make especially perfect stocking stuffers this Christmas / I love the lather, the smell, and the quality of the ingredients and how it makes my skin feel!

coupon code || save 15% off your total purchase with the coupon code BLESSEDNEST2014 // valid friday, october 17 through friday, october 24 // start shopping here

giveaway || enter below to win one bar of soap in your choice of scents & an essential oil roll-on // giveaway is open to residents in the US only and will run from friday, october 17 through thursday, october 23. all entries will be verified. happy weekend!


  1. I woul love to try Thai Me In Lather. I love lemongrass :)

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  3. I've have so many find memories of my grandmothers house, she always had something baking. I'd love to try Gram's House.

  4. It's easy being green sounds perfect!! LOVE a good handmade soap :)

  5. I would love to try the "This ain't your momma's lavender". I was reading her explanation for the name of the soap and could totally relate to it. It wasn't until about a year ago when I started using Essential Oils that I discovered I love the scent of lavender. I had always only smelled these fake body washes and lotions that don't really smell that great to be honest! They were nothing like the real scent of lavender, it's now one of my favorites!


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