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August has come and gone so quickly, perhaps the fastest of all the Summer months, and we have been filling it to the brim with all our favorite things before Summer officially comes to an end. Olivia doesn't start school until mid-September which is so nice -- it feels like we have a little extra time to fit in everything on our Summer Bucket List. But let's get real, we love Fall more than any other time of year so we are just a little bit excited September is only days away. We spent the weekend at the State Fair with Olivia and we have our End of Summer lifestyle session this week and then a fun apple orchard session planned for later in September so finalizing all the details and picking outfits for that has been so much fun.

September 1st is our wedding anniversary which makes this time of year extra special. Both my parents' and Poppy's birthday are all in September also, and then Dustin is early October. That plus falling leaves and apple-everything brings so much to look forward to.

We've had some cooler days lately and lots of thunderstorms which make the house feel extra cozy and reminds us that Fall is right around the corner. Sleeping with open windows is one of my very favorite things and feeling a cool breeze come in through the kitchen as I'm making breakfast just makes the morning even better. Rounding up a few of my favorite Fall things today incase you love the upcoming season as much as we do!!
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Of course Fall brings cooler temps and new mugs are a must as the air chills. I love the look of enamel mugs (1) and drinking from them makes me feel like I'm seated around a campfire. We love making hot apple cider on the stove (especially when entertaining) with cider from our local orchard, cinnamon sticks, mulling spices and fresh orange slices. It makes the house smell amazing and gets better the longer it steeps. I keep a mug rack out filled with my favorite mugs and then guests can each choose one and enjoy. We also love hot cocoa with our girls and my go-to drink before bed is a cup of peppermint leaf tea (this kind is my fav). Give me all the festive mugs.

For creating the most amazing smelling home (with so many benefits far beyond that), we love using our essential oil diffusers and the lantern diffuser (2) is my absolute favorite for rainy days and at bedtime. My go-to diffuser blend for Fall is 3 drops orange + 3 drops cinnamon bark + 2 drops cardamom -- unreal. I also love pine in the diffuser mixed with lavender or northern lights black spruce, our 'sweater weather' blend. Diffusers are an amazing alternative to burning candles (which are often super toxic!) and this one can be set on a candle-flicker mode that is so dreamy day or night.

Of course, no change of season is complete without new books. I've had The Thank You Book (3) on my wishlist for our girls for sometime now and can't wait to give it to Poppy for her birthday. The illustrations look so darling. Another new favorite is Platters and Boards (5), which is so perfect for Fall entertaining and gatherings of all sizes. What better way to welcome Fall than curled up under a cozy pom blanket (6) with new books to look at?!

As the leaves begin to fly I love pulling out extra throw pillows for the girls' beds and our couches and this opalhouse pillow (4) stole my heart with its deep navy color. So soft and cozy!

Wire baskets are perfect for holding pillows, blankets and even favorite books so they're easily accessible for little ones. I recently got this black wire one (7) and love it. It comes in two sizes -- I use the smaller one in my bathroom for oils and the larger ones spread throughout our home for toys and stuffed animals.

Last but not least, the come as you are sign (8) is perfect for a dining or living room and is currently on sale!! I feel like we do the most hosting in the Fall as our small groups get up and rolling and we have lots of birthdays to celebrate so its always fun to add a few new pieces to our walls or switch up what we have hanging up for a new look.

What are you loving for Fall?? Share your favorites below!! Thanks for reading!! XO

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