broken, not shaken.

On Monday morning, a beautiful care package arrived on my front steps from a dear friend -- filled with cocoa, a candle, journals, a blanket and a letter. I sit wrapped up in the beautiful blanket now as I write this, and this post has been on my heart since last weekend and I am now just finding the right words.


In the end of September, we received word that my husband's Dad - my father in law - had gone missing. He was suffering from severe depression since the death of my husband's older brother last November {2013}. I truly cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, and our hearts broke when we heard the news, knowing he had been carrying the weight of that loss of his oldest son for almost a year. We kept up hope and spent time in prayer for revelation as to where he may have gone, but two weeks later, he was found after having taken his own life. Watching Dustin lose his father ... knowing he had lost all hope and felt he couldn't continue on living...the pain was almost more than my heart could take. Indescribable. But all we could do was take it day by day and walk through it together, trusting that God would work it all together for good even though none of it made sense to us.

The funeral came and went, a few weeks passed and while life certainly wasn't back to normal, we were doing our best to keep our heads up and surrounding ourselves with our closest family and best friends, seeking peace and moving forward.

Then, last weekend on Saturday night, we received a call that my cousin had been in a car accident, along with her two young children, and was in very critical condition. That same night, she passed away from her injuries. The next day, her beautiful 6 year old daughter passed away from hers, while her son remains in critical condition.


How is there even a way to explain the heartbreak over the past two months within our families? The reality is ... there just isn't. There are so many people who are mourning over all 3 of these sudden, tragic deaths. There are 3 people who left much too soon, who still had full lives to live. And my heart is still so broken; I cannot fathom the pain everyone else is feeling, knowing the pain I'm feeling. But through all of this, the phrase 'broken, not shaken' has continued to play through my mind. There is a song that says, 'When I am broken, You are not shaken; God You are faithful.'

'In the valley of the shadow of death
If I'm with you, I will not be afraid..
You are hope for the hurting heart
You are rest to the weary soul
When I am broken, You are not shaken;
Through trial, pain and fears
You keep count of all my tears
When I am broken, You are not shaken
Lord, You are faithful
God, You are faithful'

None of this came as a surprise to God, even though it did to us. In a hundred years I could never have imagined that within one year's time, 4 people in our family would be gone... 2 from each side and all very suddenly. I could never have envisioned so many funerals and all around the holidays. But God knew. And God is faithful. And while these tragedies have the Enemy's fingerprints all over them, God will turn these ashes into something beautiful. I have witnessed first hand His faithfulness through it all. Seeing as friends deliver meals, gifts and flowers; receiving countless texts, phone calls, and messages of all kinds. Opening packages, reading cards and letters ... each and every one reminding us that we are being thought of, prayed for, and remembered. I think when someone walks through a tragedy, one desire is just that they are recognized. That someone takes a moment out of their own day to say, "I'm here for you. I can't imagine what you are going through. And I am praying for your family." To know that others acknowledge the grief we are feeling and that our pain isn't brushed off. 

All this to say, God is faithful. He has blessed us in so many magnificent ways through prayer, through people and through his Word and supernatural revelation. We may be broken, but God is not shaken. And that is so comforting to my hurting heart.


Finally, as we approach the holidays and begin with the celebration of Thanksgiving tomorrow, despite the tragedies, our family has so very much to be thankful for. 

We are thankful for every single person who has stood by us, whether in person or in spirit. For every single prayer. For every comforting word. For everyone who has listened, come over, offered their time, resources, energy, and love. For everyone who has reached out, from near and far. For everyone who has sent anything, and for those who have acknowledged us or our families and what we are going through. 

I am thankful for my own family, knowing that every day truly is a gift. 
I am thankful that when I am broken, God is not shaken. 
I am thankful that God will make beauty from these ashes.
I am thankful that God hears the cries of our hearts and our broken hallelujahs. 


handmade holiday gift guide for toddlers

I absolutely love supporting handmade businesses and shopping small, and knew most of the presents under the tree for Olivia this year would be just that. 

Below is my 'handmade holiday' gift guide for toddlers with quick links to purchase directly from each shop. Some of these items we have and some will be featured on the blog in the coming weeks and months, while others are already under our tree. I can't help but fall in love with every single one and just love gifting handmade.

This instagram inspired wooden camera {1} is one of the last things I have to buy before Christmas for Olivia. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it! Wooden toys have so much charm and this one is no exception.

It's no secret that we are huge fans of Replay Recycled and all their products; these colorful snack stacks {2} are the perfect addition to any gift for your own toddler or for a friend's little one; they would make great stocking stuffers and I love that not only do they keep snacks clean and dry, but Olivia loves playing with hers in her kitchen bin.

This wooden push taxi {3} from Manny + Simon is a toy that has been on my list forever; I just love the modern appeal and think it would be perfect in any child's playroom.

Olivia's new best friend is her Sweety Bear {4} from sigikid; I have always wanted to give her a special teddy bear because I grew up with one, but I wanted something that was one-of-a-kind. Though I planned to save it for Christmas, the day it arrived she saw it sitting on the counter and reached for it. As soon as I gave it to her, she hugged and kissed it and the rest is history. Coziest friend ever.

We are big fans of Petit Collage and as soon as I saw the Mix & Match cards, I scooped up the Fairy Tales set {5 / pictured} and the Little Miss Dress Up set. Olivia loves to sort through play cards and it will be so much fun to sit and play with these. There is a wide variety of sets, perfect for boys and girls.

I shared that we are giving a Swankaroo backpack {6} to V on her Christmas Wishlist a few weeks ago. They are handmade by the sweetest mama, Kendra, and I adore the overall look and size, perfect for a toddlers most important toys and snacks on the go and great for encouraging responsibility.

I have been on the hunt for quite some time for a great set of table and chairs and this set by Melissa & Doug {7} is a top contender. We have a perfect spot for it in our living room and it will be great for Olivia to be able to sit at it for meals now that she is out of her high chair, draw and paint on and have tea parties of course. 

Quite a few Janod toys are under the tree this year for Olivia, and while we have the house shape sorter, this shape sorting quiz {8} was another we were looking at and just loved. Shape sorters are great for babies 6+ months but now that she is a little older, she really enjoys learning the colors and shapes beyond just the basics.

Have you guys heard of ezpz yet? It is a new company run by wife and Mama of 3, Lindsey, that makes the Less Mess Happy Mat {9}, which is perfect for toddlers to make mealtime more enjoyable and keep cleanup a breeze! A practical gift that is equally as fun. {Stay tuned for a full feature coming soon!}

Because Olivia is always on the move, comfortable high quality shoes are a must-have. The Rose Gold moccasins {10} we have from Freshly Picked are our all-time favorite. They are included in the Black Friday sale which starts today, and definitely a great neutral option for all seasons and styles for your little lady. Olivia wears hers every single day.

This PANTONE Colors board book {11} is a great way to teach your toddler all about colors and we love reading all the descriptive color names out loud to Olivia. A great buy and perfect for this age.

Finally, I am starting to work on a dress-up box for Olivia filled with tutus, crowns and pretend play pieces of all sorts. Wee Three Kids makes hand-crocheted crowns in a wide variety of colors and this new heather and birch crown {12} is a great neutral option, perfect for encouraging your child to use his or her imagination!

What are your favorite shops for supporting handmade?


25 books of Christmas

Olivia's Christmas List this year included a few special books that will be so much fun to put up on her shelves after the New Year, but until then, I stocked her shelves with our absolute favorite books for winter & Christmas. I wanted a mix of easy to read board books, playful picture books, books about winter + the snow and of course, books about Christmas and why we celebrate.

We are starting a tradition this year of '25 Books of Christmas' // We read Olivia a different Christmas book every night leading up to Christmas morning, where then she gets to unwrap a new Christmas book from under the tree.

The other tradition we have, that my Mama started last year, is that my Grandma Bea {Olivia's Great Grandma} reads a recordable Christmas story and then gives that to Olivia on Christmas morning. It is so special to be able to listen to my Grandma reading a book to Olivia, since I grew up with her always reading books to me. If you haven't heard of these, they are such a great way to carry on a tradition and we plan to do it every year while my Grandma is here with us. Last year, Grandma Bea chose The Very First Christmas and this year she will be giving Olivia this one. {If you're a Hallmark Crown member, which is free, you can purchase any item, get any recordable book for only $19.95 and then an additional 20% off for being a Crown member, so the book comes to about $16}. As you turn the pages, the book is read aloud by your loved one and it warms my heart every time I open it with Via.

25 Books of Christmas {alphabetical}

Finally, each year Dustin and I each choose a Christmas book for Olivia to add to her collection and we each write her our own special letter on the inside cover. Last year he chose Song of the Stars, which is a beautifully illustrated story about Christmas from the animals' perspective. I chose Angelina's Christmas, because I grew up reading the Angelina Ballerina books and just adored them. This year, Dustin chose The Christmas Quiet Book, since Olivia carries the {original} Quiet Book everywhere she goes; I chose Ella Bella Ballerina and the Nutcracker. I love the whimsical illustrations and can't wait to get Olivia started in ballet next year!

What books are on your child's shelves this time of year?


toddler vintage kitchen

Each year we give Olivia one "big" special gift by theme and this year we decided to go with a vintage kitchen. The more 'green' the toys are the better, and I adore wooden toys because of their old school charm and classic look. I am so excited to see what Olivia does on Christmas morning when she finds her kitchen and all that goes with it, and I couldn't help putting together a round up of my favorite kitchen gifts for your toddler, many of which are definitely going under our tree!

Last weekend my mom and I picked up the Green Toys Tea Set {1} and I'm so excited to sit with Olivia and her dolls and have a tea party. When I dreamed of having a little girl, tea parties were most definitely in those dreams. 

The wooden vegetables {2} and fruit set {7} are both so charming; they each come with a cutting board and will be the perfect addition to her kitchen.

I fell in love with the vivid illustrations and simple story of the Farmer's Market board book {3} and love that it will teach Olivia about food and the importance of where it comes from. 

The juicer set {8} and toaster {10} are so much fun as breakfast toys; I love their design and overall look.

Finally, every kitchen needs to be equipped with pots and pans and if you are looking for something other than the classic metal sets, this 12 piece wooden set {9} is a great option.

Hope this gives you a few fun ideas!! XO


our fall photos

We were so blessed to have our family captured in early October by our incredible photographer, Ashley Marana, in a Fall mini session. This was our 8th {yes: 8th!} session with Ashley and I told her she is most definitely stuck with us for life because we plan to have her photograph our family for years and years to come. She is an absolute joy and I couldn't be happier with how these photos turned out! They are playful and candid and capture real life with our busy little bee so perfectly.

Happy Wednesday!


peanut butter blossoms

Now that our halls are officially decked and we have successfully watched Home Alone twice (in one night), I decided it was time to whip up a batch of my favorite holiday cookies, Peanut Butter Blossoms. The holiday season wouldn't be complete without these in our home and this year Olivia got to help me make them and even enjoyed one with a sippy cup of milk after dinner. 'Tis the season!

pom pom garland / red stocking / white stocking {last year, similar here} / snowflake stocking

Peanut Butter Blossoms

what you'll need
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon baking soda
1 egg
2 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour {I sub the same amount Cup4Cup gluten free flour to make these GF}

1/4 cup granulated sugar for rolling
1 bag of Hershey kisses (45-50), unwrapped

what you'll do
» preheat oven to 350 degrees
» in a large mixing bowl, beat shortening and peanut butter with an electric mixer on medium to high speed for 30 seconds
» add the 1/2 cup granulated sugar, brown sugar, baking powder and baking soda / beat until combined, scraping sides of bowl as needed
» beat in egg, milk, and vanilla
» beat in as much flour as you can with the mixer and then use a wooden spoon to stir in any remaining flour
» place the 1/4 cup granulated sugar in a small bowl; shape dough into 1-inch balls and roll each ball in the sugar to coat
» place balls 2 inches apart on an ungreased cookie sheet {I use parchment paper but its optional}
» bake cookies 10-12 minutes or until edges are firm and bottoms are light brown
» remove from oven and immediately press a Kiss into the center of each cookie
» transfer cookies to a wire rack to cool but enjoy one warm out of the oven

makes approximately 45-55 depending on size {my batch made 3 sheets of 15 for 45 total}



Olivia's Christmas List

With only six weeks until Christmas, I have been a busy bee shopping for my little lady. This Christmas is extra special because she is old enough to begin to understand why we celebrate and she gets excited over everything festive, most notably the Christmas tree and all the lights. She has been carrying a bag of mini marshmallows around the house for days now and I think its her way of telling me its time to whip out the hot cocoa. Smart girl.

I wanted to share what is on Olivia's Christmas List this year to give other Mamas of toddlers some fun ideas / It is a mix of a few of her favorite things, including books and animals of course. We try to choose her gifts based on the phrase 'Something She Wants, Something She Needs, Something to Wear & Something to Read' / Of course, she's still a little young to tells us what she wants, but I'm pretty sure she will be a happy camper on Christmas morning with these goodies under the tree. 

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Every Christmas involves unwrapping a new pair of moccasins, and these Salt Water Taffy ones have me swooning {1}. She wears a lot of neutral pieces and I can't wait to add these to her outfits for a playful pop of color.

Lately, Via has been all about puzzles and memory games, so the classic Janod wooden alphabet puzzle {2} was at the top of the list this year / She loves the illustrations in her Charley Harper board books, so I thought the Charley Harper memory game {9} would be perfect as well.

Because her hands are almost always full -- between a book, her blanket and her kitten sippy cup -- I wanted to get her a Swankaroo backpack {3} / I can't get enough of the tangram style and love how neutral but modern it is / I am also hoping to teach her to pack things herself in her backpack when we go out to run errands or when she visits grandma. This will be the perfect size for her and her necessities!

Olivia will certainly be delighted to find books under the tree, since she is rarely ever seen without one. Flora and the Penguin {4} was perfect for winter and a great pick since V loves Flora and the Flamingo so much / And Away We Go {5} is filled with gorgeously vibrant illustrations and animals - a win win / Finally, You Are My Baby: Pets {7} is one of the newest releases from the series and we love the concept of these books -- it is two books in one with a mini book that is easy for young hands to turn; she loves kittens and puppies so the Pets version is extra fitting.

One of my favorite new shops for handmade toys is Petit Pippin and this Charlotte Fox {6} is just so sweet. I love the vintage looking fabric, feminine collar and all the details on the face. A perfect new friend.

Every morning when Olivia wakes up and I first pick her up from her crib, she reaches for her bonnet rack -- specifically, the pom on the top of one of our favorite winter bonnets. Even when we aren't going outside, she carries it around the house and loves to rub it against her face. This cashmere and wool 'Winter Fawn' bonnet {8} is just too beautiful not to give her and it will be a special keepsake for years to come with another wonderfully cozy pom to cuddle.

Last but not least, Olivia loves to organize her kitchen supplies / I put all her dishes, cups, spoons, and snack containers in a big bin in one of our kitchen cabinets and she loves taking it out, sitting on the kitchen floor and rearranging everything. These sweet snack cups {10} are the perfect size for her favorite snacks, her little hands, and will also be fun to add to her collection of containers. She is most definitely my daughter - she likes to organize dishes.

Happy Thursday! And Happy Holiday Shopping!


shop spotlight || brody's 579

Today I am so excited to share with you my favorite company for gluten free bread & muffin mixes, proudly made in the U.S. I originally came across Brody's 579 at a local farmer's market two summers ago and as soon as I sampled their products, they immediately won me over. I eat 90% gluten free by choice because I feel so much better, and I was thrilled to discover a company that offered convenient, pre-packaged bread and muffin mixes that were not only gluten free but seriously delicious. The banana chocolate chip muffins {pictured below} have become a family favorite.

I can truly say I have never tasted more delicious muffins than those from Brody's 579 and the best part is they are so easy to make. Before Olivia was born, I baked batches and batches of muffins and froze them individually so I would always have a quick snack between feedings with a newborn. We even brought some to the hospital when I went into labor. They have now become a favorite treat for our entire family -- especially Olivia. With countless flavors, the options are endless and they make great dessert alternatives if you are looking for a healthier option. For Olivia's birthday, I made her a batch of banana muffins in lieu of cake and she absolutely loved them.

Not only is the product incredible, but Kathy, a Registered Dietician and the owner and operator behind Brody's 579 has become a dear friend of mine and I always look forward to meeting her to pick up all our mixes. They are something we always keep on hand and can be whipped together in no time at all. Perfect for unexpected guests, any occasion entertaining and of course, lazy Saturday mornings.

gluten free pumpkin muffins

Read the full story behind Brody's 579 below

"Brody's Story. It all began when my nephew Brody, at eighteen months of age was diagnosed with a potentially life threatening illness. To those unfamiliar with Celiac Disease as we were at the time, it is a condition in which the small intestines are unable to process nutrients when the protein gluten is introduced into the digestive system. The actual diagnostic code was 579."

"Being a Registered Dietician, I began to research and experiment with gluten free baked goods. Cookies, muffins, cakes and breads. The kind of foods that most people take for granted. And the kind of foods in which Brody could never again partake. After countless trials, with Brody as my taste tested, I developed recipes that no one would even know are gluten free. In fact, they are so good that your whole family will love them!"

gluten free blueberry muffins

Each muffin is so fresh and moist that it's impossible to know they are gluten free. Each mix makes approximately 12-15 muffins depending on their size, and I love putting my own twist on each of the mixes to make them a little bit more unique. Below are some of my favorite combinations:

Apple Cinnamon / Add cinnamon-sugar topping
Banana Muffins / Add chopped walnuts or pecans
Banana Chocolate Chip / Add extra chocolate chips on top
Chocolate Muffins / Add semi-sweet chocolate chips or dark chocolate chunks
Cranberry Muffins / Add orange zest
Pumpkin Muffins / Add chopped walnuts

Brody's 579 also offers Gluten Free Baguette mixes, Gluten Free Flax Bread mixes and GF Chocolate Chip Cookie mixes. Each mix is Certified Gluten Free and many mixes are nut-, dairy- and soy-free as well. Each mix only requires adding one ingredient, such as ripe bananas to the banana or banana chocolate chip muffins or applesauce to the apple cinnamon muffins. If you prefer bread over muffins, simply bake the mix in mini loaf pans. From start to finish in less than half an hour, the prep for each mix couldn't be more simple. As a busy mom of an even busier toddler, I am all about simple.

gluten free apple cinnamon muffins

As a local, Brody's 579 can be found in multiple grocery stores, including Kowalski's Markets and Fresh & Natural. If you aren't local to Minnesota, simply order your mixes online with quick shipping and you can bake them up in your own home. Each item is listed online and offers a full ingredient list with baking instructions, both of which are also printed directly on the mixes themselves. Each mix also includes full nutrition facts.

If you are new to Brody's 579, start with Banana Chocolate Chip and Pumpkin, my two absolute favorites! If you have a toddler {and even if you don't} the Banana Mix is a great one for healthy but yummy snacks; Olivia could eat the banana muffins 7 days a week if we let her! Finally, with the holidays approaching, the Cranberry Muffin Mix is the perfect addition to Thanksgiving or Christmas breakfast.

We usually eat the muffins within a few days of baking them, but they also freeze exceptionally well. Once cooled, simply wrap each individual muffin in plastic wrap and place them into a gallon size freezer bag. Take them out one by one, let them thaw to room temperature {20-30 minutes} and enjoy! They taste just as fresh as the day they were baked.

gluten free chocolate muffin mix

coupon code || BLESSEDNEST15 / Save 15% off your total purchase from Brody's 579 now through Tuesday November 18 / Start Shopping Here

giveaway || Kathy is so generously offering for one lucky winner to choose any mix of their choice, plus a Brody's 579 apron and spatula! Simply complete the steps below in the Rafflectoper to enter. Giveaway will run from Wednesday, November 12 through Tuesday, November 18 and is open to residents in the U.S. and Canada. All entries will be verified and the winner is responsible for contacting A Blessed Nest within 24 hours of being announced.

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shop spotlight || little sapling toys

We don't buy many toys for Olivia and instead love buying her books and writing letters to her on the inside covers, but when we do buy toys, I love giving her wooden toys -- they are classic and timeless and they look beautiful in our home. One of my go-to shops for wooden toys, teethers and all things playful is Little Sapling Toys, owned and operated by husband and wife team Nick & Kimber.

Little Sapling Toys offers a wide variety of handmade wooden teethers, blocks, rattles, toys and other accessories, offering personalization to any item, making them perfect to mark a once-in-a-lifetime event or to give as a gift for a special occasion. With the immense selection of teether shapes, you are sure to find one you love. In fact, I found many that I love! A few of my favorites are the Pineapple, Squirrel, Kitty Cat and Airplane teethers. They are also always releasing new items as seasons change, and this Fall I fell in love with their Leaf and Apple Teethers (below) as well as their Bat and Ghost, so fun. As the holidays approach, you can even find the perfect Christmas toys in their shop, like the Modern Nativity Set which allows you to purchase by single block so you can build it as big or small as you want.

Read more of their story below

When Nick and I were newlyweds, we had a job traveling throughout the US remodeling hotel bathrooms. We lived and worked in hotel rooms, usually within ten feet of one another. We became an efficient and joyful team. Because of the lifestyle, we were around a lot of small businesses (hotels, restaurants, laundromats, etc.) and many of our conversations revolved around business ideas. They started as ideas regarding how we would run these small businesses differently and evolved into hours of brainstorming our own small business plan. 

Four years into our marriage we had settled into the beautiful Redwood dominated area of California, were going to school, working, and had our first baby. The business brainstorming notebooks were forgotten while Nick was using his new woodworking skills to make our baby rattles, blocks, and developmental toys. I spent a good amount of time perusing blogs and discovering Etsy, as one did in 2007. 

It all came together at a play date with another mama and baby, who brought along a wooden toy purchased through Amazon. I realized that there is a market for wooden toys, and it's me. It's my mama friends. I pounced on Nick as he came home and told him we were about to start a business. Our business brainstorming resumed and Little Sapling Toys, LLC officially launched in April 2008. We had a little line of toys, including rattles, square teethers, and a stacking toy.

It turns out we had been right all along, we are a great business team. We went full time by early 2009 and LST has grown in ways we never dared to hope. In the years since, we've moved our family and LST through four states, finally to settle in the mountains of Northern Utah. Little Sapling Toys and our family have been in numerous national publications, including Country Living, InStyle, Pregnancy & Newborn, and Mothering. As we say in our bio- this is how we support our family, by working so others can play!

what Little Sapling Toys is known for || Handmade wooden toys, teethers, blocks, rattles and custom personalization on any item; handmade wooden ornaments and modern block Nativity sets during the Holidays

what sets Little Sapling toys apart || One of my favorite parts about LST is that for every toy sold, they plant a tree. To make their toys, they use FSC Certified hardwoods, recycled content packaging and they participate in their local green power program. When you purchase from LST, you are not only buying something that is environmentally friendly, but you are supporting a family that is conscious of the earth and its resources. Little Sapling Toys also offers such a large selection of toys and teethers and they are always releasing new ones. No matter the time of year or occasion, I guarantee there will be something you find that you can't help buying.

my favorite products || Kimber surprised me by sending three personalized ornaments...they were by far my favorite things in the package (browse ornaments here). I absolutely love ornaments and each year I look forward to choosing new ones for our tree. LST ornaments are so beautifully made and with custom messages and dates, they are even more special / I also love the Sapling Stacker Wood Toy and the Hammer Bench Toy / In addition to the teethers I shared above, I love the Panda Hug Teether and the Football Teether, which will definitely be fitting for a baby boy in the future / Olivia's absolute favorite toys are the Picture Alphabet Blocks (above), which she plays with every day, often as soon as she wakes up int he mornings. They have such great block options and I played with wooden blocks as a little girl, so it has been such a joy watching Olivia do the same.

The quality and craftsmanship of each piece is outstanding; the talent and love that Nick and Kimber pour into each piece is evident as soon as you open the box. Looking at each item, it is so hard to believe it was once just a piece of wood. The precision, technique and customization make them truly something special. I love the idea of personalizing a teether or modern rattle for a baby with their name and birthdate, and keeping it as an heirloom or giving it as a gift to new parents. 

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this shop, the owners, the customer service, the product and the entire experience start to finish.

coupon code || Save 10% off your total purchase now through March 31, 2021 using the code BLESSEDNEST10 / Start Shopping Here

giveaway || Nick and Kimber are so generously offering a $20 Shop Credit today to one lucky Blessed Nest reader! Enter below in the Rafflecopter / Giveaway will run from Monday, November 10 through Sunday, November 23 / All entries will be verified and giveaway is open to residents in the US and Canada.


november style | cozy + comfortable neutrals

Olivia's newest clothes seriously have me crushing so I wanted to share some of my top picks for the new month. There is officially a chill in the air around here so I have been dressing V in warm clothes that are comfortable for lazy days but still can be dressed up for all our outings. Below are some of my top picks for your littles this November.

I have been loving Olivia in all things floral lately, so the quilted floral vest [#2] was a must have for dropping temperatures. It is corduroy and so cozy. I have been pairing it with sweaters of all sorts and just love it. I am also swooning over the matching onesie [#14] and can't wait to scoop that up with all my gap cash next month.

V has more hats and bonnets than I can count but when they are so cute, how can you not? I am loving the adorable pom pom hat [#3] that comes in a few different color options for boys and girls.

The ballet dress [#8] is one I have my eye on for holiday parties this year. How perfect would that be all December paired with tights and a sweater while snow falls outside? Seriously. I love this season.

Another dress I am loving is the giant heart dress [#12]. I would love to put Via in that and style it year round by switching out bottoms and accessories. So fun. 

Finally, my top picks for boys are the cozy baseball tee [#4], the striped sweats [#5] and the mistletoe sweater [#7]. I am also loving denim and flannel this season. So many fun flannel pieces for little misters everywhere! And what toddler doesn't love striped sweat pants? For extra lazy days, we stay in ours from morning til night.


Stay tuned for November's Gotta Have Handmade feature & a huge giveaway coming tomorrow to the blog. Happy Tuesday! 

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