love list

Happy Wednesday! All 3 girls are napping at the exact same time this afternoon so I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things we've been loving lately! I have been taking some very intentional breaks from blogging and instagram to focus on my girls and to be present for every moment, especially when it feels like time is passing much too fast. I know I will never regret the time I spent with them. So thanks for your patience while things are quiet!! 

Dustin went back to work today after almost a week off and although we miss him, it feels so good to be back to our normal routine. All our Christmas decorations are down and the house is clean & quiet. We kept gifts super simple this year and mainly gave the girls a bunch of art supplies, a few new books and things to occupy them. Best decision ever ;)

one | This darling bead set is 50% off. We gave it to Olivia for Christmas and she has made necklaces for everyone in our family; she asks to do beads every morning when she wakes up. Her and Penelope love play jewelry and instead of buying it for them, I figured giving them something to make their own would be even better. It would also make a great birthday gift for your little girl! Poppy is 2 and can use it with supervision but its best for kids 4 and up. 

two | The cutest book comes out next week and I can't wait to give it to the girls as a New Year's gift (is there such a thing??). We put all our Christmas books away yesterday and are now filling their book shelves with some old favorites and some new ones. This one is also releasing next week and this series is one of our favorites so I'm excited to add it to our collection.

three | This sweet potato waffle breakfast sandwich recipe has been on my brain since I came across it last week. Planning to make them this weekend for NYE brunch!

four | If you're dreaming of Springtime like I am, I can't wait to put this chambray dress on Della. Sizes 12-18 months up to 5T. On sale + an extra 20% off {no code needed}.

five | One of the gifts we gave Olivia this year for Christmas was this stencial art kit. Perfect for quiet time or rainy days inside.

six | The cutest floral shirt {on sale!} that I picked up for Adaline last week. Even cuter in person.

seven | My best friend first made these vanilla bean scones for me last year and they were one of the yummiest treats ever. I made them on Christmas Eve for our whole family and they were a huge hit. We've got a batch in the freezer for easy breakfasts (they are great paired with scrambled eggs) and just a few left on our counter because they're that good. Tips: Chill cut scones on baking sheet for 15-20 minutes before baking and don't overmix. If dough is way too crumbly to even form (which it usually is), add a splash of heavy cream!

eight | I've shared our love of essential oils here on the blog as an integral part of pursing a natural lifesyle, and if you're not yet following along, jump on over to my oils account @blessednestessentials where you can learn so much more. We started using oils in 2015 after Penelope was born, mainly because I was just curious what all the hype was about and figured, "Why not?" Here we are, over two years later and my only regret was that I didn't start sooner. 

If you are tired of having sick kids, need sleep suport for yourself and your little ones, want to ditch the chemicals and create a natural home or just improve your health + wellness by integrating oils in to your daily routine, let 2018 be the year to do that!! Starting on your oil journey is an investment in yourself + your family and how often, as busy Moms, do we get to invest in ourselves? I'll be offering a special New Years promotion for anyone who joins my team so watch for that on my @blessednestessentials account!! These 3 oils above are hands down favorites for my girls.

What has been on your radar lately?? Are you going out or staying in for New Years this weekend?! We've got a date night on Friday and then will be ringing in the New Year with our girl squad at home on Sunday. We are excited for all that is ahead in 2018!! XO


essential oil sleep spray

We love using essential oils for sleep support, especially during pregnancy + with little ones. Make your own sleep spray as a simple way to incorporate oils in to your daily routine! Dustin and I use this with all three of our girls, for ourselves & love giving it as gifts! 

In a 2 oz amber glass spray bottle, combine 10 drops YL Lavender essential oil + 8 drops YL Cedarwood essential oil + 4 drops YL Tangerine essential oil. Fill to top with distilled water, shake before each use and spray on bedding, pillows & blankets at naptime and bedtime. Find our favorite bottles & oil accessories here.

I keep a bottle near each of the girls' beds and let Olivia and Penelope spray their sheets themselves, they love being included. They also make beautiful + practical gifts for friends, gift exchanges and teachers.

For the prettiest oil labels, we love Flair & Festive. Sara's shop is full of beautiful, customizable labels for all your DIY + gifting needs. Use code BLESSEDNEST for Free Shipping on Orders over $25 or NEST10 for 10% off your total purchase {no minimum}.

If you'd like to get started with oils, join my team or learn more, visit this post
You can also find a bunch of helpful links on my essential oils tab here.

Hope you're having the best week!! XO


friday favorites

Happy Friday! This week just flew by for us. I feel like I woke up on Monday morning and blinked and Friday was here. Maybe part of it is that I've had Christmas parties what feels like every other night and the nights I haven't, we've been watching Christmas movies and enjoying Peppermint Bon Bon malts. Dustin and I have a Christmas Party tonight and the theme is Twas' the Night Before Christmas. I told Dustin he needs to dress up as the Dad in the classic edition of the book...now just to find old school pajamas and a stocking cap for him ;)

Other than that we have a low key weekend ahead. We moved the girls' rooms around over Thanksgiving weekend and they have been loving the switch. Adaline has her own room (she was previously sharing with Olivia) and now Poppy and Olivia share a bedroom. It's so sweet to hear Poppy say, "Olivia?" and hear Olivia's comforting response, "I'm right here Poppy, right across the room." We also moved Poppy to a twin bed and she has been loving that. I didn't originally plan to transition her until Spring but we got her bed on sale over Black Friday weekend so it seemed like the perfect time. 

Here are a few Friday Favorites to kick off your weekend!

one | I picked these comforters for the girls' twin beds. They both have this bed and I've had my eye on them for months. I don't think you can ever go wrong with polka dots and they match their sheet sets (here). I scooped them up when they went on sale a few weeks ago and shipping was free. The TWIN size is sold out but the Full-Queen size is on sale! They are so cozy, way nicer than even I expected. I added these matching shams (on sale!) and this star pillow to each of their beds.

two | I have had so many gift exchanges and Christmas parties lately with my girlfriends, Moms groups and bible study. I love giving a gift to the hostess because I know how much time & energy goes in to hosting, even with a small group. My fav gift is making a bottle of household cleaner using Young Living's Thieves Cleaner, a 16 oz amber glass spray bottle, a pretty label and a hand stamped tag. It's not only beautiful but a practical gift that is guarateed to be used every day, and for less than $10!

three | Speaking of pretty labels, our favorite shop ever for them is Flair & Festive. Sara offers the loveliest handmade labels for essential oil gifting, creating and storing. At any given time I am dreaming up fun labels and Sara so perfectly brings them to life. Within each listing you can cutomize your font, wording and select the exact size bottle or roller you'll be using and everything comes ready to apply. Application of the labels is so simple and shipping is super quick. I'm hosting a Make & Take in the new year for a bunch of my girlfriends and I can't wait to share the labels I designed for that; they add just the right custom touch and elevate your oil goodies to the next level. If you'd like to grab some pretty labels for your gifting this year, you can use either code through the end of this month: BLESSEDNEST for Free Shipping on Orders over $25 or NEST10 for 10% off your purchase (no minimum). 

four | Olivia and Penelope love sticker books and I am always amazed how long they keep them occupied for. Olivia and I found this one last weekend at Home Goods for $5 and I picked up one for Penelope for Christmas and one for a 3rd birthday gift for a friend. It has lots of cute activities, pages to color and draw on and over 1000 stickers and I know Poppy will love that its a "purse." I also grabbed a few of these Paint with Water Activity books for Christmas gifts. My girls love painting and I love that the paints are on each page ready to go!

five | If you missed my holiday gift guide earlier this week, that can be found here. I included 11 of my favorite shops and lots of discount codes! I also wrote a post sharing 5 ways to be a more present parent here. If you have a moment to read that one, I think it will really give you a great perspective!

Hope you have the best weekend!!


5 ways to be a more present parent

This past weekend I watched as Adaline took her first steps. My tiny baby girl. She has been on the move since she was just a few months old and we knew she was close to walking. I had said to Dustin I bet by Christmas she would take her first steps but she surprised us on Sunday night when she walked toward me while we were playing in Olivia and Penelope's bedroom. 10 months and 3 days old. 

As a Mom, watching your baby as they reach a milestone or learn something new is so rewarding. My heart was just filled to the brim watching her sweet little legs take steps to me out of nowhere. It got me thinking...what if I had missed it? What if I had been on my phone, my computer or busy trying to get things done around the house? What if I hadn't seen her take those first steps because I was lost in some distraction that wasn't my kids. There is a quote I love that says, "Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you'll never live the same moment twice." I keep that at the forefront of my mind and it helps me to grab hold of each moment with my children and cherish it as it is happening.

We live in an ever-changing, technology-saturated world and while technology has brought about many good things, I also believe technology is one way the Enemy steals from us (John 10:10) -- by taking time and attention away from us being present with our children and telling us the lie that something on our phone / computer / tv / to-do list is more important than they are.

What are the moments you might be missing because you aren't fully present with your child(ren)? What are you prioritizing above them that you maybe shouldn't be? I know that nothing happening on my phone is more imporant than my little girls -- and I want them to know that too. So I thought it would be worthwhile to share 5 ways to be a more present parent, especially this time of year when the busyness of the holidays can pull us away from what truly matters, sometimes without us even noticing it.

one / put your phone down and set the screens aside.

Of course I had to start with this one because I feel like our phones, ipads and computers are where much of our distraction begins. We purposely don't own an ipad because I know it would not only be a distraction for Dustin and I but it would be one for our girls as well. I would rather have them asking to read books in my lap or do art at the table than to play a game or watch a show on an ipad. We try to limit TV and if we are going to have it on, we do a family movie night where we are all together, having popcorn and snuggling on the couch, instead of just turning a show on every time we need to get something done. I think there is a season to reach for the screens (the girls definitely watched more movies than usual after Adaline was born) but be conscious of how often you are picking up your phone, turning on the TV or your computer, and instead just push those things aside when your kids are around. I leave my phone unplugged at night so in the morning I need to charge it. I leave it charging in our kitchen during the day so I can hear it if Dustin is calling but keep it out of my reach when my girls are awake so it isn't a distraction. I want them to see me looking at them when they look at me, not me looking down at my phone.

two / linger a little longer.

Isn't there such a sweet gift in being able to watch your children as they play, learn and interact with their siblings and friends? As parents we get a front row seat to their little world and I don't ever want to miss that! When I drop Olivia off at school, I walk down the hall and stand by a second classroom door and just watch her play; I see what activity she starts with, who she talks to first, what her expressions are. When I drop Penelope and Adaline off at the church or MOPS nursery, I linger for a few minutes and watch as they find things to do and people to be near, observe as they laugh and play. When I am snuggling with my girls at the end of the day in bed, or rocking Adaline and singing, I just slow down and enjoy it. Even if it's been a long day, I try not to rush through it and instead just soak up the cuddles and remind myself how precious each moment with them is. As your children are falling asleep, linger in their room and study their sweet faces. Slow down, linger a little and just be present in the moment. 

three / get on their level.

At the end of a long day (or maybe at the beginning of the day after a long night) it's easy to lay down on the couch and watch your kids play on the floor instead of playing with them. Olivia and Penelope, and even Adaline, will play quietly by themselves and with each other without me intervening at all. Sure, I could get some things done while they entertain themselves, but before I know it, they will be grown and I will be longing to play pretend, have a tea party or throw & catch a ball with my little girls. Those are the moments I just know I will miss. So I do my best to treasure them while they are happening. I get on their level. I sit with them on the floor and play with them, instead of just watching them play. They light up when I join in and the smiles on their faces are 1000x better than vacuuming, folding laundry and meal planning. Yes, all of those things need to be done at some point, but when your children are in front of you, get on their level and make them your #1 focus. Most everything else can wait.

four / let them be little + live in the moment.

Living in the moment with your children is the purest form of intentional parenting. And letting them be little and not stopping their childhood moments because they are messy or silly or not something you would do is so rewarding. As adults, it often goes against our nature because we typically like things proper + clean + neat. But have you ever noticed how kids just don't care? If I go 24 hours without a shower I can barely stand it, but if the girls go a few days between baths they don't even notice. If I were doing a project and got paint on my hands or clothing, I would wash it off right away, but when my girls are drawing or painting they are having so much fun they don't give a second thought to the mess. What if as adults we could be more like that? Just carefree and living in the moment; how much more would we enjoy life if we took that approach like they do.

Last week I was getting ready for a night out with some girlfriends and as I was making dinner before I left, I had music playing and one of my favorite songs came on so I turned it up and Olivia and I spent the next 10 minutes dancing like crazy in the kitchen. We were laughing so loudly and it was so much fun to just be goofy and giggle with her. I didn't plan that moment ahead of time, it just happened. And the key? I let it happen. I didn't stop it, I just went with it. Let your children be children and set aside your plans or expectations and just live in the silly, messy, goofy, unexpected moments as they come. Those are the very best kind. 

five  / include them. 

As much as we may want to have fun all the time, in reality there are lots of things we have to do as Moms that don't always scream FUN. Adult things. You know...errands, laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, appointments...day to day tasks that we are most often responsible for while also caring for our little ones. I've found that with so many things that I have to do, I can include my girls so easily. 

Cooking dinner in the kitchen? I make sure there is music on and it leads to the best dance party. Running errands and spending more time than usual in the car? We play games like "I Spy" or car bingo (we love these bingo cards) and sing songs or I ask Olivia and Penelope random questions they can answer so I can listen and learn more about their perspective instead of just having the radio on and not interacting. Cleaning the house? Assign tasks to each child that they are capable of. Olivia loves using our cordless vacuum in the basement or on the steps. Poppy loves putting away stacks of pajamas after I've folded them and they both do a great job of picking up and organizing toys and books. I can clean alongside them and still remain present. Christmas shopping? Bring your (older) child with and get their input on gifts. They can even make their own list of "gifts" they want to buy for their stuffed animals or friends -- it's so sweet to hear them think about what would be special for their teddy bear or favorite bunny. I spent most of the afternoon last weekend gift shopping and I was so glad Olivia had come with me. She had a blast helping me select special gifts for each person on my list and even found some small things to give her sisters. Fit in lunch or a hot cocoa date between stores and give your child one on one time (this is especially important when you have multiple kids) and something out of the ordinary to look forward to. In anything I am doing, I try to find a way to include my girls and make it fun for them and in turn, it becomes fun for me. You can be present even on busier days by talking with them, listening, asking their opinion and finding special ways to include them.

In what ways do you stay present with your children? I always think of the song "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins. Seriously though, it probably plays through my head at least once a week. The chorus goes like this: "you're gonna miss this / you're gonna want this back / you're gonna wish these days hadn't gone by so fast / these are some good times / so take a good look around / you may not know it now / but you're gonna miss this"

I know I will surely miss these days with my baby girls. Little feet running down the halls and a baby always at my feet or in my arms. Small soft hands in mine and sweet, innocent voices being heard in every room; knowing in this season my nights will be filled with brushing tiny teeth and washing little faces, with book reading and cuddling, rocking and singing but too soon that will change and I'm sure I'll want it back. These really are the good times, and while there is so much to look forward to as they grow, we won't ever get these precious days with our children as little as they are back. Let's be present -- for them and for us. 


2017 holiday gift guide

Last year I put together five individual gift guides each featuring 5 shops & items and I thought it would be so much to do one big gift guide this year with all my favorites in one place! Included are gifts from my fav shops for babies, kids, mamas and friends! These are all shops I have had the pleasure of working with over the past few years and remain my top picks anytime I am looking for something for myself, my daughters or my dearest friends.

adelisa & co

Run by best friends Allison & Rachel and known for their incredible handmade boots & shoes, I knew I had to put some Adelisa & Co goodies under the tree this year for my girls. Poppy has a pair of paseo leather boots so I grabbed the same style for Della to wear. For Olivia, I chose the cosecha mary janes. I cannot even begin to describe how timeless and lovely they are. To me they are such a beautiful symbol of her growing in to a young girl; I know she is going to go on many adventures this Spring & Summer in them! Every pair of boots & shoes is handmade by artisans in Nicaragua and you guys, the craftsmanship is out of this world. Not only are Rachel & Allison amazing for their commitment to work directly with artisans and pay fair prices so the artisans' families are supported, but they also give back 10% of proceeds to young families in Nicaragua who are in need. 

If you want to know when the next preorder for boots and shoes is, you can sign up for the Adelisa & Co newsletter to be the first to know specific dates + times. They sell out quick so if you have your eye on a pair, that is the way to go!

>> shop here <<

blabla kids

I have shared many times about our love of Blabla Kids knit dolls. They are hands down my girls' favorite stuffed animals and they're so darling that I don't mind if they're left laying on my couch or coffee table. My girls love to snuggle them during naps and bedtime, set up tea parties for them, take them on outdoor adventures and even put them in their backpacks and carry them around the house all day long. I picked out a new doll for each of the girls and had so much fun making handstamped tags for them. Olivia wants a cat so bad (she thinks they pee in glitter boxes) so I chose Rose the Cat for her. Poppy is our wild at heart, outdoorsy one of the bunch so I grabbed Jasper the Deer for her. And Della doesn't have much of a say in the matter so I picked out Josephine the Elephant for her, which will match a quilt she has in her nursery.

When I pick out gifts, especially for my girls, I tend to focus most on a handmade holiday. I want to give gifts to them that others have put time & love in to; those are the things I know will be genuinely cherished. BlaBla Kids products are all made by hand by artisans in Peru, knitted with the highest quality Peruvian cotton (they are so soft!) and thoughtfully designed + created step by step. When you invest in a knit doll from BlaBla, you are supporting artisans and their families who they have been working with for 15 years; Blabla believes in fairtrade and sustainability, and all their dolls have been tested to meet both the United States and European safety requirements. 

Use code BLESSEDNEST15 for 15% off your purchase from BlaBla Kids now through December 12.

>> shop here <<

briar handmade

Lets just be honest. If you have babies, there is almost nothing sweeter than to put them in bonnets. And our favorite bonnets ever come from Briar Handmade. Della will be getting two in her stocking this year, a pom bonnet and a floral bonnet for Spring. Bonnets make the perfect stocking stuffers and thoughtful gifts for friends who are expecting or just welcomed a new baby. They are heirloom quality and we have bonnets from when Olivia was a baby that Poppy and Della have both worn. Passing down handmade items is one of the sweetest parts about having three little girls, especially bonnets. A stocking isn't complete without one.

Use code BLESSEDNEST10 for 10% off your purchase from Briar Handmade now through December 15.

>> shop here <<

chewable charm

Having had three babies in 5 years, I've tried just about every teether out there; I'm so excited to be including Chewable Charm, in this year's gift guide. I absolutely love Rachel's modern teether rings and stylish teething necklaces, the perfect gift for a new mama or mom to be! Adaline will be getting the shaded spruce wood teether and forest grey teether in her stocking this year, perfect timing for the tiny teeth that will be making an appearance any day now. Rachel designs simple, neutral pieces that work with any mom's style, and her necklaces & teethers are definitely something you won't mind throwing in your diaper bag or giving as gifts. They are well made and just so pretty. 

Use code BLESSEDNEST for 20% off your purchase from Chewable Charm now through December 15.

>> shop here <<

freshly picked

In Penelope and Adaline's stockings this year are our fav moccasins and mocc boots from Freshly Picked, including Mary Jane's in Birch for Della and Chelsea Boots in Platinum for Poppy. Soft soled shoes are often the best for little feet because they don't restrict growing bones. I love selecting neutral colors so they match whatever the girls are wearing. We have been fans of Freshly Picked since Olivia was born in 2013 and they remain at the top of my list for so many reasons!

>> shop here <<


One of my favorite gifts to give new mamas is a gathre micro mat, which is the perfect size for changing diapers. I especially love the scalloped ones, which come in three colors. With three little ones and a three-story home, I rarely carry Adaline all the way upstairs to her nursery where her changing pad is. Instead I have diapers and wipes stashed in cute baskets throughout the house so they are always within reach; I just keep a micro mat rolled up in them so I can change her wherever I am. And of course we love their midi and maxi mats for picnics, arts & crafts indoors and out, book-reading, puzzles, games, family photos and more. If you don't yet have a gathre mat, they are the perfect item to add to your Christmas list this year or give to that special someone.

>> shop here <<

lily & val

I love a good art print and Lily & Val makes picking a favorite very difficult. From the beautiful chalkboard illustrations to the meaningful quotes and messages, every single art print is just a home run when it comes to gifting. They are the perfect gift for a close friend, especially if you put it in a simple, coordinating frame. A few of my favorites include the All is Calm print (so neutral + the one we have in our kitchen), A Thrill of Hope print (from one of my favorite Christmas songs, O Holy Night), the Collect Beautiful Moments print (from this year's Fall collection), the Hot Cocoa Recipe print (I love framing this when I host Christmas parties with my girlfriends and set up a hot cocoa bar) and this Flamingo print which I have framed in Poppy's room. 

Use code BLESSEDNEST for 15% off your purchase from Lily & Val through December 9.

>> shop here <<

made by mary

As a Mama, personalized jewelry with my daughters' names is my favorite kind of jewelry to wear because I feel like even when I am gone, there is a part of them that goes with me and I get to honor the gift that each of them are to me by wearing their names, birthdates or initials. Started by Mary Moody in 2013, Made by Mary is the best of the best when it comes to handmade, high quality jewelry. MBM offers bar necklaces & disc necklaces as well as bracelets, rings and more. I have a set of 3 skinny bar bracelets with the girls' names on each and I love wearing them stacked together. I  also love the Everly Bar Necklace for names or initials as well as the Hammered Half Moon Disc Necklace.

This year I picked out the Nova Disc Necklace, a newer design from MBM that is just so eye-catching. I had it engraved with each of the girls' names, of course Della got the smallest disc because she's our littlest. I love that you can see their names at all times because of the way Mary designed the discs to lay and the positioning of the text.

>> shop here <<

ryan & wren

If you are looking for the perfect stocking stuffer -- or your daughters have friends they want to give gifts to this Christmas -- grab some of our favorite snap clips from Ryan & Wren. They are the only clips I put in the girls' hair; Olivia and Penelope request them every day and I love them for pulling back Poppy's little bangs and for Olivia at school. She has some friends in her class this year she has asked to give gifts to and a clip on a cute holiday tag makes a simple, inexpensive but adorable gift that her friends can actually use. I put together a set for Olivia and a set for Poppy for each of their stockings. I love the glitter and neutral metal toned clips, but Mary has just about every color you could want! 

Use code BLESSEDNEST for free shipping on orders over $15 from Ryan & Wren now through December 11.

>> shop here << 


Next, our favorite blankets of all time. I don't know what makes a better gift than a cozy blanket. Tie a pretty ribbon around it, add a handstamped tag and give it with a mug & some cocoa mix or tea and its the perfect gift that the receiver can use to curl up and wind down after the busyness of the season. We got our first Saranoni blanket in 2015 after Poppy was born and it remains a favorite with a front and center spot on our living room couch. It's just the right size for the girls. This year I picked out a few Mini blankets for Della's stocking, which I intended to be loveys for her but also make a perfect carseat blanket at 15"x20" / My favorite blanket for movie-watching and snuggling is the Toddler Size, which is about the size of a twin bed and perfect for me to share with one of the girls or Dustin or for Olivia and Penelope to use together. They are luxurious and when draped over a couch or bed, certainly make your house feel like a home. 

Use code BLESSEDNEST20 for 20% off your purchase from Saranoni now through December 15.

>> shop here <<

wunderkin co.

No Christmas would be complete without gifting a few of my forever favorite bows. There are so many reasons we love Wunderkin Co...when you shop from Wunderkin you are supporting Stay at Home Moms all around the country, each & every bow has a lifetime guarantee, they are timeless & made with so much love and Hillary founded her company on the idea of creating classic accessories to accompany girls on everyday adventures. She is passionate about raising her own daughters to be confident, curious and independent, which I LOVE. Wunderkin's core values are adventure, courage and whimsy...the perfect bows for gifting this season!

>> shop here <<

What gifts are at the top of your list this year? Have you done most of your shopping or are you just getting started? I hope this gives you some new ideas to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list!! 


25 books of Christmas

Happy December 1st! Christmas is only 24 days away!

Bring on all the holiday parties, hot cocoa, white lights & present wrapping. 

I love this time of year and making every corner of our home festive for our girls. One of their favorite parts about December is that I pull out all our Christmas books and we fill their bookshelves with them to read a new one each night. I shared a post in 2015 with our favorites but we've added a few more since so I've included all the titles below. If you have a favorite Christmas or Winter book, I'd love to hear!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and the best start to December ever!! XO


my top picks in weekend deals

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Ours was definitely the best yet even though it was pretty low key. I host almost every year, which I love, so the girls can nap in their own beds and then once they go to sleep we stay up late playing cards. Last Thankgiving I was 7 months pregnant with Adaline so it felt amazing to have her here with us and to not be pregnant! ;)

Since I had a few moments this afternoon I wanted to round up my favorite weekend deals! We are keeping it pretty simple for gifts this year so I didn't have a whole lot on my list but thought it would be fun to share a few of the things I picked up for myself and for friends. My holiday gift guide is coming out in just over a week so be watching for that!

one | These darling earrings from Anthropologie are 30% (along with the entire store!). I stopped there yesterday between errands and fell in love with them (way cuter in person than online, I feel like all jewelry is!). They are simple but classy and match my favorite necklace. I also love that the 3 stones represent my 3 girls. Mine are clear but they come in 3 colors.

two | We are planning to move Penelope from her crib to a twin bed next month and picked out this one in White for it to match Olivia's bed. Furniture at Land of Nod is 20% off this weekend and because bed prices are lower, it drops your shipping cost also. I have my eye on new bedding for the girls and the sale lasts until Monday. No code needed.

three | One of my favorite gift to give friends are Rifle Paper Co. Market Pads. Literally everyone can use them because they magnet right on to your fridge and everything RPC makes is just so pretty. They are made in the US (a total bonus) and everything is 30% off with free shipping on orders $50 or more. I also picked up a few sets of cards to keep on hand. I placed my order late last night while I was watching a Hallmark movie and this morning I woke up to an email saying it had already shipped! We love their art prints also. 

four | The girls have this Vintage Kitchen in White and it's hands down their favorite toy in the whole house. It's over 60% off this weekend, such a great deal! It was a Christmas gift to Olivia when she was 2.5 and then I grabbed some fun wood food from Amazon (this post rounds up a bunch of ideas with links) and wrapped those separately for her to open. If you're looking for some other fun play food not on that post, I love this set too (20% off + free shipping!).

five | I am always on the hunt for cozy pajamas and I love this set from JCrew. It's 40% off plus free shipping, available in sizes 2-14. Use code THANKU at checkout. 

six | If you're shopping for your man (why are they always the hardest to shop for?) Dustin's fav shirts are these. They are 30% off (no code needed) and shipping is free. I picked them up in a few new colors for him for Christmas. 

seven | The girls have these swiss dot sheets for their twin beds (on sale!) but I picked up a second set for when I'm doing laundry. I grabbed this star sheet set; I love the pattern and how neutral it is. It's already on sale and then you can get free shipping by entering code UNWRAP at checkout. I had a $25 reward on top of that so I grabbed a set for less than $20 (originally $69). 

eight | Our favorite diapers & wipes from Parasol Co. are on sale through Monday! Use code UhHuhHoney for 30% off your first subscription box here. We have been using their diapers and wipes for a year and a half now and they are by far my favorite of all brands I've ever tried (and I've tried a lot!). The wipes smell like the spa, are so soft and we use them for everything. Both Penelope and Adaline wear their diapers; they are way softer than every other natural diaper brand I've tried and are free of all the chemicals + junk that most name brand diapers have. If you are looking to give Parasol a try, I have never seen a discount this big on a monthly box! Subscribe here.

Hope you have a relaxing rest of your weekend!! We have been spoiled having Dustin home since Wednesday, it's definitely going to be a reality check when Monday rolls around. We are headed out on a double date tonight to our fav little Italian spot so we are looking forward to that!! Thanks always for reading and following along! XO


friday favorites

Happy Friday! Next week is Thanksgiving and we are so excited to have Dustin working a short week and for all the fun & good food ahead. It's been a quiet week here which was a nice change of pace. I had an Oils of the Bible class last night so I was baking all day yesterday prepping the treats for that and we have our marriage group tonight that Dustin and I are lead together. Other than that, a slow weekend ahead of lounging and planning next week's menu with my Mama. I am working on a fun blog post with Dustin that I'm hoping to share next week, but for now, Friday Favorites! 

one | The girls love 3 things more than almost anything: stickers, lego duplos and animals (they want a dog and cat so bad). Even Della loves playing with her big sisters' legos, more than any of her baby toys. So when I stumbled upon this adorable sticker book, I had to grab it for Olivia and Penelope. It just came yesterday and it is so darling. They will sit on the couch or in my bed for hours doing stickers so this was a fun new one to add to their lineup. 

two | We have been trying our best to stay healthy with the dropping temperatures and the girls being around so many kids at church & school & my moms groups and our favorite way to boost our immune system is with essential oils. They have been a game changer in our sleep, health, immunity and home since we first started using them in 2015 after Poppy was born. When the girls have runny or stuffy noses, my favorite oil for that is SniffleEase. I diffuse it in their rooms or put it on/around their noses and it helps so much! Find the above photo here to read how else we use it!

three | Last week I ordered 3 of these shirts for Della and oh my goodness, they are so cute! Even more adorable than I expected and such a great price. I love all the little feminine details and they are great for layering.

four | We are huge Lindsay Letters fans over here and as soon as I saw this Darlings Christmas Lullaby Canvas I just fell in love. Everything she does is just out of this world. We have her Come Thou Fount canvas in our kitchen -- I grew up singing that hymn with my grandparents and its always been what I sing to my girls at bedtime. So much so that both Olivia and Penelope can sing it word for word by themselvse. Talk about heart melting. I also love this print and this one. Excited to share more Lindsay Letters goodness with you guys soon!

five | I wanted a warm sweater type jacket that Della could wear when I am loading her in the car in our garage and for quick car transfers when we are going somewhere this Winter but won't be outside more than a few minutes. She is still so small that most coats swallow her up or are too bulky and uncomfortable in her carseat. I picked this bear sweater up a few weeks ago (at 70% off!) and its seriously so soft, warm and cozy. If you're a cardholder, you can get it for 50% off + an extra 10% off this weekend. Comes in a few colors, of course gray is what I chose because it's my fav color ever ;) Plus the bear ears are too cute. 

six | Our favorite shop for knit dolls, BlaBla Kids, is having their Friendsgiving Sale starting on Monday November 20. The entire shop will be 20% off with the code twinkle20 when you spend $50 or more. We love their knit dolls, rattles, mobiles and more. And when you shop you are supporting artisans & their families, because everything is made by hand and fairtrade. Also, take me back to summertime because look at her!! 

Hope you guys have the best weekend!!


friday favorites

I'm not sure how we are over a week into November already! I shared earlier this week that I'm half in holiday mode but half never wanting Fall to end; we are still loving the crunchy leaves and crisp Fall air. Oh and babies in pom pom hats and tiny sweaters. 

My calendar is filling up with holiday parties & gift exchanges and to be totally honest, I am loving every bit of it. Christmas festivities seem to start earlier and earlier each year but really, the season is so short, why not?? I have vowed to wait until after Thanksgiving to get a tree; we have a tradition of going to the tree farm the weekend after Thanksgiving to pick a tree with our girls and then decorating it together. But other than that, give me all the gift wrap, ribbons and greenery!

Olivia just finished her Fall session of swimming class and we usually take the Winter off and then she'll start back again in the Spring. It feels good to have one less activity each week; right now other than school three days a week, she just has AWANA on Wednesday nights. I love not having commitments every night of the week for my kids' activites; she was in so much last year (including dance, which was weekly for like 10 months!! That was the first and last time I'll do that) and it feels so good to have a bit of a different pace this year, especially as the holiday season arrives. Live and learn, right?!

I am already starting to get gifts ready for our girls and friends, as well as teachers and leaders at my moms' groups, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of things I'm loving -- both for gifts for others and maybe a few things to add to your own Christmas wishlist. I basically pick out my own presents because when Dustin asks what I want, I can never come up with anything but then when I'm out and about I often find something I want, like last night at a women's event at our church when I found the coziest slouch hat from Six Notes Clothing that I'm pretty sure I'm not cool enough to wear but couldn't go home without because it was so warm and my favorite color ever, gray ;)

one | We tend to keep gifts for our girls as simple and minimal as possible, so we use the phrase "something you want / something you need / something to wear / something to read" and for the wear portion I love giving the girls new Christmas jammies as an early gift on December 1st to wear all month long. I found these sets and fell in love...they are even cuter in person!! We love Mini Boden pjs and the quality lasts wash after wash. You can get 25% off your purchase and free shipping on orders over $49 with the code S7W5 today through Monday November 13.

two | I picked up this wooden hot cocoa set from Magnolia's new Hearth and Hand line at Target using a 25% off toy coupon {text TOY to 827438 and you will get a text back with a link to the coupon; I used mine in stores; ends November 11} plus my 5% redcard discount. As soon as the line was previewed I knew the cocoa set would be perfect for the girls in their play kitchen. This is their "want" portion of gifts. It is so darling and I love the classic feel of wooden toys.

three | Our favorite bonnet shop, Briar Handmade, has Customer Love week coming up next week and they are releasing a new collection of giftable bonnets with the prettiest florals included. They'll also be restocking their pom bonnets. I picked up this pom bonnet for Della for winter and have my eye on one from the collection dropping Monday as well!

four | One of the gifts I'm most excited to give this year to my girlfriends are framed art prints. No matter someone's home or style, who doesn't love a pretty and thoughtful art print?! My favorite shop for art prints is Lily & Val -- their hand lettering and chalk art is incredible. I used their Hot Cocoa Recipe print last year for a cocoa bar I hosted and have their All Is Calm print up in my kitchen. If you're looking for a non-holiday one, this Collect Beautiful Moments print is my top pick. Use code BLESSEDNEST at chekcout for 15% off your purchase through Thanksgiving.

five | The top I've been living in lately 

six | If you're wanting to curl up on the couch this weekend and are looking for a good movie to watch, I love The Age of Adaline. Dustin and I first watched it back in 2015 right after Poppy was born and it was how we chose Della's name. The story is so unique and Blake Lively is amazing. If you haven't seen it, it is so good. This time of year just begs for movies and popcorn on the couch. Bonus points if chocolate peppermint pretzels are involved! 

Happy Friday! Hope the weekend brings rest & relaxation. XO


life lately

The temps are finally dropping enough to where we need flannel sheets on our beds and chili seems like a fitting dinner at least twice a week. We have been taking as many walks as we can with the girls, crunching all the leaves and soaking up the sunshine in the backyard before the snow flies. Fall here goes from beautiful to cold quick, so I am pulling out all the girls' winter knits, cozy socks and warm jackets for the weeks ahead.

This past weekend we fit in a date night on Friday, a girls' night complete with charcoal masks and a taco salad bar and photos & a chili dinner with my team from Revolution on Sunday evening. Saturday was rainy and cold, so it was the perfect day for sleeping in (thanks to my husband that has become my Saturday morning routine), a lazy afternoon at home and then my girls night. I didn't get home until 2am on Saturday night and still wonder how I used to stay up that late every night in college!! 

Poppy, Della and I took a trip to a new apple orchard last week while Olivia was at school and we hope to take the girls to a pumpkin patch this weekend. Talk about cutting it close!! On Sunday night we have Trunk or Treat at Olivia's preschool and both Poppy and Olivia asked to be cats this year, which thankfully for me is very easy. They haven't wanted to take off their cat ears since they arrived. We plan to carve pumpkins on Monday night, roast the pumpkin seeds and bake a jack-o-lantern pizza, one of our favorite traditions! We haven't decided what we will do on Halloween night, if we will trick or treat in our neighborhood or go somewhere but either way, I am going to be sneaking all the fun size butterfingers from their stash!

It's hard to believe we are already nearing November, and I feel like my calendar is filling up with holiday plans & Christmas parties quickly. There is one week left to use the code ABLESSEDNEST for 15% off your purchase from Gathre {grid midi pictured above}. Tacos are on the menu tonight and hopefully an early bedtime for everyone!! Happy Tuesday!


our favorite oil accessories

Happy Wednesday! Our week over here is flying by and we have been having weather that is out of this world!! Yesterday while Olivia was in school, Penelope, Della and I met up with some friends at a local orchard that we hadn't been to before, so much fun. It's always a blast to discover new places that quickly become your favorite.

If you haven't seen yet that I am sharing about our essential oil journey, I started a few weeks ago with a new account on instagram @blessednestessentials. I have been posting about my passion for natural health for quite sometime now and was always getting questions asking if we use essential oils, how we use them, what our favorites are and why...so it felt like the right time to jump on in with an oil-exclusive account.

One of my favorite parts about essential oils is that once you have a starter kit, the DIYs are pretty much endless. Especially as we approach the holiday season, I love using our Young Living oils to create thoughtful gifts for friends and family, as well as around our own home to "ditch and switch" from toxic products to products that are safe for our whole family. Below are the products I most often use for all the my oiling! 

One of the very first ways we started using essential oils back in 2015 was to replace dryer sheets. They are one of the highest sources of toxic chemicals in your home...and probably the last thing you want on your clothing and childrens' clothing. Simply ditch the dryer sheets and switch to wool dryer balls...put a few drops of your favorite essential oil onto each ball and toss them in while drying your clothing. I especially love using lavender when I am washing bedding and the girls' blankets. 

I most often use vintage alphabet rubber stamps for the kraft tags and also love making labels for the glass spray bottles using this label maker. I pick up all my mason jars for soaps, scrubs and other gifts at local craft stores. They are often very inexpensive. I use the 16 oz glass spray bottles for my Thieves cleaner (mix 1 capful of Thieves Household Cleaner with 2-3 cups water) and try to keep one on every level of our home so it's within reach whenever I am cleaning. 

Young Living's V-6 is my go-to carrier oil, and I also use Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) which you can buy from Amazon and many health sites. I also love YL's aroma glide roller fitments, which turn any bottle of essential oil into a roller. We especially love using them on our KidScents oils and lavender. 

If you would like to get started on your own essential oil journey, you can find more information in this post. You can follow along on instagram @blessednestessentials and of course, email or message me with questions anytime!

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