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I'm so excited to be kicking off my Fall & Winter Shop Spotlight Showcase with such an incredible shop this week. So many great things ahead for the rest of the year!

Today's Shop Spotlight is on Fledge Feet, a shop owned by beautiful Mama Callie, that specializes in one-of-a-kind handmade fledges -- soft suede-soled high-tops for babies & children that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, can be worn up or folded down & are not only easy to get on, but stay on your little one's busy feet! Oh & did I mention they're gorgeous?

The most striking part about Fledge Feet -- and what initially caught my eye -- is the design itself. I love the look of neutral canvas [available in nutmeg, gray, black, onyx, navy, goldenrod, red, pink & turquoise] paired with a wide variety of fabric options, many of which are gender neutral [always a plus!]. Callie and I had so much working together to create these one-of-a-kind fledges for Olivia with special Liberty of London fabric that is seriously divine.

Fledges are the perfect mix between casual and dressy. I love how they can be paired with a pair of black leggings for a fun and casual look, or a dressy romper for a more sophisticated style. The soles are available in genuine suede [the shoe style] -- offering traction designed to prevent slipping, especially when toddlers are first learning to walk -- and faux suede with a fleece lining [slipper style].

Callie shares her story below:

| how and when you started your business |

My shoes are an original design that I could see in my mind. After a number of trials, it was so rewarding to hold the first completed fledges (nickname I have given my shoes) in my hands and to then watch my daughter run around in them. They were no longer just an idea in my head! I was then ready to open my shop in mid-March of this year. Well, I should say first I got my Mother-in-Law to jump on board, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to do it alone, as a stay at home mom. Then I was really ready to open my shop!

| where your shop name comes from |

Boy did I put lots of thought into my shop name! Many of my original ideas were weeded out as soon as I’d mention them to my husband and we’d both laugh about them. I really wish I could remember a few of the really great ones! Finally, I mentioned “Fledge Feet,” which earned raised eyebrows, for the win! Fledge is a verb meaning "the process of a young bird developing wing feathers large enough for flight." Since soft soles aid little ones in keeping their balance as they learn to walk (or “take flight”) I felt like fledge was a perfect name for these suede bottom creations. The inspiration for the Fledge Feet logo (arrow feathers containing FF) comes from another definition of Fledge, which is to provide an arrow with feathers for flight.

| what products do you have the most fun creating |

Aside from shoes for the shop, I really enjoy making things for my little girl from leggings and headbands to her Christmas stocking. It’s exciting to try and make something brand new and see what you can create! As for my shop, right now, I only sell baby shoes, and I love expanding my ideas about different twists I can put on them, but I do have some other ideas of products that may pop up in the shop sometime in the future!

| what have you found most challenging or rewarding throughout your business journey |

This whole experience is completely new for me…Which means lots of learning! I am still working on learning self control when it comes to fabric shopping---it’s almost as bad as me trying to decide on a chocolate bar and just wanting to buy the lot because I can’t narrow it to just one! Aside from that, I have really enjoyed learning about different ways to advertise and get the word out! Of all the things involved in running a business…that is one of my very favorite things about this whole experience, mainly because it is so challenging. I have loved networking and collaborating with so many wonderful people and researching how successful people have done it already. One of my biggest challenges that I do not enjoy so much is trying to manage my time as a small shop owner and a mama. Being a mother is definitely number one in my book and sometimes the demands of even the littlest of shops is far more than expected and tries to infringe on my time as a mom.

| the best part of owning your own business |

Watching an idea become a reality, meeting and connecting with other mamas, seeing all of the adorable little kiddos sporting their fledges, collaborating with bloggers and other small shops, having a creative outlet and hobby that I can do while filling my mama role...those are the best parts of owning my shop!

| sharing about yourself personally |

I’m a Floridian living in the mountainous Utah desert and I love it…although, my skin disagrees a lot of the time. I ended up out west for school where I graduated in Elementary Education and taught 6th grade. Shortly before graduation I was playing a game of ultimate Frisbee (which I’ll admit I had never heard of before leaving Florida) and I managed to catch and throw the frisbee well enough to fool this cute guy into thinking that I knew what I was doing…it was a complete miracle (I played soccer growing up and was never allowed to be goalie because, well… we wanted to win)! 

A few nights later, I was about to dive into some bread and look over the menu at a restaurant, when he called to ask me to dinner. Without mentioning where I was, I agreed to go and after a mad rush home and some extra deodorant, he pulled up! You could say it went really well and now here we are a few years later married and parents to our favorite two year old. Reed works down the road and wants to go back to school and I go on daily adventures with Eden and run Fledge Feet at nap time, and long after bedtime.

what fledge feet is known for || soft soled high-top shoes with suede bottoms

what sets fledge feet apart || everything from the name & idea behind the shop [so creative!], the design of the fledges themselves & the high quality of the product...this shop is unlike any other!

my favorite products || Olivia's fledges are at the top of my list, mainly because they're filled with floral goodness...but I also am in love with these nutmeg with polka dot fledges for a little lady and these nutmeg ebony & ivory as a great gender neutral option.

quality + craftsmanship || Olivia has been wearing these day in and day out since they arrived weeks ago. They are made with such high quality materials, which is so important now that she is walking and the bottoms of her shoes get much more wear than the shoes she wore a few months ago. The suede soles have stood up perfectly even with every day wear. The nutmeg canvas is thick enough to be sturdy and protective but not stiff or heavy. The fabric lining is top notch and the seams and elastic are strong and durable.

overall opinion || These have been our go-to shoes not only because I love the look, but especially because of the cotton lining. During the summer, wearing shoes can be so hot. When we are out and about, I don't want Olivia's feet to get too warm but I also feel incredibly odd bringing her places without shoes. I always grab these because her feet don't overheat but they're still covered. I had high hopes for these shoes when I first started collaborating with Callie and my hopes and expectations have been far exceeded!

value + recommendation || Fledges slide on easily, stay on great and are the most unique shoe we may ever own. I love everything about them and they pair well with every outfit. They can be customized to your taste and style and are priced so affordably for all the time and material that goes into making them. Finally, they would make a great gift for a new walker and definitely a must-have for every toddler's closet!

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