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Happy Friday! Next week is Thanksgiving and we are so excited to have Dustin working a short week and for all the fun & good food ahead. It's been a quiet week here which was a nice change of pace. I had an Oils of the Bible class last night so I was baking all day yesterday prepping the treats for that and we have our marriage group tonight that Dustin and I are lead together. Other than that, a slow weekend ahead of lounging and planning next week's menu with my Mama. I am working on a fun blog post with Dustin that I'm hoping to share next week, but for now, Friday Favorites! 

one | The girls love 3 things more than almost anything: stickers, lego duplos and animals (they want a dog and cat so bad). Even Della loves playing with her big sisters' legos, more than any of her baby toys. So when I stumbled upon this adorable sticker book, I had to grab it for Olivia and Penelope. It just came yesterday and it is so darling. They will sit on the couch or in my bed for hours doing stickers so this was a fun new one to add to their lineup. 

two | We have been trying our best to stay healthy with the dropping temperatures and the girls being around so many kids at church & school & my moms groups and our favorite way to boost our immune system is with essential oils. They have been a game changer in our sleep, health, immunity and home since we first started using them in 2015 after Poppy was born. When the girls have runny or stuffy noses, my favorite oil for that is SniffleEase. I diffuse it in their rooms or put it on/around their noses and it helps so much! Find the above photo here to read how else we use it!

three | Last week I ordered 3 of these shirts for Della and oh my goodness, they are so cute! Even more adorable than I expected and such a great price. I love all the little feminine details and they are great for layering.

four | We are huge Lindsay Letters fans over here and as soon as I saw this Darlings Christmas Lullaby Canvas I just fell in love. Everything she does is just out of this world. We have her Come Thou Fount canvas in our kitchen -- I grew up singing that hymn with my grandparents and its always been what I sing to my girls at bedtime. So much so that both Olivia and Penelope can sing it word for word by themselvse. Talk about heart melting. I also love this print and this one. Excited to share more Lindsay Letters goodness with you guys soon!

five | I wanted a warm sweater type jacket that Della could wear when I am loading her in the car in our garage and for quick car transfers when we are going somewhere this Winter but won't be outside more than a few minutes. She is still so small that most coats swallow her up or are too bulky and uncomfortable in her carseat. I picked this bear sweater up a few weeks ago (at 70% off!) and its seriously so soft, warm and cozy. If you're a cardholder, you can get it for 50% off + an extra 10% off this weekend. Comes in a few colors, of course gray is what I chose because it's my fav color ever ;) Plus the bear ears are too cute. 

six | Our favorite shop for knit dolls, BlaBla Kids, is having their Friendsgiving Sale starting on Monday November 20. The entire shop will be 20% off with the code twinkle20 when you spend $50 or more. We love their knit dolls, rattles, mobiles and more. And when you shop you are supporting artisans & their families, because everything is made by hand and fairtrade. Also, take me back to summertime because look at her!! 

Hope you guys have the best weekend!!

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