the real magic of motherhood

As many of you know, we are in the middle of a major kitchen renovation. We are no strangers to renovating, as my husband is a contractor & master licensed plumber and this is our 5th major reno in the 5 years we've owned our home, during all of which I've either been pregnant or both pregnant & caring for a little one. 

The other day I had a rather emotional conversation on the phone with my husband during lunch, getting updates on a few different pieces of the puzzle as far as the progress of our kitchen was going and I began just feeling so overwhelmed and discouraged. Renovating while taking care of two kids can be trying at times. It is definitely a season that requires extra patience and grace -- for all of us.

After I hung up the phone Olivia could tell I was visibly upset; she walked over to me, put her arms around me and as her soft curls brushed my face she quietly said, "I know, Mama, I know" as if she completely understood every emotion I was feeling, as if no one in the entire world got it more than she did. My little girl, the one who made me a Mama, comforting me so wholeheartedly. Before I could even respond, in the perfect way that she does, she began singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," the song we sing to Poppy whenever she's crying -- in the hopes that it would have the same effect on me as it does for her.

In that moment -- that messy and real and raw moment -- all of a sudden, despite how things looked from my perspective, all I could see & feel was magic. A moment so special that your heart totally and completely bursts and you are certain you've existed your whole life to experience. Those are the moments you live for, the ones that remind you that every single thing you are doing as a Mom is worth it. The day to day routines and responsibilities, the mundane tasks that seem so insignificant on the surface, the minutes that turn into hours & hours that turn into days & days that turn into weeks into months into years of selfless love and sacrifice for your child or children, sometimes all while wondering if it matters. If what you're doing and the choices you're making and the lessons you're teaching and the words you're speaking...if it matters or if it's sinking in. Or if you're making a difference at all. Or if you're doing it right or falling short or failing altogether. 

But through all that wondering and questioning and uncertainty, when you least expect it, everything comes together in the most magical moment. 

In a moment when you experience your 3 year old singing a song to you that she knows to sing to her little sister when she's sad. In a moment when you hear your first baby telling your second baby that she can share her blanket and bear while they eat breakfast together in bed. In a moment when your daughter throws her arms around you and says "Love you, Mama" for no reason. In a moment when you look into your child's eyes and see that you were created to be their Mom; you were made to love them forever. In a moment when they light up at the sight of you or so effortlessly fall asleep nestled in your arms or reach for you when you're near because they feel safe beside you. In a moment you just get to sit back and watch them live and explore, accomplishing something new or discovering the beautiful world around them, seeing everything through their eyes and the perfect way they see it. Those moments? They are pure magic. They are the real magic of motherhood.

For those of you who are moms, you're probably already aware that motherhood isn't always glamorous. To be honest more often than not, it's far from it. But what it is made up of -- the day to day tasks of diaper changing & hair brushing & meal making & tear drying & hand holding & book reading & back rubbing & softly speaking & gently reminding & often repeating & always praying & endlessly loving -- are moments delicately laced with magic. You just have to look close enough to see them.

My days are filled with more & more magic moments -- "heaven moments" as we call them in our home, moments so good you can hardly believe you get to experience them this side of heaven -- the more I look for them. When I keep my eyes and ears and heart open, on the lookout for moments like that, I find them. When I am present, I find them. When I push my to-do list aside and set my phone down and forget about what could or should be done and instead focus on my daughters, I find them. Over and over I find them. And over and over my heart fills with gratitude for each and every one, no matter how small or simple they seem. And at the end of the day I reflect on each moment, often sharing with Dustin my favorites as he shares his favorites with me. We lay in bed completely in awe at the fact that our beautiful daughters create so much magic without even realizing it, and that we have the gift of experiencing it all.

That's the real magic of being motherhood. And it makes everything else motherhood entails -- even the hardest parts -- worth it. 


best of the nest | 4moms

If you've been reading or following along for any length of time, you've probably heard me share our love of 4moms and all their incredible modern & well-designed products which make everyday life with little ones a little easier! I'm so excited to be sharing more about three of our all-time favorite 4moms products this week in my Best of the Nest series and how we use them around our home as well as giving away a $100 shop credit to one of you!

4moms breeze playard
what sets it apart: opens & closes in one step // comes with a removable bassinet {for use with infants up to 18 lbs} & travel bag // sleek design // pairs with comfy and soft waterproof sheets in gray, pink or blue // playard mattress folds easily even with sheet left on it // sturdy construction // easy to move and store

what we love most: More than any other feature, I absolutely love how easy the breeze is to open and close, especially after having experiences with other playards after Olivia was born that took so much time to set up and take down, were nearly impossible to move and not well made at all. I actually didn't even use the one we had because it had so many bells and whistles that actually hindered the function instead of improving it. The breeze is totally different, it opens with one push down and closes with one pull up and there is no need for instructions, step-by-step guides or hassle. It's incredibly easy to use and that makes it something we reach for every day with our 10 month old.

how we use it: The breeze can be used anywhere in the home, outside or on-the-go for traveling from birth up to 30 lbs. Most often, I carry ours into the backyard as a spot for Penelope to play or lay in. We spend 90% of our time outside when the weather is nice and it has become a perfect spot to put her, spacious enough for her to move around and play but small enough to transport easily and keep her contained...especially now that she moves at the speed of light since she started crawling! Being that we're renovating our kitchen and the main section of our house is blocked off, she also spends a lot of time playing in it in our living room; I love knowing that she still has a spacious area to play but also that she's safe and not headed into a construction zone when I turn my back! ;)

4moms bounceRoo

what sets it apart: bouncer with 3 unique vibration modes {heartbeat, wave & bee} // 3 intensity settings for each vibration // entertains with a natural bouncing motion created by baby's movement // lightweight & compact design // easily portable, weighing less than 6 pounds // available in two fabric options {plush grey & plush multicolor} as well as a smooth woven surface {above}, which we have as well as extra fabric covers {available here} // 20 minute automatic vibration shutoff // toy mobile with reversible, removable toys

what we love most: I love how versatile the bounceRoo is as well as how lightweight it is, making it easy to carry {even one-handed!} from room to room. It's compact and can easily be carried outside to the backyard or put in our car to bring from place to place.

I also love the different vibrations and three setting levels, Poppy has always enjoyed movement and being able to control the amount of vibration is super helpful!

how we use it: We started using our bounceRoo from about two months on with a newborn insert {available here}; before that I felt that Penelope was just too small to get comfortable in it, even with the insert. Once she was 2-3 months, we began using it every day, in every room in our home -- she would sit in it in the bathroom while I gave Olivia a bath or showered, she loved being in it to play and chew on teethers, we took it in the car to use at family's houses during the holidays, she drank bottles in it and we even used it as an easy and comfy place to put her to feed her solids outside instead of a highchair since it was so lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used until an infant is 25 lbs or is able to sit up unassisted and climb out, whichever comes first. Penelope just recently grew out of hers at nearly 10 months.

4moms highchair 

what sets it apart: magnetic tray which easily glides on and lifts off one-handed // bowl and plate sets stick to tray using magnets // sleek design offered in three colorways // no fabric to clean // no nooks & crannies for food to get stuck in // removable tray liner that is dishwasher safe // comfortable seat insert that can be removed for cleaning // 3 height positions // 3 tray positions // can be used for children up to 60 lbs

what we love most: Well to be totally honest, I love it all. This is definitely the high chair of my dreams in that it makes everyday mealtime way easier with little ones.

For starters, I love that both Olivia and Penelope fit in it perfectly without me having to adjust anything. I don't have to raise or lower it, remove an infant insert, etc. like some highchairs I've used in the past. Olivia primarily eats at the table but every once in awhile she wants to sit in it and once she's done, it's all set to go for Poppy without a single adjustment.

By far the most unique feature on this highchair is definitely the magnetic tray. I can put it on and take it off with one hand. Our old highchair required me using both hands to apply pressure on clips on each side of the tray and slide it out; I've learned my fair share of tricks in the past 3 years as a mom but there is no way I could have done that with a baby in my arms. The magnetic tray mechanism is so slick.

I also love the fact that 4moms dishes stick to it. 4moms offers a great selection of magnetic dishes here and not knowing how much I would use them when they arrived, I have to admit -- we use them every day and love them! They come in varying sizes, each with lids, which might just be my favorite part because if a meal isn't finished, I can throw a lid on it and put it straight into the fridge. The starter set here is a great way to try out the dishes and get a few pieces in each size.

Last but not least, I just love the overall sleek, modern look of it. Unlike most baby gear that is brightly colored (and takes up way more space than it should), the 4moms highchair doesn't stick out in our home, but blends in with our furniture so nicely and is extra easy on the eyes. It's lightweight, easy to move and assembly out of the box took me less than 5 minutes.

how we use it: This is primarily Poppy's highchair but Olivia uses it on occasion as well. Everytime someone comes over she loves to point it out and say, "Ooooh, look at the new highchair!" She gets a kick out of how nice it is and we love how much easier it has made mealtime for all of us.

Because we love 4moms products so much, I've teamed up with them to give away a $100 SHOP CREDIT to one of you! The winner will be able to apply their credit toward their favorite products from 4moms.com, including our three favorites above or any others you've had your eye on!

To enter, head over to my instagram @blessednestblog and find the original post with details. For an extra entry, subscribe to the 4moms email list HERE to be alerted of new products, giveaways, promotions & more. Be sure to leave a comment below or on my IG post letting me know you've signed up. If you're already subscribed, you can leave a blog post comment letting me know that and then sharing which 4moms product is your favorite or what product you'd most like to try.

Giveaway runs Wednesday June 29 through Tuesday July 5 and the winner will be announced on the original instagram post.

Hope you're having the best week! XO


best of the nest | the baby cubby

I've shared my love of one-stop-shops many times in the past and am so excited to be featuring a new favorite of ours today in my Best of the Nest series, The Baby Cubby. Offering "The Best of Everything Baby" in one spot, The Baby Cubby is made up of a team of parents who have been there, know what it's like and are passionate about encouraging, inspiring and reminding all parents just how amazing they are and how important their role is in the lives of their children. The Baby Cubby specializes in carrying every item you could possibly want or need for your little ones, all by the top brands in the business, including so many of our absolute favorites -- 4moms, Little Unicorn, Boon, Freshly Picked, Briar Handmade, Uppababy & more. 
As a busy Mom of two, I love when I can get everything I need all in one spot, whether for my own girls or for gifts and expectant Mamas-to-be. With an easy-to-navigate website, all their products are organized by category so you're able to find exactly what you're looking for with just a few simple clicks. They also offer a Baby Registry, which I LOVE and wish I had known about the first time around back in 2013 when I was pregnant with Olivia. 

Below I've rounded up a handful of our all-time favorite products from The Baby Cubby with quick links to shop. And Blessed Nest readers can save 10% off your total purchase today through June 30th using the code ABlessedNest10 at checkout.
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve

The 4moms MamaRoo {one} & DockATot {two} were two must-haves during the first few months after Poppy was born and made life so much easier with a newborn. We have always loved swaddle blankets for how versatile they are -- not only for swaddling & snuggling but as a changing pad, nursing cover, carseat cover and more and the little unicorn swaddle sets are favorites in our home {four}. 

For teething, our go-to bibs are the little unicorn bandana style ones {five} and our favorite feeding spoons are the Boon swap {eight}, we've been using them since Olivia was a baby. Another product I've used since becoming a mom is the Boon grass drying rack {eleven}, perfect for bottles, pump parts, cups, bowls, spoons & more. We use ours every single day!

As many of you know, our love of children's books runs deep and The Baby Cubby carries a great selection of BabyLit Books {twelve} as well as tons of darling nursery products, like this gray pom pom bin I love {six}, gender neutral and a stylish way to stay organized! Two new products we've recently started loving for Olivia, our 3 year old, are the Puj Phillup Cups {seven} and the Boon Glo nightlight {ten}, perfect for middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom!

We also love their selection of Uppababy strollers and accessories. We have the Uppababy Vista 2015 and use it every single day. You can easily turn the original Vista into a double by adding a rumble seat. The original Vista here comes with a coordinating bassinet which I loved when Poppy was a newborn, not only for pushing her in the stroller but also to carry into the house for her to sleep in. These days we use our Vista with a piggyback, a convenient board that attaches to the back of the stroller, so Olivia can ride along when she wants but easily hop off. I love that it can be put on or taken off in just seconds and can also be folded up and kept out of the way if I'm not using it without having to fully remove it.

In addition to their online store, they have a brick and mortar retail location in Lindon, Utah and amazing customer service. Something else I love about The Baby Cubby is that they always price match {even with Amazon}, so you know you're getting the best deal out there. I'm all about getting a great deal ;) In addition, free domestic shipping is automatic on all orders over $49 and if you sign up for their newsletter you can grab an extra discount on top of that!

What really sets The Baby Cubby apart from other shops like it is their dedication to customer service and their commitment to only carry the best, safest gear & baby products, all of which have been thoroughly researched and tested, so parents can shop confidently. They've spent hundreds of hours researching the best of the best so as busy parents, we don't have to; they've taken the work out of finding just the right product for each family and instead strive to make your shopping experience simple and fun. No matter where or how they interact with parents, whether on their website, in their retail location, through social media or on their Cubby Community Blog, The Baby Cubby wants their customers to know they are not just another baby store; they don't just want to sell "stuff," but rather they have a passion for being a resource for them through the journey of parenthood with all its ups and downs. We have found so many items we love from The Baby Cubby and I hope this has given you just a few ideas of modern products that may make your everyday life with little ones a bit easier!

Don't forget that you can save 10% now through June 30th using the discount ABlessedNest10 at checkout {plus free shipping on all domestic orders over $49}. And be sure to follow along with The Baby Cubby below for sneak peeks, special offers & more!

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! Xo


our favorite mom hacks

Last week on instagram I asked all of you to weigh in on your top mom hacks, you know...those little things you do on a day to day basis (maybe without even realizing it) that make life with little ones way easier?! I had so much fun reading all of them and of course had to share my favorites plus a few more we love around our home. I created a list below by category; I hope you find a few to add to your own bag of tricks! And of course, feel free to share more in a comment below.

+ Use an ikea rolling cart (here) to organize things you access daily -- set one up in the nursery with wipes, diapers, creams, other toiletries, etc or place bedside if cosleeping or have your newborn in a bassinet beside you; we have this one in Penelope's room that is actually filled with toys, puzzles & blankets that the girls use all the time and this one is in our laundry room filled with all our laundry essentials as well as extra boxes of snack & sandwich bags, garbage bags, dish soap, hand soap, etc. When I run out of something I can just run to the laundry room to grab it instead of making an extra trip to the store! Plus they can be rolled room to room, so convenient!

+ We use a lot of bins and baskets around our house; Olivia's bookshelf is full of matching bins for different types of books and we can easily grab one small bin to bring outside to read or for snuggles in our bed in the morning. Almost all the girls' toys are in bins and baskets (kitchen toys & play food in a picnic basket, all our wooden blocks in a basket, wooden animals in another basket, etc) and it makes clean up for Olivia so easy plus prevents toys from being strewn all over my house, since I can fill a basket and hide it under our coffee table or in the corner of the room where it can still be easily accessed for playtime

+ I roll up crib sheets and swaddle blankets and place them in a decorative basket in the nursery; it saves time when I need them plus makes for pretty and functional decor

+ Use a 3M hook on the back of your high chair to hang bibs

in the car + travel
+ Create a bin for your car with everything you might possibly need; some mamas call this a "possibles bin"...you can find heavy duty black bins that are actually made for the car at Target. In ours I keep extra diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for both girls, pajamas for both girls, first aid kit, toys, books, box of kleenex, bottles of water, non-perishable snacks, small blanket, ziplock bags of different sizes, etc. If I'm running a quick errand and don't feel like lugging my diaper bag or something is missing from it, I have everything I need in my car

+ Pack for trips with ziplock bags: in each bag, fill with every item for an outfit (down to the bow & underwear!) so getting ready on vacation is a breeze

+ Always pack extra ziplock bags for traveling to put dirty clothes in, swimsuits, etc.

+ Use a cereal dispenser tupperware with a plastic grocery bag as a liner for an on-the-road trash bin

+ Put your wrap or sling on before getting in the car while you're still at home, then when you reach your destination you can slip your baby right in instead of having to put your wrap on in a parking lot or in the car

around the home
+ Layer your little one's bedding: waterproof mattress pad, crib sheet, waterproof mattress pad, crib sheet, etc. / I do this and love that I can just take the top layer off on laundry days without having to lift the mattress out of the crib, rush to get it washed and back on before nap time (you can also do this with a bassinet and it comes in especially handy for newborns)

+ Make cleaning up a race: for those with older kids, when it's time to clean up set a timer for 2-3 minutes and see who can clean up the fastest; Olivia loves when I do this, she thinks its a game and it makes a chore seem much more fun

+ We often do bathtime in the morning, since most nights we stay in the backyard or playing at the park until the sun goes down; this makes our bedtime routine quicker with just having to wash faces, brush teeth & get in pajamas before we read books; the girls love baths and doing them in the morning is a great way to get their day started, plus I'm not in a rush thinking about how quickly I need to get them to bed

+ Sometimes ice packs can be a little too cold for babies or young children; make your own by freezing large marshmallows -- soft and not too cold but just enough to reduce swelling 

in the kitchen
+ Meal & snack prep: on days that I do all my grocery shopping, I spend some time prepping food (especially fruits and veggies) so they're ready to go for the week and can easily be accessed when needed; ideas include slicing bell peppers or cucumbers, peeling & chopping carrots, celery or other favorite veggies, slicing strawberries, cutting pineapple, etc. I put each food in a glass container in the fridge and then for breakfasts & lunches, save a lot of time by not having to prep anything

+ Repurpose tools for new uses; we love egg salad and Olivia loves using the egg slicer on the hard boiled eggs; did you ever think of using it on strawberries, bananas, kiwi or mushrooms?! Save time and some effort when slicing fruits & small veggies

+ We make a lot of smoothies for breakfast (especially being that we don't have a kitchen until our reno is over) and instead of throwing out the leftover smoothie, you can fill popsicle molds for a healthier afternoon snack or breakfast on the go; both girls love them and they're great for summertime!

+ Use a foil muffin tin liner underneath a popsicle to prevent dripping onto your little ones' hands (just poke the popsicle stick through it rightside up to catch the drips)

+ Sneak spinach, kale and other veggies into your child's smoothie in the morning

+ Not only is a dishwasher great for dishes, but it's an excellent way to clean and disinfect sponges, toothbrushes, baby toys, pacifiers, bottle parts & more

+ For s'mores, we put graham crackers, marshmallows and hershey bars each into their own large mason jar; it keeps everything fresh, looks cute sitting on your kitchen counter and you don't have to deal with opening wrappers and having extra trash when you're sitting around the fire

+ Use zipper mesh bags for laundry: perfect for washing socks & tights so they're easy to find and don't get lost in the dryer!

+ One mom shared that to save time folding towels and washcloths, find a cute basket (do you see a pattern here?!) they can sit in; I do something similar in that we have a drawer in our vanity for all our washcloths and towels at Olivia's level; she loves folding washcloths and it's a great way for her to practice folding laundry on a small scale. I throw them in the drawer fresh out of the dryer (without folding) and then when she has a few free minutes (usually before nap time), I find her sitting in there folding them, she gets so excited when she has folded a whole stack and then places them back in the drawer nice and neat.

+ Instead of using traditional dryer sheets (which are usually filled with yucky stuff that can irritate a child's sensitive skin), I use wool dryer balls (our favorite here) and put lavender essential oil on them before tumbling clothing dry; one set of 3 lasts 1000 loads plus everything comes out smelling amazing and I'm convinced it keeps the girls calm on our wildest days!

Do you have any mom hacks I forgot?! Be sure to share them below! 
Hope your week is off to a great start!! 


lit list | top 10 counting books

Last Tuesday I shared ten of our favorite animal books in a post here and had so much fun putting the list together I thought I'd continue this week with ten of our favorite counting books. Olivia loves to count and each of these books make it so much fun with their beautiful illustrations. These days, Poppy enjoys flipping through the board books that Olivia stacks in front of her any time we sit down to read, even though sometimes I think she would rather eat them ;)

All these books are not only great for learning the basics of counting 1-10 or 1-20 but also for number recognition and understanding quantity, since many of them have representative pictures which accompany each number, which is really key to a child understanding the concept of numbers & quantity and eventually addition and subtraction.
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

Are any of these favorites in your home?! To see more of our favorites, be sure to follow along on instagram @blessednestblog with my #BlessedNestLitList series & check out the Lit List tab as well! 

Hope your week is off to a great start!!


friday favorites

Happy Friday! Today I've rounded up a few Friday Favorites I've been loving lately, including one of my favorite gifts us girls are giving Dustin for Father's Day this year! It's hard to believe we're already 10 days into June. Poppy is 9 months old today and I still wonder how time could possibly be passing this fast. 

1 // We spend so much time outside during the summer, especially during the afternoon once the girls wake up from their naps and we have some downtime before dinner. Olivia loves trail mix of any sort (we call it "pup mix" because my dad always called me pup as a little girl and now he calls Olivia that) and it's been so much fun to let her build her own with a little trail mix station. I usually pack trail mix in Dustin's lunches as well, so I set up bowls with different nuts, dried fruit, etc and after Olivia fills a little bowl with her own creation for a snack, I let her fill a few containers for Daddy for the week. These mini latte bowls make it extra fun and are the perfect size for her little hands. 

2 // We have been spending a lot of time grilling lately being that our kitchen is under renovation and dessert for us these days is almost always our favorite popsicles. I really want to try making our own this summer, I know Olivia would love that. These blueberry rhubarb breakfast pops look so yummy and so do these blackberry cheesecake ones.

3 // This Father's Day is certainly the most special yet and I wanted to find something that Dustin would not only love but that would be memorable and practical so we're giving him a Daniel Wellington watch. I have a matching one and love the rose gold and blue hand detail. His is slightly larger the mine and can be shopped here. Mine can be found here. They are classy and timeless and I love the look of the weathered leather straps and the minimal face design. Being that he asked for a weed whip for Father's Day (thrilling, right?!), I'm pretty sure he's going to be surprised and love his new watch! You can save 15% off your DW purchase through June 30 using the code BLESSEDNESTBLOG at checkout.

4 // Olivia's favorite thing to wear every day is a dress, anything she can twirl in. I recently got this linen dress for her and love how classic and almost old-fashioned looking it is. It would be so darling paired with this one for us Mamas.

5 // Last but not least, I am always finding ways to add art prints to our walls and this floral one is a new favorite. No such thing as too much art, right?! ;)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! XO


best of the nest | zozu baby

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. We are staying busy with our kitchen renovation and enjoying some beautiful weather. As much fun as the renovation process is, I'm definitely looking forward to having it finished and being able to cook again in a brand new kitchen!
I'm so excited to be featuring one of our favorite shops for girls' bows today in my Best of the Nest series, ZoZu Baby. Founded and run by beautiful Mama of two, Sandy Zucker, ZoZu Baby was started after the birth of her daughter, Zoey, as a way to accessorize her own children and those of her friends. It quickly grew in to so much more than that and since Sandy made her first bow back in March of 2013, it still focuses on simple, classic pieces that complement babies and children of all ages.

ZoZu Baby offers a wide range of bow styles; our favorites are the Zoey bows, they're the perfect size for Poppy without being too big, just enough to make a statement. If you're looking for something a bit smaller or want a bow set for pigtails, the Scout collection is darling as are the Explorer bows. And if you're on the hunt for something festive, this 4th of July collection is so much fun. Each bow can be made on nylon elastic which grows with your child and is made to fit any age or it can be put on an alligator clip. Sandy also offers free domestic shipping on all orders over $30.

All ZoZu Baby bows are made with love in Northern California, with meticulous attention to detail and they arrive in the sweetest packaging. I love all her neutral bows that can be paired with every outfit. The Dalmatian bow {above}, Polka Dot bow {below} and Two-Toned Black and White are a few of our absolute favorites! 

In addition to the sweetest hair bows for your little ladies, you can also find bowties at ZoZu baby. All the accessories Sandy makes and sells are comfortable, classic and made to last. Sandy is always releasing new styles and I love her wide selection of colors and patterns. 

Because we love ZoZu Baby bows so much, I've teamed up with Sandy to give away FIVE BOWS of CHOICE to one of you! To enter, head over to my instagram @blessednestblog for details. Giveaway runs Wednesday June 8 through Tuesday June 14 and the winner will be announced on the original post on Instagram. For an extra entry, leave a comment below sharing which bows or bow styles are your favorites! 

Be sure to follow along with ZoZu Baby below for sneak peeks, special discounts & more:


lit list | top 10 animal books

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!

Joining in #toptentuesday to share our Ten Favorite Animal picture books! In our house, we all love children's books and I'm pretty sure even if I didn't have kids, I would have a collection because they are just so beautiful & reading them makes me feel like a kid again. Thankfully, both the girls love books and even though Poppy just pages through board books right now, Olivia is sure to teach her all about what makes a good book and how to read as she gets older!

A lot of the books we've been reading lately have been all about animals so I thought it would be fun to round up 10 of our favorites here. 
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten

Are any of these your favorites as well?! 

Be sure to follow along instagram @blessednestblog with my #BlessedNestLitList series and check the Lit List tab here on my blog if you're in need of some new book ideas! XO

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