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You know you're a mom when new diapers & wipes show up at your front door and you feel like a kid on Christmas morning because you're just that excited to try them out on your little one.

Over the past 3+ years since Olivia was born, I've tried just about every diaper & wipe there is. I've used the classic brands the girls started wearing from day one in the hospital, more natural and eco-friendly subscription brands as well as a random handful of others. I've never been too picky on diapers and ended up just sticking with Pampers because that was what I'd always used but in the back of my mind always wondered if there was something better out there. 

Wipes were another story. I couldn't ever find ones I loved. I always felt like I was settling. The more natural brands always ripped or would tear when I was using them, or I would try to pull one out and 10 would come with it. Convenient, right? Some just didn't smell refreshing at all and others were full of chemicals (and smelled like it!). I've probably tried about every wipe that exists and never fell in love with any of them.

Then I was introduced to Parasol Co. and every diaper + wipe dream I'd ever had came true. I don't know if diapers and wipes can truly change your life but if there was ever a brand to do it, it would be Parasol Co.

The diapers are so soft (like luxuriously soft) because they're made with a specially developed, ultra-soft topsheet layer that truly comforts your baby, while their innovative drylock technology offers excellent absorption without wasteful and uncomfortable bulk. It’s a thinner, softer diaper that not only performs better but which is made with carefully sourced baby-safe ingredients. And you can tell the difference just by comparing your every-day-run-of-the-mill diaper with these side by side; Parasol diapers aren't stiff at all, something I've run in to with lots of other "natural" diapers, and I love that!

Parasol wipes smell like cucumber and aloe ... um, I'm never using another wipe again thank you very much. The wipes are quilted so they're also incredibly soft, not to mention they smell so fresh, I even use them on my own face! I've always wanted a wipe I can use for diaper changes but also that I want to reach for to wipe the girls' faces and hands after meals or out on the go and this is it. Oh and when I just want to pull out one, I only get one.

Parasol Co. diapers are super absorbent, hypoallergenic, latex-free, chlorine-free, fragrance-free and lotion free. They are printed in modern designs (finally, a diaper that I don't want to cover up!) using ink without lead or heavy metals. Parasol Co. partners with independent artists to design the diapers and when you order you can choose between three different sets of styles. They launched their first collection in collaboration with artist Ashley Goldberg. Our favorite is the Dream Collection {below} but they also offer The Delight Collection {their classic prints} and the Discover Collection {a set inspired by the outdoors}. View all styles here

Their wipes come in travel size {20} and full size {72} packs and the travel size are perfect for my diaper bag. Unlike most travel size wipes, Parasol Co. packs have 20 wipes instead of 10. I don't know what it is but when I'm out and about with the girls, between changes and bathroom trips and snacks and lunch, 10 wipes doesn't last me long. I love the packs of 20 and how convenient they are. Parasol Co. wipes are naturally scented with cucumber, a soothing blend of chamomile, oat and marshmallow extracts plus moisturizing aloe vera and Vitamin E. Did I mention they smell amazing?!

My favorite part about Parasol Co. is the company itself -- their values {read more here}, passion for their products, customer service, flexible subscriptions, partnership with hand-picked artists to create their exclusive designs, and really every detail big and small that goes in to making the experience of parenthood richer, better and more beautiful when you're using their products...including the sticker on the inside of the wipes reminding you that as a parent, you're kicking butt!

Because we love Parasol Co. in our own home so much, I want to be sure you can try them in yours with savings. You can receive $20 off your first subscription using the code BLESSEDNEST at checkout by subscribing here. If you want to give them a try first, Parasol offers a free trial here with 8 diapers & a travel pack of 20 wipes for only $3 shipping. If you try them out or end up subscribing, I'd love to hear what you think! 

Hope you're all having a wonderful week! Our kitchen cabinets arrived today and all that's left to do before they go in is paint the walls and install our flooring. The countdown is officially on!!

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