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It's been a bit quiet here on the blog this week after a full weekend of celebrating Olivia's 3rd birthday and then slowly getting back in to the swing of our regular routine. We chose our cabinets, bought our new appliances and are starting demo on our kitchen this weekend. Aside from that we have been spending every moment possible outside with the girls since we've had such beautiful weather. 

I thought it would be fun to do a little update on the girls at their current ages. It seems like in the last few weeks so many things have changed and it's always fun to look back on each stage and remember what they were accomplishing and the funny things they did and said.

Olivia // 3 years

Olivia is the most thoughtful & kind little girl. She has such a tender heart and a genuine love for others and for animals. Whenever we are reading a book with an animal in it she pulls the book close to her and says "Hug all the animals!" with the biggest smile on her face. She knows all her letters, shapes, numbers and colors and easily recognizes them. She still has a deep love of books but reading takes quite a bit longer these days because she wants to spell out every single word on every page as well as name every single thing she sees.

Her hair is long and wildly curly and I don't intend to ever cut it. She loves just about every activity {except leaving the park!} and eats every food. For her birthday she told me she wished for "bear toast" so that is clearly a favorite. She also loves apples, strawberries and fruit + veggie smoothies but her top request is "tacos and guac!"

On average, she sleeps 8:30/9pm to about 8am and takes a 3-hour nap from about 2-5pm while Poppy naps. We've adjusted her bedtime a little bit now that it stays light so late and it gives her some time with both Dustin and I after Penelope has gone to bed, which is so important at this age. As of a few months ago, she is potty trained and just finished single-day preschool last week. She will be in four-day preschool starting in the Fall and I'm still not sure what Poppy and I are going to do with all that time just the two of us!

Olivia's favorite thing to do is spend time outside, whether in the backyard or at the park. She loves being in the hammock, blowing bubbles, "gardening" with her watering can and spray bottle and drawing with chalk. She picks up Poppy's toys without being asked, loves to have everything in its place and immediately notices if something is where it doesn't belong. Hmm, wonder where she gets that from! ;)

She loves music, dancing, doing arts and crafts and helping around the house. The other night it was time to get her to bed and I was in her room waiting for her after she had brushed her teeth. I wondered what was taking so long so I went back to the bathroom and saw she had taken out the pile of washcloths from the drawer I'd just washed (but hadn't folded) and was folding them one by one and putting them back. I always find her doing little tasks like that and it just melts my heart. She loves setting out my toothbrush with toothpaste before bed and helping feed Poppy puffs or fruit or bringing her water or toys. Whenever I tell Olivia I'll make her breakfast or lunch she comes up to me and says, "Do you need help, Mama?" and her baby sister is her best friend. Poppy often says "Da-da, Da-da!" and Olivia always follows it up by saying, "Mama, Mama! Poppy says Daddy and that is so funny!" 

This age is so much fun and so full of discovery. With her birthday being on Monday I found myself looking back at all the photos of her as a baby and missing those newborn cuddles and middle-of-the-night feedings. Of course in the moment it felt tiring but I'd give anything to go back to them even for just a night. There are moments where I still see my baby girl, when she curls up beside me and rests her head on my chest or only wants her mama, but there are also so many moments where I see the little girl she is becoming, so grown up and able to do so much without my help. She sets up her own diffuser at night in her bedroom, dresses herself and gets most of her meals ready without help. Every stage with her has been such a gift and I love being able to watch her take in the world around her. She has such a beautiful perspective and continuously reminds me of all the beauty in this life.

Penelope // 8.5 months

Our sweet Poppy girl. What a little dolly. Every day I look at her and just wonder how we ever lived without her. She has the biggest blue eyes and softest skin, the daintiest features and such a tender spirit just like Olivia. She is always calm, happy and so peaceful. Nothing really phases her and she definitely has the same easy-going nature as Olivia and Dustin.

Penelope started crawling a week ago and now is on the move more than ever. Watching her crawl is my favorite thing and I could sit and watch her all day long. She loves bath time, car rides or any type of motion and being outside on a blanket in the shade. Tickling her tummy is sure to get giggles out and she loves to imitate the silly sounds I make. Her newest trick is clapping her hands on cue when we say "pat-a-cake" and she thinks her big sister is hilarious. 

Her hair is growing longer and longer and we're all hoping it will curl like Olivia's did! My camera roll is filled with pictures of her little hands, legs and feet...I never want to forget how small she is because she's growing so fast. She loves to sleep on her tummy with her hands and legs tucked under herself. She sleeps 8pm-8am with one feeding around 6am before going back to sleep until Olivia wakes. She averages 2 naps a day, usually 10am-noon and then 2:30-4:30/5pm. She loves eating just about everything, but her favorite foods are blueberries, avocado, butternut squash with coconut oil and anything with sweet potatoes in it. 

She lights up at the sight of Olivia in the mornings when she greets her and when the two of them are near each other, it seems like the giggles are endless. I always look at them and wonder what is so funny, but apparently just being near each other even if nothing is happening makes them laugh. It's been so much fun to witness their sister bond over the past 8 months, something I always dreamed of.

Penelope has the sweetest little dimples and is either super smiley or super serious. She still has no teeth but is looking more and more like Olivia did as a baby and has so many of the same preferences and characteristics. I am trying to soak in every stage with her, because the little things she does and ways she needs me reminds me of that stage with Olivia and the importance of cherishing it before it's gone. For such a little girl, she is so full of joy and life. A true gift to us all!

How old are your little one(s) and what do you most want to remember about this stage with them?! 
I hope you're all having a wonderful week! XO

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