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Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! After a week of rain we had lots of sunshine and warmer temps; it's always so nice to get the girls outside in the fresh air, especially after a long week of being stuck inside. There is just something about being outside that makes the days go by so much quicker! And fresh air always makes for extra long naps for the girls...a definite win in my book!

Our weekend was low key, just the way I like it. We went out to dinner and for frozen yogurt on Thursday night and spent Friday relaxing at home.

We had our Mother's Day mini session on Saturday night and it was so much fun to get dressed up and take some photos with the girls. Can't wait to share them soon!

Sunday was spent getting ready for the week ahead and doing some spring cleaning. I went through my entire closet and tried on countless outfits that I haven't worn in ages (aka since having babies). You know how you hang on to stuff that you think you'll wear "that one day" or don't want to get rid of it because what if you need it for "that one thing"? Yeah, I finally decided that if it isn't something I reach for to put on every day, it was time to part with it. I cleared out so much stuff and now just have a closet with my absolute favorite clothes. And it feels so good!! It's also a great reminder to be super discerning before I buy something new...I want to be sure it won't end up in the "get rid of" pile a few months down the road.

We are loving the sunshine and summer weather here and spending as much time in the backyard and at the park as possible. I've started planning Olivia's 3rd birthday party, which is in just under three weeks! May is always a favorite month around here and there are lots of things we're looking forward to in the weeks to come!!

Hope you have the best week! We started ours off with Olivia's favorite bear toast. For those of you wanting something new in the mornings with your little ones, I shared all our favorite easy breakfast ideas a few weeks ago here. Happy May!

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