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It's been quite the low-key week since the weather has been cold and rainy. We've been taking lots of naps, eating lots of soup and per Olivia's request baking almost every day. Brownies are probably my favorite treat to have around...there is just something so good about them, they always hit the spot. This week in addition to brownies we made vanilla bean scones (that my best friend so kindly got me totally hooked on) for out of town company and they were delicious. To kick off your weekend, here are a few Friday Favorites including the recipe below.

1 // These petite vanilla bean scones I mentioned we made yesterday are so so yummy. But then again, isn't everything that Ree makes?! A true labor of love, they're a little time consuming but really easy to actually make and the end result is so worth it. I used the full recipe and ended up with 30 petite scones, but you could cut it in half too. I'd recommend chilling the scones 20-30 minutes in the fridge once you've put them on your baking sheet so they don't spread too much. And I made ours GF by using our Favorite Cup4Cup gluten free flour, but all-purpose will work too!

2 // One night toward the end of the week I usually run a bunch of errands for the weekend and Thursdays have become my go-to day lately. I leave the girls at home with Dust and spend a few hours getting everything we need (aka actually getting the things I almost always forget when kids are in tow) at a bunch of different places. Last night at Target I stumbled upon a brand of green cleaning products called Common Good and truthfully, knew nothing about them except that their simple packaging was beautiful and I was instantly sold. Lavender is forever my favorite scent and all their products smell amazing. I've been wanting to make the switch to wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets forever and just hadn't, so I was excited to see they made dryer balls. I plan to add a few drops of essential oil to each one before using...probably lavender! To read a bit more about their products in addition to whats on their website, The American Edit has a great article I came across. So far what I've used, I'm loving and can't wait to try more.

3 // I recently picked up a few new pieces for Spring for both Penelope & Olivia and after I started getting their catalogs, I've found so much fun stuff from Tea Collection. With a catalog offer, you can get 20% off plus free shipping on your first order so the savings adds up quickly. Their rompers are my favorite for babies and I love all their dresses for toddlers. We take a pretty minimal approach to the girls' wardrobe, investing in several staple pieces that will last instead of a million clothes that wear out quickly. That also means less clothes to wash & fold! 

4 // I have been on the search for awhile now for a good multivitamin toddler gummy that wasn't filled with junk or super hard for Olivia to chew. Sometimes they're so hard and seriously look like they've been sitting on the shelf for 10 years. Yuck. I started using Zarbees, a natural brand created by a father and pediatrician shortly after becoming a mom. They now makes gummy vitamins sweetened with honey and I picked up a jar at Target on my trip last night. Olivia loves them and they're a nice hassle-free alternative to the liquid multivitamins we sometimes use. We have tried almost every single one of their products and love them all. 

5 // Last but not least, earlier in the week I shared 5 of the most important things I've learned through motherhood in a post here. If you read that you'll know we love having dance parties on the daily. A few tunes on our playlist right now are Classic by MKTO, Cecilia and the Satellite by Andrew McMahon, Uptown Funk (such a good dance song!!) by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars & You're Gonna Miss This by Trace Adkins (an older one but still gives me all the feels every time I listen). Nothing like a dance party to get everyone feeling good! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! XO


  1. I love, love Zarbees. I did a post on all my favorite all natural kiddo medicines and vitamins and Zarbees is on the top of my list:)

  2. We love Zarbee's too. Their elderberry ones are great for keeping those preschool colds at bay! I totally fell for the Common Goods packaging too. :)


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