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Penelope just turned 6 months old today so I thought it would be fun to round up a few of our favorites items thus far since she's been born! Many of these items were ones we used with Olivia also and just love!
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Almost every single one of these items are ones we use every single day. I've shared how much we love our DockaTot {1} many times, and even included it as one of my Top 10 favorite baby + child products of 2015 {original post here}. Poppy loves it for lounging, napping and playing. The Deluxe size is made for babies 0-9 months and the Grand Dock is made for baby 9 months to 3 years. Olivia has a Grand that she also loves...little does she know there are only a few more months until Penelope claims it as her own! 

Sophie the giraffe {2} was hands down Olivia's favorite teether and toy for the first year and Poppy is no different. I love that it's so easy for little hands to hold and P loves using it to chew on and making it to squeak.

Since Penelope was born in the Fall I picked up a few pairs of cozy knit & cotton booties {3} and ended up loving them! They were so much easier to put on her than socks and didn't constrict her ankles at all, so I felt comfortable letting her wear them for long periods of time and nap in them. I also love that they can just be thrown in the wash but hold up so much better than regular socks. Plus I had a hard time finding socks small enough for newborns so these were the perfect solution. She still wears a pair almost every day & they come in so many fun colors. 

Now that Penelope is growing so much and alert all day, she loves being a part of the action in our home, whether I'm in the kitchen cooking, we're in Olivia's room reading, the basement playing, the 4moms bounceRoo {4} makes it so easy to bring her room to room and give her a comfy and entertaining place to sit. She didn't show interest in it until about 3 months, but since then has loved it every single day!

The only sleep sacks I ever used with both girls were Halo brand. For the first few months I used the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sacks and now just use the regular ones {5}. They come in so many types of fabrics, patterns, and keep a baby extra warm through the night but are safe unlike blankets left in the crib.

I've expressed my love of Boon Inc. products before and their grass drying rack {6} is something I use every day for bottles, pump supplies, sippy cups & more. It's easy to clean and I love that it keeps the girls' things separate from ours. 

Poppy has a handful of stuffed animals and one of her absolute favorites for naps is her bambi deer. It's so cozy and easy for her to hold because of the long arms and legs. 

Our favorite swaddles come from Aden and Anais and Little Unicorn {8}. They're cotton muslin and bamboo and get softer with every single wash. I use them for everything under the sun...carseat cover, nursing cover, changing pad, playmat, snuggling and more. Olivia still has a handful from when she was a baby and loves them. There are so many fun styles available these days and they make great shower gifts!

More than anything, Penelope wears footed jammies {9}. Most days during the week we don't go too many places and if we do, they keep her cozy and warm. Olivia was a Spring baby so didn't really need them but I love how nice they've been through the fall and winter for Poppy.

Wee Gallery Art Cards {10} are one of the first "toys" I gave both girls. They are thick, sturdy black and white cards with animals drawn from repeating shapes and patterns. Babies' eyes respond most to black and white images early on and they are fun for her to look at and hold. Olivia loves taking them all out and laying them across the floor, naming the animals and the sound they make. These are a hit with both girls and would be a fun addition to an Easter Basket this year!

Since becoming a Mom, I've tried lots of different lotions, body washes, rash creams & more. My go-to product for both girls is coconut oil {11}. It's amazing on the skin and clears up anything and everything naturally. It moisturizes, heals and smells amazing plus its a superfood with countless nutritional benefits!! We always keep it on hand in the nursery and because it's also made for cooking (our go-to oil!), I mix it into all of Poppy's baby food for an extra boost and flavor! 

Last but not least, if you've been following me for awhile here or on instagram @blessednestblog, you've probably seen the tub insert we use {12}. I featured it a few weeks ago in my roundup of our favorite bath products here and seriously can't imagine giving baths without it. It comes in both pink and blue, is easy to clean and can be used for newborns up to 6 months! 

Hope you are all having a wonderful week! We are over the moon that tomorrow is Friday! XO

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