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Happy March 1! February flew by in the blink of an eye and it's hard to believe that Easter is only a few weeks away. Easter will forever be one of my favorite holidays. I love the Springtime & everything it represents...life feels fresh & new and everywhere you turn is lush green grass and blooming flowers. It's such a fun time of year especially with little girls to celebrate alongside. Putting together Easter baskets for our girls is such a fun tradition and a special way to make this time of year even more fun! I've rounded up my top picks for your babes' baskets this year below.
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This year Penelope will be 6 months old for Easter so her basket will be filled with a few simple things to snuggle & play with, including this darling sleepy elephant {4}, flower rattle {6}, activity ring {12} & animal shakers {8}. I also picked up a few of our favorite floral bonnets {3} to include. Finally she's getting a few drool bibs {13} & a pretzel teether {11}, not related to Easter in the least.

Olivia's basket last year had a few more than a few cozy bunnies (which she still sleeps with every night and has appropriately named Mop, Hop, Lop & Bop and knows exactly which is which, something I can't even seem to keep straight) so this year I'm focusing less on bunnies and more on a few fun toys that she'll get a lot of use out of it and can eventually enjoy with Poppy. One of her favorite things is taking baths so I picked up a few new bath toys, including these jelly fish {15} and a fun little floating duck {10}. We're also giving her a puzzle {5}, since puzzles are one of her favorite activities these days. We have a few Petit Collage puzzles similar to that one {safari one here & forest friends here} and just love them. I thought this bird one was darling for Spring.

Finally, books are a perfect gift to include in baskets. I picked up two new ones this year for the girls {1, 9} and What Will Hatch? has been a favorite of Olivia's for a long time. We have the hardcover version but they just released it in a board book form in January, perfect for little hands!

Olivia also loves sticker books right now so if I come across any cute Spring ones, I may add those. I found some fun sidewalk chalk last weekend on sale and picked up a few little art supplies for her, including new twistable crayons and paint brush pens. Last but not least, a fun item to put in plastic eggs is socks. It probably doesn't sound that exciting but Olivia always loves getting new socks (especially when they're pink) and I love giving gifts to the girls that are practical. I love these bunny ones here.

Whether you keep it really simple or go all out, I hope you enjoy the time spent putting together a basket for your little ones. It really is the thought that counts! Happy Tuesday!!

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