our weekend

This past weekend was one for the books, with lots of relaxation and finishing up a few extra special projects. Add to that some great mail for baby girl and our home, homemade chili and a lunch date out with my hubby, and it was a total win. 

Friday afternoon I got my hair done and then enjoyed grocery shopping solo and a trip to a few of my favorite boutiques. I picked up a scarf & sweater that just shouted fall. I also stumbled upon antique hydrangeas at Whole Foods on sale for the weekend, and dried a bunch of them all around our house in antique pitchers. I absolutely love hydrangeas, especially when they're the most gorgeous vintage colors.

On Friday night we relaxed and took it easy at home; I made a big pot of grass fed beef chili (our favorite!) since it's been feeling like Fall lately with all the cool weather we've been having. Saturday morning we slept in and knocked a few projects off our list, then Dustin and I enjoyed a lunch date out while Via spent the afternoon with Nana.

After lunch, we came home to a sleeping girl and a storm rolling in. Dustin decided to take a nap while I relaxed on the couch and indulged in a Fixer Upper marathon, one of my all time favorite HGTV shows. 

On Saturday night, we finished up our bedroom gallery wall and hung some more art that had arrived that morning in our updated living room. Sunday was another slow day; Dustin got up with Olivia and took her to church while I slept in and woke to an empty house, then made my favorite breakfast -- french toast & sausage -- while enjoying peace and quiet and a little bit of Flea Market Flip! 

After breakfast, I settled into a hot bubble bath. I take baths almost every night but there is something so nice about one in the late morning. When Dustin and Olivia got home, we played outside and made some lunch, then it was nap time. I packed my hospital bags and Dustin mowed the lawn. Dustin had plans on Sunday night with some friends so it was just me and V, such a special night spent together knowing the nights of just us are coming to an end. 

We've also officially finished our living + dining room update with all new furniture, new lights and a bunch of new decor and art. It feels so cozy and rustic, it has become my favorite spot in the house, and a perfect start to my favorite season. Our days now are just spent making memories and relaxing as much as possible, wondering when our little babe will make her entrance into the world. We are just so excited and I'm thankful that our weekend was so special. Who knows, it might have been our last as a family of three! 

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