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With less than four weeks to go, all three of us are getting so excited to meet Miss Penelope. Olivia was born at 38w2d which means in two weeks from today, Poppy could be in our arms if she arrives when her big sister did. I don't think it's fully set in that we'll have a newborn again, as my parenting mindset for what feels like so long has been all toddler. But I can't wait to see her squishy face, kiss her little lips and soak in the glory of new baby smell.

Being so close to delivery, I thought I'd share a few things we've been up to lately as the final weeks come and go before we transition to a family of four!

Dustin works Monday to Friday but gets home by 3:30pm, (which I love!) so during the week we try to spend a few fun nights out and about with Olivia and a few low key nights relaxing at home. Since I stay home, even if I run errands or have some things going on outside the house during the day with Olivia, I'm always excited to get out in the evenings all three of us. Olivia usually naps 2-5pm so that is my time to blog, answer emails, meal plan, read, and rest. Once she's up the fun begins!

Our outings usually consist of visiting our favorite parks, taking a walk, grabbing icecream or visiting with friends nearby. Nights in are almost always spent grilling and hanging out in the backyard; the weather lately has been a total dream. This past Monday night I hosted a girls' night and we made homemade chicken spring rolls and did some baking. It's always so much fun to entertain, one of my very favorite things!

On the weekends, we try to squeeze in a date night to dinner just the two of us and then one special big activity with Olivia. We love taking her to the waterpark, zoo, or lake. We also focus on 1-2 things to accomplish each weekend, whether it be something around the house or some other incredibly exciting task -- like washing and vacuuming the car and installing P's carseat.

Last week I decided I wanted to rearrange our entire living + dining room and after we did, I came to the conclusion it was time to sell our old furniture (from when we bought our home in 2010) and revamp the whole room. That was our big and exciting project last week and weekend; we chose a new rustic coffee table, two mismatched antique end tables (one with storage so I can hide books and toys), a set of two new Edison table lamps and a super cozy shag rug. The last things on our list to complete the space is to find a new light fixture for over our dining room table, which I plan to pick out this weekend, and to hang up a corner gallery wall. It was so much fun to redecorate and I joked with Dustin that furniture shopping is my love language! 

Aside from that, our free time together is spent playing with Olivia, reading, visiting with friends and checking off the final things on our to-do list. It's been a really fun and calm summer overall; the timing of her arrival has been perfect because we've been able to soak up one last full summer with our little girl. I couldn't be more excited to kick Fall off with a new babe in my arms and my two year old sweetheart by my side. The best season of all is right around the corner and I am over the moon at all the fun to come! 

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