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One of my favorite parts about Christmas is stuffing stockings for Dustin and Olivia. I just love seeing three stockings hanging on our antique hutch and putting tiny little presents in each of them as Christmas approaches. This year, with Olivia being 18 months, I had so much fun finding goodies that I knew she would love and have a lot of fun with but that were still practical too. Below are a few of my favorites. 
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I absolutely love Tegu and what the company stands for. If you aren't familiar, they make heirloom quality magnetic wooden blocks that encourage a child's imagination and creative play. We actually didn't get the 8-piece travel set for V {1} but instead got her the 24-piece set, but I love the size of the travel set and how easy it would be to slip in a stocking {or a diaper bag for on the go fun!}

There is something so sweet about Matryoshka {Russian nesting} dolls and I always played with them as a little girl at my Grandma's house. I got her a snack cup set {2} and measuring spoons for her stocking and they'll be perfect in her kitchen for play.

It's no secret that I love getting creative at mealtime and I am always on the hunt for innovative and high quality toddler mealtime products that Olivia can use and play with. Oogaa offers spoons in the shapes of trains (3), planes, tugboats & trucks, as well as other mealtime products such as divided plates and bowls. All their products are BPA free, dishwasher- and microwave-safe. 

I am so excited for Olivia to open up her two boxes of Mix & Match cards {4} from Petit Collage and thought one box would just fit in her stocking. They have all different styles for boys and girls and Olivia loves to sit and sort cards so I know these will be a hit! With 24 cards you can mix and match to create silly characters, these will be so much fun. I also love their petit puzzles and they would be great for stockings for 2- and 3-year olds.

This deer by Maileg {5} has always been a toy that caught my eye and I can just picture it peeking out the top of a baby's stocking on Christmas morning. How perfect.

Olivia loves playing with kitchen toys and since Santa is giving her a vintage kitchen for Christmas, I picked up a few sets of fun cupcake molds at a really great price from Home Goods of all places! Any of these would be great for the stocking, but my favorites are the aristocakes, the yumbots {6} & the fresh picked berry boxes

Wee Gallery Art Cards {7} are perfect for younger babes and captivate a little one with their bold black and white images and repeating patterns. With a wide variety of cards to choose from, these are so sweet.

Every year after Christmas, my mom and I scout out all the 50% off deals at tiny little shops and local boutiques and last year we found a bag of Tree Tops {8} for only a few dollars. I packed them away and then pulled them out this year and we have had endless entertainment spinning all the tops on the coffee table and floors! They are so high quality and so much fun for adults and children alike.

Another fun and modern snack container {9} - this one by Boon - it's fun for kids to open and close and holds just the right amount of kix or cheerios for snacktime. I grabbed the pink and purple one for V on clearance at Babies R Us awhile go and know we will get a lot of use out of it. I have been so happy with every product from Boon we've ever purchased. The Odd Ducks {12} are also on our wishlist because Olivia is crazy about ducks {how that started, I have no idea}.

Another idea for a younger babe is a wooden teether. The Kitty is one of my favorites and definitely one I'll pick up in the future when we have another girl! Little Sapling Toys is a fabulous company that offers all kinds of wooden toys and a huge selection of teethers perfect for stuffing a stocking! They also make gorgeous personalized ornaments for the tree.

What's a stocking without a little bit of something sweet? Olivia loves GoGo Squeeze pouches as a midday treat and so I slipped a few in her stocking. 

Finally, I picked up a few Hello Kitty Christmas coloring books and a pack of gem crayons from Target a few weeks ago, and will roll the coloring books up in her stocking with the crayons tucked inside! 

What are you putting in your little's stockings? What are you hoping will be in yours?
I've already snuck a peek at mine {of course, completely by accident} and discovered a new floral iphone case and pom pom maker...and a tube of urban decay red lipstick that was at the top of my list. Surprisingly, I totally don't mind that Dustin didn't wrap them ... or I wouldn't have been able to peek!
Only 7 Days until Christmas! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I bought my son the travel pack of Tegu blocks before he was born! Everyone thought it was silly that I was so excited about them, but he absolutely loves them now, one of his favorite toys! His grandma even bought him another set for Christmas. :)


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