a father's love

There is nothing quite like watching your husband fall in love with your daughter and knowing he will love her forever in a way that no one else can. Every moment I watch Dustin through his journey of fatherhood with Olivia, I fall more in love with them both. 

A father's love for his daughter is a thing of such beauty & perfection. 
It embodies selflessness, protection, sacrifice, influence, gentleness & love. It is a bond like nothing else in this world and the love between a father and daughter is forever.

My heart is so full to be able to celebrate this day with the man who swept me off my feet 
and who I know has swept Olivia off hers.

Dustin is the most generous, kind, loving man. 
He always sees the best in others and never turns down an opportunity to serve, to listen, to love.
He makes both of us girls laugh like nobody else can, and Olivia's face lights up when he walks in the room just the way mine does. As soon as the garage door opens in the afternoon, Olivia looks at me and says "DaDa," knowing he is home from work to be with us. 

Dustin has shown that fatherhood is truly God's calling on his life, because he stepped into the role with ease and has been loving Olivia perfectly and flawlessly ever since.

And the other man I celebrate today? My own father. The man who has always supported me, challenged me, encouraged me, taught me, prayed for me, listened to me, and loved me. 

Olivia and I are blessed with the best of the best. 

And my Grandpa Milan, my Mama's Dad, who was much like a father to me for more than half of my life, is loving the view from above, celebrating with all of us in spirit. His signature tattooed on my right wrist reminds me every day of the love he had for me and all the memories we shared. His name in Czech means "Beloved" which is the significance behind my tattoo. 
On Father's Day I also think of how I am my Father's Beloved -- a Daughter of the King. The most majestic & perfect Father of them all.

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