weekend recap

Dustin unexpectedly had Friday off (SCORE!) so I was able to go to yoga on Friday morning. For me, that is the absolute best way to start the weekend off right. Friday afternoon we spent relaxing at home & then we enjoyed a fun birthday dinner at one of our favorite restaurants before going to our 2014 Marriage Matters kickoff (more on that soon). On Saturday we got up bright & early to meet friends of ours at a renowned bakery in our area that we had never been to. They are famous for their tea cakes and yes, I ate a whole one. If you don’t get there early enough, you won’t have the opportunity to sink your teeth into the gooey, crunchy, glazey, soft, chewy, sweet, amazing goodness that is the Tea Cake. By 9am, they are sold out. (P.S. I don’t remember the last time I indulged in carbs like that and I am already counting the days until we go back!)
Saturday afternoon I was blessed to have some time with my Mom. We did some pre-birthday shopping and looked at new sewing machines! I would love a fancy, computerized one and being that this year is my Golden Birthday, my Mom is spoiling me. I am already planning five quilts that I am making, 4 of which feature the same beautiful fabric collection. It’s THAT amazing. More on that soon too! 
Saturday night, Dustin and I were originally planning on going to a fancy Mexican restaurant for dinner but I was so exhausted from a long week and busy weekend, we decided to pass. I opted for doing laundry, making baby food and cleaning instead. Dustin decided to get us Chipotle to bring home in lieu of our date night out  and they gave us our meals free of charge! I love how God shows His favor and sense of humor in the best ways - despite us staying in, He still found a way to give us our Mexican dinner and free of charge! God is GOOD! 
Saturday was also special in that it marked one year since we found out we were having a baby girl! I remember going in for my ultrasound and being so anxious and excited. When the tech told me it was a girl, I truly couldn’t believe it. I don’t think I fully believed it until she was born, but to say I was excited on January 18, 2022 was an understatement. I was over the moon.
Hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend! This week I’ll be posting some Valentine’s inspiration, a tutorial on a fun handmade gift you can give your hubby for V-day and also by request some of my favorite baby food recipes! I also will be posting the delicious chicken lettuce wrap recipe I made on Wednesday and my favorite monster cookie recipe just in time for Valentine’s! XOXO

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