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I thought I would do a round up of my feeding favorites since I have been so happy with all of these items that we've been using for the past few months since Olivia started solids.

(1) The Boon SWAP Spoons make it easy to feed Olivia and wipe her mouth -- and you have two choices of textures to use (rubber vs. metal). I love boon products and these are the only spoons I'll ever use! 

(2) I have nothing but amazing things to say about the Keekaroo Highchair -- it will grow with Olivia and has been perfect even from 4 months old (we started putting her in it two months before giving her solids so she could get used to it). Once she is a little older, we can take the booster seat out and use it at our dining room table or convert the high chair into an infant chair. We originally chose this high chair because I had used it when I nannied for family friends, and I love it because it's sophisticated, not bulky or made of (cheap) plastic, and it will grow with your babe. 

(3) The Boon Pulp Feeder is so great for Olivia to use with fruit when she is teething, and it is super easy to clean; mesh teethers wear out and get icky pretty quick. Because this is plastic, it can be thrown in the dishwasher and it's like new again after every wash!

(4) The Tovolo Perfect Ice Cube Trays make homemade baby food so easy to portion out and freeze. Read more about making your own baby food here.

(5) The A&A Burpy Bib is wonderful because it covers Olivia's body AND arms! I put that on first (especially when she is wearing a nice outfit) and then put a wipeable bib on top. I use the Burpy Bib as a burp cloth after her meals also. 

(6) The Boon Stay Put Edgeless Divider Plates are awesome for portioning out her food and not always having to mix everything. I want her to taste foods individually and learn what she likes. Plus the colors are fun and they are so easy to clean.

(7) MODIFIED: Any wipeable bib is great to put over cloth/muslin bibs. Our favorite are Snap Bibs (available here). I had a few cheap sets of wipeable bibs from Target (pictured) but once I received Snap Bibs to review, I fell in love! They can be washed with soap and water after each use and come in the most fun colors!

Happy Tuesday!

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