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baby stationary favorites from minted

We are weeks away from welcoming baby no. 3 and of course I have had so much fun thinking about creating her birth announcements and sending them out to friends & family once she's here. We will also be hosting a Sip & See a few weeks after she is born (which we did for Penelope and had so much fun with!) so I designed invitations for that as well. 

My go-to brand for all our stationary needs is Minted, an online design marketplace founded in 2007 which sources creative content from independent artists around the world, and then offers those designs as stationary, art, home decor and more. I love their continued support of so many independent artists and wide range of card styles. 

It was incredibly hard to decide which invitations and announcements to choose since their selection is so vast and gosh they are all just so darling. Below I've rounded up a handful of my favorite invitations for showers and gender reveal parties, many of which can easily be personalized for a Sip & See or Sprinkle as well. 
one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

We have never done a gender reveal party (maybe we will if we have a fourth...someday) but I absolutely loved the "What Whale it be?" invite (8) for that. As for baby showers, there are so many lovely invitations that are easily customizable by color or gender. A lot of their invites have 2-3 different color options (sometimes more) and the process of personalizing cards through Minted is so easy. 

I love the simplicity and modern look of the black and white Oh Baby! invite (1) and my heart melted over both of the designs incorporating Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (2 / 5), probably because that is Poppy's absolute favorite lullaby and I sing it to her every night; I just thought they were both so sweet. 

The nesting dolls invitation (6) is so colorful and eye catching and I love the idea behind it because I feel like whenever I am pregnant (and even when I'm not...) I'm constantly nesting and coming up with more projects, house renovations and things on my to-do list before baby arrives. Ha. My husband loves that, as you can imagine ;) I also love the storybook garden invitation (3) and how whimsical it is.

I thought the graphic on this bonjour baby one was so much fun -- something I would definitely frame & hang in a nursery after the shower as a special keepsake. I also loved this bun in the oven invite and for a Sip & See (especially as Spring and Summer approach), I love this lemonade one, which comes with three different color options.

For birth announcements, I am always drawn to their foil-pressed designs, especially the really classy & simple ones with a single photo. This gilded garden one caught my eye because of my love of floral, and so did this golden posey one. This storybook one is absolutely stunning as well and such a unique way to present the announcement.

Hopefully if you're on the hunt for the perfect invitation or announcement, that gives you a little inspiration! I've shared this before but I absolutely love that Minted offers free recipient addressing on all the envelopes, so us Mamas have one less thing to think about doing with all we have going on! Hope your week has been wonderful so far!! XO


our kitchen tour

I'm so excited to finally share our kitchen tour! We renovated June to August and it was a huge project. I found out I was pregnant the weekend after we started demo (which was an answer to prayer but also hilarious timing!) and Dustin did the majority of the renovation himself, being that he's a contractor and master licensed plumber. His buddies helped with sheetrock, electric and tile but he took on about 90% of the project, working nights and weekends, while I tried to keep two little girls occupied while feeling miserably nauseous 7 days a week in the hot summer heat. Ha! Sounds fun, doesn't it?! Sometimes I look back and still can't believe we made it through the summer, it was definitely a long one. But once we finished, I couldn't have imagined not doing the renovation and it turned out even more perfect than I envisioned it would.

As for our old kitchen, it wasn't terrible but certainly lacked in storage and function for our growing family. I had next to no cabinet space and everything was so was by far the darkest and oldest looking room in our home. We removed the soffit (which made such a difference in being able to take cabinets and tile all the way to the ceiling), completely took down the ceiling to replace all the old insulation (that was a mess...I remember coming downstairs and seeing Dustin standing in insulation up to his waist) and took all the walls down to studs, reinsulated and put up new sheetrock. 

The final steps were all new custom cabinets, new appliances, new flooring, a new white window and door. Paint, white subway tile backsplash with dark gray grout, white quartz counters, a white farmhouse sink, the faucet of my dreams (seriously) and adding shiplap to our accent wall (one of my favorite parts)! We hung live edge open shelving above the dishwasher (open shelves are so much fun) and then added additional counter space where our old oven used to be mounted into the wall (our range and oven were separate before). When all was said and done, it was a big undertaking but such an amazing transformation. I still can't believe my dream kitchen exists in our house! This is our first home and we've taken on 5 major renovations over the past 4 years (and 3 pregnancies!) since we bough it, and the kitchen was the final piece of the puzzle to really transform our house into a home and a space we love to be as a family. Enjoy!

Sources are linked at the bottom of the post. 

Sources: Cabinets / Drawer + Door Pulls / Wall Color: Natural Gray by Behr / Ocean Foam Silestone Quartz Counters / Farmhouse Sink / Faucet / Fridge / Combination Oven + Range / Microwave Oven / Dishwasher / Subway Tile Backsplash / Grout in Natural Gray / Open Shelving Brackets / 24x30 Come Thou Fount Canvas c/o Lindsay Letters / Love Letter Canvases c/o Sugarboo Designs / Gather Sign c/o Feather and Birch / Light fixture above sink from local lighting shop, 2014 / Shiplap (painted with Behr Ultra Pure White) + live edge lumber for floating shelves from local lumberyard

Have you done any renovations in your home?! By now I feel like we could do them in our sleep! As much work as they can be, seeing the transformation from start to finish is one of my favorite parts and it's always worth the hard work in the end. Realizing we lived the first 3 years in our home without it (and without a dishwasher and hardly any storage!) really makes us appreciate every part of it! Hope you're having a great week so far! Watch for the first of my 5 holiday gift guides, hitting the blog tomorrow morning! XO


friday favorites

We started a complete kitchen renovation about 7 weeks ago, which is the 5th major renovation we've taken on since buying our first home (basement, basement bathroom, laundry room & master bathroom). I wouldn't necessarily call our house a "fixer upper," as nothing really needed major updating when we moved in, but over the past 4 years we've really wanted to go room by room and make it our own and transform it to be the most functional for our family. The kitchen was the final piece of the puzzle and almost two months later (with Dustin doing most of it himself given his background), we are nearly done! 

Our cabinets were installed this week, we chose a rustic barnwood flooring and that went in and everything is painted a warm gray. Our appliances are being delivered tomorrow and I am so excited to be able to cook again with our new range and to finally have a dishwasher! We went with white quartz countertops with some light grain in them and we're doing a white subway tile backsplash with a darker grout. We have a mix of shaker style white cabinets, chrome pulls and open wood shelving, and one of our walls is completely shiplapped and painted white, but I still haven't decided if I'll be putting art up on it or creating an open shelving pantry with jars for food.

I shared a look at a few of the kitchens I drew inspiration from back in May in a post here. For the most part we've stuck with our plan but made a few small changes, including a white farmhouse sink instead of a hammered copper one. After looking more into how much upkeep it would need, and knowing white is so classic and pairs with everything, we opted for that instead. And we all know one of the best parts about renovating a room is finishing it and decorating, so to kick off the weekend I've rounded up a handful of my favorite kitchen items for this week's Friday Favorites!
one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven

Clearly I am drawn to everything white and mint! I have a mint kitchenmaid mixer that was a wedding gift from my parents, and I love the idea of having a retro toaster {3} to match. I love the versatility of latte bowls {2} and how much fun it is to mix and match colors. We use ours every single day. Every kitchen needs a yummy-smelling candle and this one in mercury glass {4} is my absolute favorite. 

For tea drinkers, I love this black and white tea canister {6} and this coffee one that matches. I love the idea of gold or rose gold flatware, a fun alternative to silver and this set {8} is so sleek. We love making pancakes or waffles on the weekend and this handled batter bowl {9} would look just as nice sitting on an open shelf as it would in use.

I think my favorite of all these finds is the modern breadbox {7}. It's inexpensive and I just love the look of it. So many bread boxes I've found are so bulky and take up so much space. I also love this serving tray, another super versatile piece, especially for entertaining.

Have you ever taken on a major renovation?! It's always a rewarding process watching your vision come to life and your old space transformed, but I'll definitely be excited when it's complete and we can start enjoying it! 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! XO


best of the nest | sugarboo designs

This week I'm thrilled to be sharing one of my all-time favorite brands for gorgeous home decor, Sugarboo Designs. Based out of Atlanta, GA, Sugarboo Designs was founded by artist Rebecca Puig and her husband, Rick, in 2005. Rick and Rebecca are parents to Jake and Sophie, who serve as the inspiration behind many of their pieces as well as the source from which the name "Sugarboo" was chosen, in reference to the nicknames they have for their children.

Rebecca always desired to create products that remind people of the ones they love most and recalls loving to paint and create things since she was a little girl. She attended the University of Georgia and graduated with a Studio Art degree. Her inspiration comes from her family, nature, animals, children's art and folk art. Evident in many of her pieces, Rebecca loves mixing old and new, light and dark and anything with a message. "I believe in putting good out into the world whenever possible," she stated, "My hope is that each Sugarboo piece we send out into the world will add a little good!”

I absolutely love every single piece from Sugarboo Designs, I don't think I could ever choose a favorite. They all have the perfect mix of rustic sentimentality but are versatile to fit in any space for any style. Sugarboo Designs is most well known for their wood signs and coordinating pillows, but they offer a wide range of home decor pieces as well, including wood decor, candles, picture frames, furniture, blankets and more. Many of their signs include their classic cursive script font and often involve repeating words or phrases. Sugarboo signs make the perfect addition to a child's room or nursery, master bedroom or family room, especially with how touching and heart-warming they are. They create so much warmth and comfort in any space.

One of their most recognized collections is the book series, which consists of wood signs ranging in size from 17"x25" to 3'x4' that are designed to look like book pages with famous lines or quotes on them. They also have a beautiful coordinating poetry series. With over 30 different quotes and poems to choose from, each piece is available in cream, charcoal and white and all are incredibly stunning as a focal point in any room. We have the 2'x3' Audrey Hepburn one hanging in Olivia's bedroom, which will eventually become the room her and Poppy share. Olivia has been asking to share a room with her baby sister for several months now and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be the perfect piece to hang up for my little girls.

Hanging it in her book corner seemed like the perfect spot for it, and I love that it is the very first thing you see when you walk into the room and that it makes such a statement. My hope it that it serves as a special reminder to our girls as they grow up and that it plays a part in teaching them about what really matters...about what happiness truly is and always taking time to laugh, cultivating beauty on the inside through their joy, attitudes and perspective and remembering that each day is a fresh start with limitless potential.

Because we love Sugarboo Designs so much, I've partnered with them to offer an exclusive discount for my readers to save each of you 15% off your total purchase from; simply enter NEST15 at checkout for the discount to be applied. This savings is valid from Wednesday July 20 through Wednesday August 3, 2016. 

And to sweeten your week, I've teamed up with Sugarboo Designs to give away a $100 SHOP CREDIT to one lucky winner to apply toward your own favorite pieces in their shop! To enter, visit my instagram @blessednestblog and find the original post with details. The giveaway will run one week and the winner will be announced there. 

Hope you're having the best Wednesday! Our kitchen cabinets are being installed as we speak so we are all extra happy campers over here!


kitchen remodel plans

Since moving in to our home after getting married, we have completed a lot of renovations -- our entire basement, our basement bathroom, our laundry room and most recently last Spring, our master bathroom. Four major renovations in less than 3 years through 2 pregnancies, one with a toddler. Looking back I'm not quite sure how we did it, especially since Dustin did a lot of it himself with his background in plumbing & construction and the time he put in to it was on nights and weekends. But we absolutely love how everything turned out and each of those spots in our home are ones we enjoy every single day. It's amazing to think back at how those rooms were before because the transformation was so dramatic.

We've also done lots of little projects here and there and have really spent time making our house a home. I want every single room to be my favorite room in our home and it's been a lot of fun making those changes one at a time, putting our mark on these four walls and bringing our visions to life. The last piece of the puzzle is updating our kitchen to more reflect our rustic style and function for our family and lifestyle. We've been going back and forth at when we want to take the project on and finally decided that June & July are perfect, since most of our time is spent outside anyway and we grill almost all of our meals...the ideal time to be without an oven and stove! Plus warmer weather always makes for easier demo, haul away and less stress when replacing windows, doors, etc.

We have Olivia's birthday party toward the end of May and then plan to get started on our demo shortly after in early June. Below is some inspiration I'm loving for our new kitchen. Find me on Pinterest @blessednestblog to follow along and see all my favorite home ideas.
All images taken from Pinterest.

We are turning one of our kitchen walls into an open shelving pantry with rustic wood shelves, uniform glass jars and shiplap! Dustin has been wanting to do shiplap in our home for quite some time (we are loyal fixer upper fans over here) and our smallest kitchen wall is the perfect spot for it. I love the look of open shelves over shiplap and have always wanted to fill glass jars with food for easy access and a fun, functional decor piece.


We also want to get a farmhouse sink and I've always had my eye on a hammered copper one. We found a few we like and can't wait to put that in with a new faucet.

We don't have a dishwasher right now so we will be shifting our sink and kitchen window (which looks in to our backyard) slightly left to fit one in next to our backdoor and then do a smaller open shelving unit above it to tie in with the adjacent wall's open shelving, a lot like the photo above. My plan is to store all our dishes on that shelving unit above the dishwasher and to use the other exclusively for food in our jars. I haven't decided yet if I want to do floating shelves mounted in to the wall or to use some fun antique-looking brackets.

My absolute favorite style of countertops has always been a butcher block so I'm really excited to put that in. Then we'll be getting new white cabinets, putting in a classic white subway tile backsplash and combination oven/range {ours as separate right now} as well as new flooring. Good thing Dustin is so good at what he does...I probably wouldn't know where to start! Other than pinning the dozens of ideas I want to incorporate!

Have you done any home renovations?! They are a lot of work but always worth it in the end. Not only do they greatly increase your home's resale value but really allow you to put your stamp on your home and customize it to best fit your family's needs. Knowing the right people and having the tools or expertise to do some (or all) of it yourself also helps a lot and saves a ton of money. I can't wait to share our progress as we conquer our newest project! 

Hope you're having a great week! XO


best of the nest | the land of nod

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was low key, mostly spent at home and playing with the girls in the backyard. When the weather is nice, outside is the only place we want to be. Sunday was rainy so we took it easy around the house and got a few things knocked off our to-do list while the girls napped.

To round out the last week of my April series on Creating a Dream Home & Nursery, I've teamed up with The Land of Nod to feature a handful of my favorite products and give away one of them to one of you! The Land of Nod is one of my all-time favorite places to shop for everything baby, child and home related. Based in Northbrook, IL, they specialize in children's furniturebedding & accessories. It was launched in 1996 out of a basement in the Chicago suburbs. In 2000, The Land of Nod formed a partnership with Crate & Barrel to help expand their presence in the United States market. With only a few locations around the country, most buyers shop from The Land of Nod through their online store, which is what we do! 
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

I had loved The Land of Nod long before I became a mom, but having two little girls just makes it even more of a fun place to shop. I've rounded up a handful of my favorite products, though there are so many it's hard to choose. I love that everything is modern and well made, they have pieces for every age and style and they stand behind each of their products with an 18-year quality guarantee.

One of my favorite lines they carry is their baby & toddler bedding. Their wide selection of crib bedding is so much fun! This polka dot crib sheet is our absolute favorite & they recently released a line inspired by artist Charley Harper and the coordinating bedding {3} is gender neutral and such a neat pattern. I want to scoop up the crib sheet for Poppy, I just love it!

The Land of Nod also offers beautiful toys, like the darling wooden animal shakers {1} that Penelope can't get enough of, this gorgeous alphabet puzzle {8 / on sale!} and fun accessories for creating a dream nursery or playroom. The Be on the Sea activity mat {4} was one of the first things I got for Poppy before she was born and continues to be something we use every single day.

I love their unique and modern accessories and all the different pieces they offer to make organizing a child's room or walls a breeze. We have a handful of these gold bow wall hooks {7} in each of the girls' rooms and I love the origami wall shelf {6} which comes in a variety of colors. Such a fun way to display books or a child's favorite dolls, special keepsakes, blocks and more. Another favorite way to organize books is using a floor book caddy, like this mint one {5}. It's the perfect way to keep a child's books in order but also within reach! Another piece that would be perfect to finish out a playroom are their gallery wall rails {10}. I love the idea of mixing different colors to create a modern place to display all of your child's artwork in your home. Olivia comes home from preschool with 3-4 new pieces of art every week and displaying them on our fridge totally works, but I would love to create her own little gallery wall using the rails.

Another favorite item we own from The Land of Nod is Olivia's Jenny Lind twin bed {9}. I love the character and charm of the intricate woodturnings and how sturdy it is being made out of solid poplar. It was the bed I had my eye on for years, even before having a little girl to get it for and when we started thinking about transitioning Olivia from her crib to a bed last summer, it was the one I immediately knew I wanted. She absolutely loves it and it will be something we use for many years to come; a piece that is not only functional, but equally so beautiful in her room. For her upcoming 3rd birthday, this moses basket with bedding for her dolls is no doubt going to be one of her favorite gifts.

Because we love The Land of Nod so much, I've teamed up with them to give away a Be on the Sea Activity Mat to one of you! If you don't have a little one yourself, it makes a perfect gift for a Mama-to-be. Head on over to my instagram @blessednestblog to enter. For an extra entry, leave a comment below sharing your favorite product from The Land of Nod {be sure to leave your IG name within your comment so I know whose who!} Giveaway runs today through Sunday May 1.
Have a great week!! XO


gallery wall with minted

In January Dustin and I decided together we would tackle one DIY project per month for all of 2016. It's been so much fun to start knocking out all the projects I've had on my "list" for months now. In January we completed an open shelving project in our dining room and in February we built a rustic kitchen island. In the end of March we put together a gallery wall in our living room + dining room space and I had the opportunity to partner with Minted to add a few favorite prints to it. 

For years I've loved Minted for their stationary -- holiday cards, birth announcements, party invitations and more. It wasn't until recently that I found out they sell beautiful fine art prints of all different styles and sizes. Minted believes that great design lives & thrives in the hands of independent artists and allows consumers to discover creative talent through the products they sell. Minted's community of independent artists and designers are located in 48 states and 43 countries. They are illustrators and textile designs, painters and packaging designers, marketers and even stay-at-home Moms! Some have design degrees and others are participating in Minted competitions to learn design for the first time. I believe one of the reasons their products are so incredible is because each and every one is designed by an independent artist! You get a little bit of everything, making Minted the perfect one-stop-shop for everybody.

Below is some inspiration for Spring & Summer gallery walls with my favorite art prints from Minted. They have me dreaming of warm weather & long days at the beach. Not that I need a vacation or anything...
pining for pineapple / sprayhigh drama 
savannah lands / field of lace 
white hot / timeless II

All of the Minted art prints are offered in a wide range of sizes, most as small as 5x7'' up to 30x40'' and larger, so whether you want to add some new art to an extra small space or fill a whole wall, you can find prints that you can mix and match to create a wonderful gallery. I love combining square prints with rectangular ones because the size and shape contrast, especially when placed next to each other, is so visually appealing to the eye. They also are available framed or unframed, and as a busy Mama I love knowing I can order them with a frame and it will be delivered ready to much less work for me than going out to hunt for the perfect one.

And because you know I can never get enough hung up in our girls' rooms, perhaps my favorite category of Minted's fine art prints is their wide selection of prints for nurseries and children. I would probably buy them all if I had more wall space but we're quickly running out around here!! These prints would be lovely in any child's bedroom or perfect to finish out a playroom. Below are a few favorites for your little ones. Many can be personalized with your child's name, initials, birth stats & more. Custom pieces make such beautiful gifts and keepsakes. 

Which one is your favorite print from Minted?! I have a hard time making decisions when it comes to wall art so needless to say, we have a lot of it! Hope this gives you some inspiration to update your walls this Spring!! XO


best of the nest | blabla kids

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was spent almost exclusively outside & in the breeze + sunshine. I love this time of year so much, I could spent every waking hour outside...whether in our backyard, laying in the hammock, playing at the park, on a long walk. You name it. Fresh air does wonders for the soul!! 

Today as part of April's Creating a Dream Home & Nursery theme, I'm so excited to be sharing one of my all-time favorite companies since becoming a Mom, having little girls to shop for and nurseries to decorate, Blabla Kids

Created in 2001 by Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald -- good friends with the same philosophy of life & beauty -- BlaBla specializes in beautiful hand knit dolls, decor, toys & more. Their gorgeous mobiles are just a dream and the pom pom one we have in Poppy's room is such a wonderful focal point.

While visiting Peru, Susan and Florence came across entire villages of expert knitters who had been keeping the tradition alive for generations...inspired by their talent and touched by their gentle spirit, they decided to start their own company of knitted products for children and BlaBla was born. They've now been collaborating with the same artisans for over a decade.

lilipop the frog / picchu the alpaca / suzette the fox

In addition to offering a wide range of mobiles, BlaBla Kids is most widely known for their knit dolls. Offered in three different sizes, handmade with the softest cotton in Peru and the loveliest color patterns and sweetest details, we absolutely love them all!
apple the apple / socks the fox / figaro the birdie

My six absolute favorites are shown here but with over 60 different knit dolls, you are sure to find one your child will love. They look beautiful sitting in a nursery, make a one of a kind gift and are the perfect toy for your little one to hold, snuggle and play with.

blue pretzel rattle / lime cat rattle / lilac geo rattle / lagoon dog rattle

BlaBla also offers rattles, finger puppets, play pads, knit pillows, blankets, crib sheets and more. Their color patterns are so serene and using the highest quality materials, they stand behind everything they make and offer incredible customer service, something that is so important to me in a company.

If you've fallen in love with BlaBla as much as we have and have your eye on a few favorite pieces for your own home or nursery, be sure to use the code BLESSEDNEST15 at checkout to receive 15% off your total purchase! Discount valid Monday April 18 through Saturday April 30.

And because Poppy loves her pom pom mobile so much, I've teamed up with BlaBla Kids to give away a $50 SHOP CREDIT to one of you to pick out something for your little one or a gift for a Mama to Be! Head over to my instagram @blessednestblog for all the giveaway details and to find out how to enter. For an extra entry, leave a comment below sharing your favorite product from BlaBla Kids.

Hope your week is off to a great start!! XO


best of the nest | second stitch to the right

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I shared last Friday that April will be all about Creating a Dream Home & Nursery! Throughout the month both here on my blog and on instagram, I'll be featuring my favorite shops for nursery pieces, home decor & more. Plus I'm partnering with the incredible brands + handmade shops I'm featuring to give it all away to you! 

The April home + nursery series continues today with a shop that is near and dear to my heart, Second Stitch to the Right. I've had the privilege of working alongside Clare, owner & quilt maker, Mom to 5 and Grandmother to 2, multiple times over the past year. She runs the most wonderful shop where she makes & sells modern quilts (seriously, swoon) and all types of baby essentials, including swaddle blankets, crib sheets, leggings, changing pad covers and more. Her selection for both boys + girls as well as gender neutral options is amazing and her triangle quilts complete any nursery perfectly. 

Being that her children are grown, last June Clare found herself in a new season of life and realized it was the perfect time to start the quilting business she had always dreamed of. Her own grandmother was the one who taught and shared all her talents with her. Clare shared that one of her favorite memories from her childhood was going to the fabric store with her Grandmother, even recalling exactly how it smelled. She always found the most joy in creating things, but it wasn't until later in life that she discovered her favorite craft was quilting. 

Clare views quilts themselves as story tellers...when she sees a quilt she wonders who made them, where they have been, who they have kept warm and who has been comforted by them. I just love that. They are truly an act of love and service to create because of the long hours, intricacy and precise detail that goes into each one. Not only do they bless the recipient but then again bless another and another as they are passed down. Through each generation they are held, folded, washed, loved, absorbing more stories, memories and history. There is just something about a is so much more than a blanket. It starts as so many small, individual pieces that alone can't do much but together, create something extraordinary. And triangle quilts especially just get me. I mean, just look at them!

This Spring I had the opportunity to partner with Clare to create a one-of-a-kind modern floral triangle quilt for our littlest lady, Penelope. Of course Liberty of London floral was involved (how could it not be?!), and not only on the quilt top but also as the binding. With the prettiest tones of white, aqua, blues, pinks and mustard, this quilt is a Spring dream. It is the perfect mix of solids and patterns, including the most darling polka dots, pink stripes, white criss cross pattern and of course floral. Sprinkled throughout the top are mustard triangles with tiny white hearts and it's completed with the matching mustard backing.

Meet "The Poppy"

The best part is not only that you can buy this quilt in Clare's shop here, but you can enter to win your own! It is hands down the most special piece in Poppy's nursery and will be cherished for years to come and used by all our babies in the future. The girls love cuddling up in it together, it makes a perfect place for laying, playing and tummy time, will be used for picnics all summer long and of course is beautiful just hanging over Penelope's crib or on her glider. Clare offers all of her quilts in three sizes -- Toddler {39'' x 46''}, Throw {52'' x 62''} and Twin {68'' x 88''}. The throw is the size we have and is perfect to grow with your baby, not too big but not too small. Clare also offers beautiful quilts in other color ways here. Readers can save 20% off their total purchase of anything in Clare's shop using the code BLESSEDNEST20 today through Sunday April 10.

And because April is all about creating a dream home & nursery, I've teamed up with Clare to give away "The Poppy" quilt to one of you! To enter, visit my instagram @blessednestblog and find the most recent photo I've posted of the quilt. Follow the steps listed below it and stay tuned for a winner to be announced on the original post within 48 hours of the giveaway's end on Sunday April 10.

Can't wait to see who wins!! XO

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